30 Latest Blouse Designs Collection That are Trending Right Now

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Well, you have finally found a gold digger here. Sarees are one of the essential outfits for Indian women these days. It promotes femininity and good grace as well. Through it all, the one thing that is responsible for taking your saree a notch higher is the elegant blouse. Irrespective of the beauty of the saree, nothing compares to how breathtaking a beautiful blouse piece with a perfect fit can be. Blouses these days come with a lot of options for you to choose from. Net, lace, chiffon, silk what not. Even so, the designs are so many as well. Polka dots, check, collared, boat, backless. Below are some options for you to explore and experiment with your style.

latest blouse designs for saree

Women’s Latest Blouse Designs Catalogue In 2019 with Images:

Here we share some new collection of most recent patterns in blouse designs for designer sarees of Indian women.

1. Full Sleeve Circle Neck Blouse:


Well, when you are thinking about the latest blouse designs for Indian women, this one is one of the best you will find out there in the market at present. High on demand, this new blouse pattern will save you both the time and hassle of explaining all the extra work needed for your tailor.

2. Chinese Model Collared Blouse Design:

Latest Blouse Designs-Chinese Collared Blouse

Among the latest Indian blouse design, this one has been a rather new hot item in the market. It gives you a very ethnic feel with a modern approach. What makes the blouse likeable is its nothing like the ones we have been seeing so far or are used to. Notice how the sheer clothing has been brought together and sewn up high with the collar like a basic winter kimono- hence the name.

3. High Neck Blouse For Designer Sarees:

Latest Blouse Designs-High Neck Blouse

Even when you choose simple blouse neck designs, this design gives you extra leverage. While it might not seem true, it is the case, and this blouse pattern will make you look perfect even without the high-end mirror work or neckline charms. Try this latest blouse pattern.

4. Peplum Style Designer Blouse:

Latest Blouse Designs-Peplum Style Blouse

It is no surprise that the peplum model blouse is here on the list of the latest saree blouse designs. It has been a rising trend ever since Hollywood celebrities popularized it and now India isn’t far from experimenting with their traditional dresses. Go bold with colours and choose this latest blouse designs.

5. Knotted Blouse Pattern:

Latest Blouse Designs-Knotted Blouse

What could be better blouse design there for you when you want to add to a sensuous vibe on a date night? It covers little of your back while still leaving something to the imagination. This new blouse design pattern is inspired to look trendy and classic.

6. Tube Style New Look Blouse:

Latest Blouse Designs-Tube Style Blouse

Look at how beautiful the Sri Lankan beauty is looking here. Among the latest blouse patterns, this new style blouse design is here to stay. While it was first limited to only high-end parties, these days, even commoners are seen sporting this look for mini-celebrations. This new blouse design is hot and sensual.

7. Shirt Style latest Designer Blouse:

Latest Blouse Designs-Shirt Style Blouse-7

This latest blouse model is inspired by a shirt model, with an addition of floral, that isn’t usually the case. This shirt model blouse can be worn with any plain shirt that fits well. This, in turn, gives you a very wildly formal look, like you are ready to break the traditional look from both the Eastern and Western ends by bringing them together.

8. Latest One Shoulder Blouse:

Latest Blouse Designs-One Shoulder Blouse

With the one shoulder blouse design for half saree, there is no looking back for you in the fashion department. Talk about it to your colleagues and they will admire how you keep up with fashion trends well. Or you can surprise them by sporting one right away too.

9. Sheer Sleeved Latest Blouse Pattern:

Latest Blouse Designs-Sheer Sleeved Blouse

When it comes to ladies latest blouse designs for designer sarees, there are so many options for you to mix and match. As for this one, it is for women conscious about their weight, but who also want to stay in style. This will make you look good- no cover ups needed. Try this latest blouse style that is netted with full sleeve.

10. Cape Style Blouse For Sarees:

Latest Blouse Designs-Cape Style Blouse

Here you see Jacqueline Fernandez sporting a blouse neck model that resembles the usual cape. This design was first popularized by Anamika Khanna and it has been on the high since.

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11. Bodysuit Designer Blouse:

Latest Blouse Designs-Bodysuit Blouse-11

This one is a very different blouse yet again, combining two different aspects of Western wear and Indian Traditional outfits together. Well, the outcome most certainly looks pleasing to the eye, doesn’t it?

12. Stylish Bra Style Blouse:

Latest Blouse Designs-Bra Style Blouse-12

If you are confident about being in your own skin, and you love to attend parties, show off your Indian style fusion with this latest designer blouse. Look at how Bipasha manages to impress us all with that glam. Your turn now!

13. Jacket Style Blouse For Traditional Sarees:

Latest Blouse Designs-Jacket Style Blouse

For the winters, this new model blouse design is like a dream come true- hence the design is a must on your new wardrobe change. This also brings about the difference in your style statement since it’s raging the market right now. This is truly creative and newest fashion blouse.

14. Full Neck Ornamented Blouse:

Latest Blouse Designs-Neck Ornamented Blouse

The whole ‘skip accessories’ thing works well with this design since the embroidery on the neck suffices perfectly. The design is perfect, isn’t it?

15. Corset Style Saree Blouse:

Corset Style Saree

If you are an old movie fanatic, nothing will please you more than this blouse model for lehengas. And now that it has grown so popular, it’s time for you to bring the fashion quotient back in time. This latest blouse design for the back is long and is embroidered with heavy work.

16. Asymmetric Crop Top Blouse:

Latest Blouse Designs-Asymmetric Crop Top Blouse

This is more of a contemporary blouse in the latest blouse designs for sarees. You will love how the long form of unplanned design here looks like as an end result. Besides, there is so much to love about the top overall, since it is multi-functional.

17. Butterfly Cut Back Neck Blouse:

Latest Blouse Designs-Butterfly Back Blouse

This latest blouse design is unique in every sense and ideal for women who are afraid of the bulging fat from their back. The blouse takes care of that since the centre is wider spaced as you can see. So every time you want to flaunt your back, don’t worry!

18. Asymmetric Back Blouse Look:

Latest Blouse Designs-Asymmetric Back Blouse-18

This latest blouse is like the one previously shown in terms of being not so symmetric. However, the design here is focused on the back, and hence the blouse, needless to say, is ideal for occasions like marriages, parties and best worn with silk or cotton sarees that usually demand your front design to stay hidden.

19. Stylish U Shaped Blouse Fashion:

Latest Blouse Designs-U Neck Blouse-19

The blouse shown here focuses on the body shape of a person. If you are a tall woman, this blouse will suit you best. Besides, it can be worn with any possible saree type just about fine. Most often chosen for wearing with designer sarees, this blouse will garner you all the praises in the world.

20. Three Quarter Traditional Blouse:

Latest Blouse Designs-Three Quarter Blouse

Just when you thought three quarters were out of fashion, this blouse is a reminder that it still is very much in the scene. The blouse has everything great about itself. From the design to the whole traditional essence, it is perfect for mature women and young adults alike.

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21. Pot Sleeved Blouse:

Latest Blouse Designs-Pot Sleeved Blouse

This current latest blouse neck pattern is unique in itself with the fact that it looks beautiful all over and is suitable for traditional events in India. It is straight and simple as you can see, however, it still looks different because of its sleeves, doesn’t it? The pot sleeved blouse is also known as puff sleeves to many in the new term, but it has been around in the South since forever now and has re-emerged as a trend.

22. Choli Style Fashion Blouse:

Latest Blouse Designs-Choli Style Blouse

This blouse that you see here is essentially a choli style blouse and best worn with designer sarees. Although, silk sarees will do equal justice to this piece of marvel no kidding! This is the trending blouse design in 2018.

23. Glittery Blouse For Designer Sarees:

Latest Blouse Designs-Glittery Blouse

This blouse pattern is gorgeous and will draw attention from every corner of the room. Aside from that, this blouse design will make you look latest from the others because of the trendy style and overall design. One thing to make sure of however is that you don’t wear this blouse on normal family functions or formal celebrations since it is cut out for party blues.

24. Seamless Saree Blouse Design:

Latest Blouse Designs-Seamless Blouse

If you get uncomfortable about your blouse seams showing through your non-pleated saree, this latest blouse design is your best bet to look perfect without trying too hard. Look at how simple the design of the saree is, yet it looks so sophisticated all over. It also suits net sarees where you can’t cover up the seams of your blouse with pleats.

25. V Neck Model Blouse:

Latest Blouse DesignsV Neck Blouse-25

The V neck blouse is a fashionable feature that every confident women’s wardrobe should include. It is so latest and urbane and is rather new in the fashion markets. Evolved with a twist, it will leave you looking like a diva, straight out of a wardrobe makeover. We can almost see that this blouse design will be included on your to wear list. This blouse cutting will come to your rescue. It is so perfect, particularly if you are bold and have nothing against experimenting. Any colour will look gorgeous in this cut.

26. Stringed Back Blouse Pattern:

Latest Blouse Designs-Stringed Back Blouse

Every blouse that you think will make you stand out, this one will be on that list. Highly fashionable, and limited for women confident about their own skin, this blouse is breathtakingly gorgeous. Equally classy and tasteful to those who admire your fashion sense, you will soon see yourself in a new light with this blouse that can be teamed with almost any saree at all to be precise.

27. Off Shoulder Blouse For Girls:

Latest Blouse Designs-Off Shoulder Blouse

Do you have a collar bone that everyone around you envies and wishes they had? Well, good news awaits you with this blouse because this one is all in one perfect for you and allows you to flaunt your style without trying too hard. A good bright necklace should be the right choice with this blouse type for sure since it will draw all the attention to your neck. Planning to try this latest blouse pattern?

28. Trendy Multicolored Blouse:

Latest Blouse Designs-Multicolored Blouse

After having seen so many Bollywood Queens try this blouse design on with a plain saree, you have finally decided to give it a go. The blouse back neck designs for the latest sarees list have to have this on it because of its unique features. It is usually not very decorative because the colour draws all the attention. Well it is bound to, isn’t it?

29. Back Peter Pan Collar Blouse:

Latest Blouse Designs-Back Peter Pan Collar Blouse-29

This one is a unique blend of the old vintage shirts and the latest saree blouse designs. If you are confident enough, you can easily pull this off and make everyone around you envy you. Make sure you don’t overdo the accessories. While you might have seen this around on the front, this is behind. After all, why should your neck back be left unattended every time?

30. Latest Bridal Blouse:

Latest Blouse Designs-Back Embellishment Bridal Blouse-30

This one is the latest blouse design to be worn at any party. It is not only gorgeous but also features a very detailed intricate stonework. There are stones of all sizes added to get the styling done right. Heavily ornamental, the small stones on blue give the blouse a unique look. An intricate central floral design has been led out just right in the middle of the blouse, making it peak up your style quotient.

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We can only hope that by the end of this list of top 30 latest blouse designs you have taken note of all the patterns you have taken a liking towards. Don’t worry! These designs will most certainly make you stand out in the crowd like no other. Before you know it, these latest blouse designs for sarees will make you the star of the town being so trendy and in fashion at present. So get ready for all the attention with these new blouse design.