21 Perfect Blouse Neck Designs That Looking Simple and Gorgeous

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You don’t always need designer blouses to come to your rescue. These beautiful designs will manage just fine on their own. Not only are they simple, but also captivating. With the perfect fit, your look will be praised by everyone around you.

Simple Blouse Designs With Images for Daily Wear:

The top 21 are added here so that you have many options to take your pick from and don’t have to settle from the same old ones on your list every time.

1. Plain Green Stringed Blouse:

Simple Blouse Designs-Plain Green Stringed Blouse 1

Among simple blouse neck designs, this one will most certainly make a difference and notice your attention and not just because it’s first on the list. It looks very comfortable and is simple enough to be worn for any family occasion equally well. Besides, when you are looking for a more traditional look, nothing gets better than this one here.

2. Air Hostess Blouse:

Simple Blouse Designs-Air Hostess Blouse 2

This blouse is simple yet gorgeous. You might be fooled at first thinking the design took forever to make; however, you’ll notice how those round buttons are just placed and sewn in place, thus complementing the deep pink color of the blouse.

3. Halter Neck Blouse:

Simple Blouse Designs-Halter Neck Blouse 3

Not necessarily needed to be off-shoulder, this blouse neck pattern for cotton saree was a hit even a decade back and has made its return again after being popularized by movie stars. Here you can see one design, but feel free to experiment.

4. Synthetic Embroidery Blouse:

Simple Blouse Designs-Synthetic Embroidery Blouse 4

This is a very basic back neck design for saree blouses, while the front here is more decorative. The design, on the whole, looks gorgeous with everything that’s going on. The thread and embroidery are giving it a finish that it deserves and the latkans do justice to the back.

5. Sheer Back Blouse:

Simple Blouse Designs-Sheer Back Blouse 5

This is one of the simpler ones for ladies who like staying at home and order their clothes online. The sheer blouse goes with almost everything and is hence gaining immense popularity of late. This blouse will make sure you don’t need any fittings of any sort and saves you the hassle.

6. Green Silk Saree Blouse:

Simple Blouse Designs

The blouse might look very old school, however, it is one of the latest back neck designs for blouses. The golden borders and zari work make it a classic pick for young and middle-aged women alike.

7. Simple Backless Blouse:

Simple Blouse Designs-Backless Blouse 7

Held in the back by only a string, this blouse is a bold move on your part. You can wear it best with gorgeous sarees, the front neck should be plain, thus drawing the most attention to your saree, while from the back, it’s your blouse that’s the crowd winner all in all. Isn’t this one a masterpiece?

8. High Neck Crop Top Blouse:

Simple Blouse Designs-High Neck Crop Top Blouse 8

This neck design for saree blouses will most certainly amplify your style quotient a notch higher. The design will add verve of perfect feminine features while making you look powerful. The blouse is equally sophisticated, as you can obviously see. It is being chosen by most women as a favourite these days.

9. Thin Strap Blouse:

Simple Blouse Designs-Thin Strap Blouse 9

Just when you thought the bold style on itself has come to an end, you notice this blouse. We aren’t kidding, these days, everyone is up for experimenting and the neck and shoulder designs are what they choose to pick styles from. The thin strap makes the blouse look chic and urbane.

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10. Twisted Blouse Design:

Simple Blouse Designs-Twisted Blouse Design 11

Among simple blouse designs for sarees, this one will easily emerge as a winner, since the knot, the stonework and the satin clothing are all perfectly done. The design is unique and different as well. The pink color is easily available and we wouldn’t quite blame you if you want the exact replica of this blouse in your wardrobe. We are equally spellbound with the perfection of this design.

11. Single Colored Blouse:

Simple Blouse Designs-Single Colored Blouse 12

When it comes to simple blouse design patterns, these blouses are gaining immense popularity among the simple ones that there are to take a pick from. No matter where you want to wear it, a work party or an Indian gathering, this one will make you look good irrespective. It covers your shoulder, so you can stop bothering about your figure. Another thing you notice here is that this blouse is of a single color and hence there is no stopping you from wearing this with almost all sarees. When you have designer sarees with a lot of work that you don’t want to draw attention away from, this saree will be a boon.

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12. Simple Kurti Style Blouse:

Simple Blouse Designs-Simple Kurti Style Blouse 13You can pair this blouse with almost all traditional clothes from sarees to lehenga without making you look like your fashion sense knows nothing.

13. Blouse Tied at The Back:

Simple Blouse Designs-Blouse Tied at The Back 14

This blouse is like front wear and the ends have strings that meet at the back and are tied up. A different approach, this is simple yet stylish.

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14. Back Slit Blouse:

Simple Blouse Designs-Back Slit Blouse 15

The next one in line is for those ladies who usually want a blouse designs simple with a twist. These blouses are gorgeous and different from the completely backless ones, leaving a lot to one’s imagination.

15. Embellished Blouse:

simple Embellished Blouse neck design

This blouse is simple yet gorgeous. You might be fooled at first thinking the design took forever to make, however, you’ll notice how stones are just placed and sewn in grey, thus complimenting the deep pink color of the blouse.

16. Transparent Back Blouse:

simple Transparent Back Blouse

When you are in search of a simple neck design for blouse, which can also pass off as a part of your modern collection, this design is it. Look at how the pink color has got assembled grey stones around, that adds to the charm of the blouse.

17. Floral Blouse:

Simple Floral Blouse neck design

When you are looking for something different than the usual embellishments that you get with stones and pearls, this design of blouse should suffice. It is held on the shoulder by a single thread, while on the back and front, the design is a bunch of purple flowers on a pink background. You can wear this one with net sarees.

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18. Threaded Blouse:

Threaded Blouse neck design

It is pretty basic and made from a single piece of cloth. On that are these designs made by sewing into the blouse. This design will look best with light colour cotton sarees and is ideal for low key family functions.

19. Round Neck Blouse:

simple Round Neck Blouse

This simple neck design for blouse features a round cutting making your back garner all the attention. On the front as well, the blouse has a very basic necklace like design, thus saving you the hassle of searching for a matching accessory. The best saree to wear with this blouse would be a silk one, preferably Chanderi.

20. Beautiful Simple Blouse:

Beautiful Simple Blouse design

While you look at this simple back neck design for blouse, notice how this one fits well for most saree designs. Cotton sarees, in particular, will look great with this design. On the other hand, silk sarees are welcome to be worn with this design as well.

21. Blouse Piece from Saree:

Blouse Piece from Saree design

This one is a simple blouse neck design that involves the blouse piece being cut out from the saree you bought. This, in turn, saves you the hassle of running across stores to find a blouse that matches the color of your saree. This one’s a common trend these days.

After going through this article, we can only hope we saved your time as well as hassle. It shouldn’t really be a surprise if you already have a favourite all seat and ready. These blouses will make you look super chic and perfect in no time. In the end, you know well that simply tailored blouses fit and blend with everything- be it formal sarees or party wear. So step out and meet your tailor today! Do make sure you never miss out on the finest designs with the list at your rescue.