15 High Fashion Printed Blouses with Trendy Neck Designs

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Printed Blouse designs are of usually in floral print. It comes as printed blouse pieces and then you have to stitch it according to your size and requirement. It will look fabulous with plain saree having floral print border in matching with blouse print. Printed saree blouse will look gorgeous on slim ladies. It will blossom like flowers. You can give beautiful innovation to printed blouse pieces and thereby it can become a designer piece. You can also do some work on printed blouse. You can make it even heavier. There can be various sleeve pattern and neck pattern.

Latest Printed Blouse Designs:

Here we listed 15 Latest printed blouses with different sleeves and neck designs.

1. Women’s Printed Blouse:

printed blouses

This printed blouse is just looking awesome with green saree. The design of blouse and border of saree is kept same. It is square neck design in blouse. The long round earring, ring and bracelet is looking stunning with this blouse. The design of this blouse is such that it will win the hearts of people at instance.

2. Cute Long Sleeve Printed Blouse:

Cute Long Sleeve Printed Blouse

It is long sleeve printed blouse with cute neck pattern. It is having big flower design of red color. It will look sober on ladies. You can wear it in small functions and Kitty party too. The blouse is looking best with orange color saree. It is good-looking and spreading its fragrance.

3. Printed Blouse for Work:

Printed Blouse for Work

This is simple printed blouse with quarter sleeve. This blouse will really look best for office wear. Working women can wear this blouse with plain saree to have a decent look. This blouse is in multi color so it will get matched with many sarees. Saree in office will appear as respectable.

4. Printed Blouse with Net:

Printed Blouse with Net

It is pink flower print blouse with net material. It is short sleeve and round neck. It has buttons on back and it is padded too. It will look awesome with pink saree. You can wear this blouse in Marriages too. It is stupefying the appearance of ladies in comparison to others. It will look as pretty as picture.

5. Printed Blouse with Back Design:

Printed Blouse with Back Design

This printed blouse has back side cross pattern. It can be said as backless too. This design is eye arresting and looking fantastic. It possess captivating pattern and will give direct appeal to the heart. It is excellently impressive pattern and will look sensual on ladies. Back side pattern is lusty.

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6. Latest Printed Blouse:

Latest Printed Blouse

It is latest design in printed blouse. The blouse is having Gujarati theme. It has given Kutchi print touch where traditional work is done. This blouse will make you look unique. Usually this type of blouse is used in Chaniya Cholis but it is used for the first time with Saree.

7. High Neck Printed Blouse:

High Neck Printed Blouse

This blouse is having high-neck pattern with short sleeve. The design of this blouse is looking like it is 3D. It is shining like real flowers and will glow more in bright lights. Expensive long diamond earring is worn by a lady. This pattern of blouse will look delightful in night parties. It is unusual and wonderful.

8. Esteemed Printed Blouse:

Esteemed Printed Blouse

This printed blouse is having charismatic appearance. It is having charming piping work in front instead of buttons. It is having an esteemed praise full design and will look good enough with plain red and orange saree. It seems like paint is done on blouse.

9. Printed Blouse with Neck Pattern:

Printed Blouse with Neck Pattern

It is printed blouse with nice neck pattern. It is having halter neck pattern. This neck pattern is looking sultry on ladies. It is having alluring pattern which will be advisable to wear at night party. The pattern of this blouse is highly aesthetic and pleasing the senses of people.

10. Digital Printed Blouse:

Digital Printed Blouse

This blouse is having digital print and V neck. It is also having work on neck pattern. The uniqueness of this blouse design will appear out to be unbelievable and astonishing. It is credible to have thought about this print in blouse. It will look different from regular floral print blouse.

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11. Designer Printed Blouse:

Designer Printed Blouse

It is designer printed blouse with two layers. It is sleeveless and looks like a top. This printed blouse is also having frills. Ladies will get celebrity feel in wearing this blouse and will be proud enough when people will praise you wearing this blouse. It is having fresh and novel pattern.

12. Kalamkari Printed Blouse:

Kalamkari Printed Blouse

This design is known as Kalamkari Print. It possesses design of ancient Kings and Queens. It depicts the picture of Rajwadi times. The pattern is new in blouse and enchanting too. People will be curious to see the pattern of this blouse. Wearing this, you will look exceptional and splendid.

13. Fashionable Printed Blouse:

Fashionable Printed Blouse

This printed blouse will look fashionable on ladies. It is sleeveless and beautiful triangle design is done in multi color. Plain saree is looking awesome with it. This blouse will look fancy and amazing. It has capacity to invite compliments from people. It is having sensational design.

14. Multi Color Printed Blouse: 

Multi Color Printed Blouse

This printed blouse is in multi color and having some unusual images on it. The pattern is funky. You can match any color saree with it. Young ladies will surely try out this design for once. People will definitely compliment you for choosing this design. It will make you look different from all others.

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15. Gorgeous Printed Blouse:

Gorgeous Printed Blouse

This is an exclusive design in printed blouse. It is half sleeve and lady is looking sensual in this. It is having simple print but will look classy in wearing. One can wear this printed blouse on festivals too. It is having glorious and sublime quality of getting set into mind of people. It will attract people.

Printed blouses have made task easy to make use of plain sarees. You can just put a border on plain saree and get match with printed floral blouse. There can be other prints too. Just try out once this printed blouse and you will feel change in your personality.

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