U neck blouse patterns are moist common and almost worn by all women. The gratitude of u neck blouse pattern suits all designs of the saree blouse. A unique and all-time favourite u neck suits every lady. The slim fit ladies to the plus size women all can look gorgeous and attractive with the U neck blouse stitch. There are broad U neck patterns to deep U neck to high U neck blouse designs mostly considered as a variety in U neck blouses.

Latest U Neck Saree Blouse Designs:

Here is a list of 9 best designs of blouses with u shaped neck pattern.

1. Excellent U Neck Blouse:

Aishwarya Rai Bachhan elegantly shines with a golden yellow saree with a laced U neck blouse. The saree blouse looks gorgeous even in one colour combination in this era of a trend where opposites are largely preferred.

2. High U Neck Blouse:

Two shaded saree can get an exclusively designed blouse. A half-sleeve printed blouse stitched with U neck saree blouse pattern looks dynamic and elegant with the rich saree. A not so deep U neck on both back and front can look awesome for your dressing.

3. Designer Half Sleeve U Neck Blouse:

U neck blouses embellished with beautiful artwork gives you a magnificent look. The admirable thing in the decoration of the blouse necks is that it should be seen even from a distance. A bold design of round patches or mirrors on the neckline of the U neck blouse looks marvellous.

4. Laced Detailed U Neck Blouse:

A broad U neck blouse looks amazing with a designer saree. The broadness of the blouse neck can be from the exact shoulder strip to a deepness bit high from the cleavage to the neck-shoulder strip. A long-sleeve looks dynamic with the pattern.

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5. Floral Print U Neck Blouse:

Floral print blouses look cool even in regular sarees that are worn daily. A designer and unique look can be given to your day to day dressing with a mix and match design of your saree and blouse. A printed floral blouse U neck stitch looks amazing with any of your saree that has any colour that matches the floral print in your blouse.

6. A Velvet U Neck Blouse:

A back U neck blouse is also one of the most common yet elegant styles of stitching your designer blouses. Some designer blouses have embroidered work that gives U shape on the back or front. Such blouses give an amazing designer look to your saree.

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7. Back U Neck Blouse:

Backside U neck blouse pattern can be made more incredible with beautiful patchwork or embroidery work. Magnificent moti/pearl work looks fantastic on the borders of the blouse. A similar designer saree lighten up your appearance.

8. Black Zardoshi work on U Neck Blouse:

A deep back U neck blouse in black surely high lights your back dressing. A black blouse with golden zardoshi work on the borders of the U neck pattern looks splendid. A simple plain saree red or even black can look fabulous for your party.

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9. Embroidered Dupion Silk U Neck Blouse:

A dupion silk blouse with U neck blouse pattern with printed or embroidery work all over is a unique and designer blouse style. The work on the blouse suits nay colour saree and it also gives a party wear look.

Women with cool attires can give a sexy look to her saree blouse outfit with a deep U neck blouse that slightly deepens to the cleavage too. While you can even get deep U neck blouses on the back giving an open back design to your dressing. Saree draping is an art of looking gorgeous with slight changes in your ways of dressing. A simple U neck blouse can give you a dynamic stunning look too.

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