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Long Blouse Designs – Get The Celeb Look With These Stylish Models

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A few years ago, Aishwarya Rai hogged the limelight in Cannes for wearing a different style blouse with her saree. Unlike the usual bust-length blouse, she opted for a waist-length, long Blouse, to hide her postpartum fat, without compromising on style. This paved the way for a new trend in the fashion industry and women have embraced it with grace. Long blouse patterns are great for all body shapes, especially when you don’t have a tight tummy to flaunt. In this article, we shall show you the images of long blouse models to try from.

Features Of Long Blouse Designs:

Here are some characteristic features of Long Blouse Designs:

  • Long blouses are inspired by traditional jackets, which measure till the waist.
  • They offer full coverage of the waist and mid-riff and resembles a short shirt.
  • The upper part of these blouses is designed in collar necks or high necks. Very rarely do they come in deep neck designs.
  • These blouses also come in two or three layers by adding overcoats, shrugs or waistcoats on the basic blouse.
  • Instead of a plain waist, pleats are added to create a Peplum effect on the blouse.
  • The front part comes with a button panel or a metallic zipper for easy closure.

Saree Blouses in Long Length:

Here we share some best designs in full-length blouses with long sleeves.

1. Stylish Long Blouse with Full Sleeves:

Stylish Long Blouse

It is a long blouse design for saree in black colour. The work done is so much heavy. It is looking lavishing with its pattern so the saree should be simple and plain. Otherwise, it will become messy. Long blouse will be highlighted with plain saree. It is perfect for a wedding.

  • Blouse Design: Jacket Style Long Length Blouse
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Preferred Body Shape: High Necked Women
  • Suitable Occasion: Weddings and Ethnic Wear
  • Suitable Sarees: Light Weight Georgette Sarees

2. Round Neck Ethnic Long Blouse:

Ethnic Long Blouse

This is a long ethnic blouse with beautiful embroidery work. It is having a blue base colour and golden colour work. It is in the round neck and will deliver a superb image of yours. The whole blouse is so much decorous and the sleeves are of net material.

  • Blouse Design: Embroidered Front Open Long Length Blouse
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Preferred Body Shape: High Necked Women
  • Suitable Occasion: Weddings and Ethnic Wear
  • Suitable Sarees: Plain Georgette Sarees

3. High-Neck Long Blouse:

High-neck Long Blouse

This blouse is having a high-neck pattern and full sleeve. The pattern of blouse is looking like a Shirt. It is beautifully printed in floral design. It has a lovely appearance with sophisticated pattern. The blouse has a zipper on the front side that gives a modish style.

  • Blouse Design: Printed Long Length Blouse With Zipper
  • Fabric: Cotton Mix
  • Preferred Body Shape: High Necked Women
  • Suitable Occasion: Ethnic Wear
  • Suitable Sarees: Cotton or Silk Sarees

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4. Long Blouse With Delicate Design:

Long Blouse With Delicate Design

It is a long blouse appropriate for ladies. It is having a delicate design with enlightened features. It is designed to be ideal for a startling image. It will look wonderful on ladies and will be perplexing in this blouse. It has a phenomenal design.

  • Blouse Design: Designer long Length Blouse
  • Fabric: Shimmer
  • Preferred Body Shape: High Necked Women
  • Suitable Occasion: Evening Wear
  • Suitable Sarees: Chiffon and Georgette Sarees

5. Designer Mirror Work Long Blouse:

Mirror Work Long Blouse

This long blouse is having frill at the end and also done mirror work on the front side. A beautiful cap sleeve is stitched with this blouse. The mirror is shining in a blouse, which will also reflect. Mirror work will look traditional, and it will appear to be soothing too.

  • Blouse Design: Mirror Work Long Length Peplum Blouse
  • Fabric: Crepe
  • Preferred Body Shape: High Necked Women
  • Suitable Occasion: Night Parties
  • Suitable Sarees: Crepe Sarees

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6. Ladies Backless Long Blouse:

Backless Long Blouse

This long sari blouse has a backless style with flower print. Try this out in the hot summer and you won’t feel the heat inside. The backside open portion looks lustful. It depicts the boldness of ladies. As this design is found rare in regular life, so you should make this type of pattern in your blouse.

  • Blouse Design: Embroidered Backless Long Length Blouse
  • Fabric: Raw Silk
  • Preferred Body Shape: High Necked Women
  • Suitable Occasion: Day Parties
  • Suitable Sarees: Georgette Sarees

7. Awesome Blouse with Long Sleeves:

Long Awesome Blouse

This is really creative and uncomplicated design in long blouse. Though looking rich without much decoration, it has its own significance. The design of this blouse will be liked by maximum ladies. It is having zigzag lining and transparent too. This pretty blouse can be worn with plain sarees to look elegant.

  • Blouse Design: Printed Long Length Saree Blouse
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Preferred Body Shape: High Necked Women
  • Suitable Occasion: Small Gatherings
  • Suitable Sarees: Georgette Sarees

8. Long Jacket Blouse:

Long Jacket Blouse

This Indian long blouse is in jacket style and long in size. It is sleeveless with different work. It is buttoned up like a jacket itself. Even the Damian of saree has been packed up inside the blouse. This pattern will look on you and other ladies may follow you onwards. Just drape it differently as shown to look like a showstopper!

  • Blouse Design: Kalamkari Jacket style Long Length Blouse
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Preferred Body Shape: High Necked Women
  • Suitable Occasion: Ethnic wear
  • Suitable Sarees: Crepe Sarees

9. Long Zipper Blouse:

Long Zipper Blouse

This long length blouse design is totally plain in fabric with a bow belt and zip. In this, the saree has a heavy print, so the blouse does not possess any work. Apart from the regular heavy blouse and simple saree combination, this is artistic creativity. It has given divergent in style. Adding a waist belt surely lifts the whole look!

  • Blouse Design: Long Length Zipper Blouse
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Preferred Body Shape: High Necked Women
  • Suitable Occasion: Ethnic wear
  • Suitable Sarees: Cotton or Crepe Sarees

How To Style Long Length Blouses?

Look stylish in your long length blouse by following these expert style tips:

  • Long blouses work great for any occasion. However, you must choose the design and fabric wisely.
  • For printed sarees, go for plain long length blouse with Peplum waist and no embellishment.
  • Try pairing cotton sarees with shiny Brocade long length blouse for a trendy look.
  • Georgette sarees work great with these blouses. So, invest in some plain and work sarees.
  • Tie your hair into a neat bun to show those beautiful necks.
  • Drape your saree into narrow pleats to avoid looking bulky.

One can start wearing a long blouse in family functions and marriages to set a new trend among ladies. Sometimes it is good to replace short blouse with a long one and get some change in life. We all want to change in a regular pattern to get some refreshment. Try once this heavy long blouse and feel the change.