20 Best Looking Deep Neck Blouse Designs with Images

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If you are looking for the latest in Indian women clothing trends, then you are in the right place. Currently, deep neck blouses most preferred by Indian women when they want to sport a saree. In this article, we shall discuss some blouse designs which sport the deep neck pattern. The blouse designs that are to be discussed below will include a variety of patterns that suit every neck type. Each design is unique and adds an aesthetic appeal.

Stylish Front and Back Deep Neck Blouse Models for Women in Trend:

Let’s find here with enumerated top 20 deep neck blouse designs catalogue that makes you look more feminine.

1. Front Deep Neck Blouse Design:


If you are in need of a deep neck designer blouse, then this particular blouse pattern is a perfect choice. It highlights the chest portion and can be embellished with a contrast colour patch or embroidery work. This is a versatile design that is suitable for most sarees, especially plain or designer ones.

2. The Deep U Front Neck Blouse Design:

Deep neck blouse designs9

Deep U neck is the most preferred neck pattern by women of all ages. It accentuates the neckline and suits almost all sarees. One can embellish the neckline with embroidered lace or stones for an elegant look. Deep U neck is a very elegant pattern and the cut can be kept broad based on the size of the neck.

3. The Deep Back Neck Blouse Design:

Deep neck blouse designs15

The deep back neck looks gorgeous for sarees with both heavy and light embroidery. The pot design on the back can be highlighted with multi-coloured or gold tassels for a sensual look. Deep back neck blouses look amazing on women who like to make a fashion statement.

4. The Deep V-Neck Blouse Design:

Deep neck blouse designs4

Deep V neck pattern adds a feminine and graceful look to your back. It also creates a slim effect due to its perfect cut. The plunging neckline, when created with a mix of different materials, like the one illustrated in the picture with stones and sequins, can take the look to a whole new level. One can create a V effect on the bottom of the blouse, instead of keeping it plain for a chic look. This look is great for cocktail and flowing sarees.

5. The Low Cut Deep Neck South Indian Designer Blouse:

Deep neck blouse designs5

If you are looking for a blouse collection that can both alluring and decent at the same time, Low cut back designs are the best choice. The necklines can be highlighted with subtle or heavy embroidery based on the saree type for that perfect finish. The ‘Dori’ or the thread can be used to support the sleeves from slipping off the shoulders.

6. The Gold Color Deep Neck Blouse Design:

Deep neck blouse designs6

The gold blouse with a deep neck is a highly versatile blouse and can be matched on any saree. One blouse in the wardrobe can be reused on many sarees, yet can create a unique look each time. The golden colour with a deep neck can create an elegant and regal look.

7. The Deep Neck Black Designer Blouse:

Deep neck blouse designs7

This black deep neck designer blouse is sure to turn heads at a party. The metallic embroidery on the black tone can create a scintillating effect and suits almost all plain or light embroidered sarees. This is also a versatile blouse that can be worn with multiple sarees.

8. The Blue Designer Deep Neck Blouse:

Deep neck blouse designs13

This embroidered deep neck blouse design is best for plain and transparent sarees. The plunging neckline, along with the heavy overall embroidery on the blouse gives a sophisticated look and one can opt it for both regular and small parties.

9. The Wide Back Open Deep Neck Blouse Design:

Deep neck blouse designs14

This wide back pot-shaped design is best for both traditional and designer sarees. They are also great blouses for lehenga and party wear dress. The design has an opening on the nape and ends at the lower back. One can opt for either buttons or a simple thread with tassels on the bottom.

10. The Designer Deep Back Neck Blouse Design:

Deep neck blouse designs10

If you wish to highlight your saree with a trendy blouse, this pattern is the right choice for you. This latest designer deep neck blouse comes with a broad cut back and contrast or matching fabric on either side. The back line is highlighted with embroidery and one can also opt for a Dori.

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11. The Sleeveless Deep Neck Blouse Designs:

Deep neck blouse designs11

This deep cut sleeveless blouse is for women who love to flaunt their curves. The low neckline highlights the collar bone and adds an oomph factor. This padded blouse adds beauty and grace to any saree. They are mainly preferred by teens and young women with petite bodies.

12. The Halter Neck Deep Front Neck Pattern:

Deep neck blouse designs12

This glittery halter neck patterned blouse comes with a deep front neck. It is the most popular pattern for celebrities and young women who wish to create a style statement. Halter neck blouses give a sleek look to any saree and are perfect picks for evening wear and special occasions. The blouse comes with a button or clasp on the neck and a thin layer of a border on the waistline.

13. The Deep V Neck Blouse Design:

Deep neck blouse designs1

This adorable deep V neck pattern is sure to make you look gorgeous. It usually comes in a sleeveless pattern that accentuates the shoulder and collar bones. The neck can be highlighted with a contrast piping work and the waistline with a shiny lace. This pattern best suits transparent and flowing sarees.

14. The Bikini Style Deep Neck Blouse:

Deep neck blouse designs2

The Bikini style blouse can transform even the boring and regular saree to the one that has oodles of sex appeal. This blouse creates a fusion effect of sporting a western bikini style blouse with a traditional Indian saree. Bikini style blouses are perfect for bold and confident women, who are comfortable with their bodies and love to show off. If you wish to look straight off the ramp, this is the blouse for you.

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15. The Green Deep Neck Blouse With Embroidery from The Back:

The Green Deep Neck Blouse With Embroidery from The Back

This back view of an embroidered deep green blouse back looks so beautiful. The small white patterns done on the green base is so attractive that any woman will give in to and want to wear it. The small attachments on the lace of the deep back blouse are very attractive and you will be able to sport it quite easily at any kind of festive event. The designer blouse will go hand in hand with a designer saree or even a plain saree.

16. Front Knot Deep Cut Blouse:

Front Knot Deep Cut Blouse

This is the latest design in the deep neck front open pattern. The blouse is sure to flatter any figure and comes with a cute knot on the front. It usually comes in a padded model and is perfect for transparent sarees. While a lot of women sport back knots, the front knot is an equally glamorous model and can be carried effortlessly by modern women.

17. The Off-Shoulder Blouse Design:

The Off-Shoulder Blouse Design

This latest design for women with broad shoulders and prominent collar bones. Off shoulder blouses look stunning when paired with lightweight designer sarees. The blouse is usually made of the thick material and is devoid of any embellishments. Off shoulder bloused come with an elastic strip on the shoulder portion to hold the blouse in place. It is a simple, yet graceful pattern that is sure to draw the attention of a crowd.

18. Deep V Front Neck:

Deep V Front Neck

This designer blouse comes with a deep V cut, that starts at the shoulder level. Unlike the regular V cut, this blouse comes in a unique model to highlight the cleavage. It comes with heavy embroidery and is an ideal match for light georgette sarees. This blouse comes with pads to give a neat and elegant look to the saree.

19. One Shoulder Deep Neck Blouse:

One Shoulder Deep Neck Blouse

One shoulder deep neck blouses are stylish and elegant. They come in beautiful lace and embellished shoulder on one side and the other side is keep strapless. One shoulder deep neck blouses are ideal for bold and confident women, who love to show off them well tone shoulders, yet maintain grace and elegance. One need not wear any ornaments, for the embellished blouse alone can make you look stunning.

20. Sweetheart Collar Deep Neck Blouse:

Sweetheart Collar Deep Neck Blouse

This blouse design is perfect for those who love to sport a collar yet look feminine with a deep neck. The sweetheart neck combined with a collar pattern is an absolute showstopper. This blouse is great for those who have long necks and broad shoulders. There is no need for a statement piece for this blouse, as it comes with heavy embroidery to make you look regal.

No matter what kind of saree you may want to wear, it is always the blouse that creates the right look. Choosing the right neckline can instantly transform you into a diva. It is also very important to sport the right neckline and cut that suits your body, as deep necklines may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, with good maintenance of skin tone and body, these latest deep neck designs can be figure flattering.