Elegant Patch Work Blouse Models with Front and Back Neck Designs

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Patch work is real creativity manifested into the material. Patch work is essentially patches of clothes being stitched together, so as to bring out an entirely new design. This, plus some embellished jewellery will give you the royal and elegant look that you have always wanted. While you can choose from the range of designs and patterns for your blouse, make sure to try this one too. We swear you won’t regret.

Beautiful Combos of Patch Work Blouse Neck Designs with Pictures:

In this article, we will give you the best patch work neck designs for blouses that will almost persuade women to sport these blouse designs with love and passion.

1. Pink Pattu Patchwork Blouse Design:

Patch Work Blouse Designs

If you are looking for a decent-looking patch work blouse designs, then this might just be the best one for all of you! then this modern blouse will the best styling companion to fulfil that. The blouse sports pink, as well as the green colour and the small attachments at the front, are possibly the main reasons why this blouse is so alluring.

2. Bridal Saree Blouse Neck Designs With Patch Work:

Bridal Saree Patchwork Blouse Design 2

This latest patch work blouse neck design, is if you are looking for a good patchwork blouse for wedding occasions, this really could be your choice. The back of the blouse sports a lace pattern along with some alluring green and red colour patterns on it, which make it attractive and beautiful. Beg to differ?

3. Designer Blouse Back Neck Design With Patch Work In Red:

Red Patchwork Back Well-Designed Blouse 3

If you are willing to sport a red bridal saree this wedding season, then this popular patch work blouse design is a good choice. This particular patch work blouse looks really good from the back, especially because of the design and the small attachments. It looks equally beautiful from the front as well. The lace also comes with some shiny materials that are probably attached to the whole small ball like pattern. This is one of the best blouse neck designs with heavy patchwork.

4. Attractive Blouse Neck Design With Patch Work:

Purple Patchwork Blouse With Awesome DesignL 4

Are you seeking a good patchwork neck design in a blouse? This is probably one of the simple patch work design for the ideal blouse designs for silk sarees. The blouse can be combined with a silk saree of almost similar colour and the combination can be sported with utmost pride. The design is simple and kept lighter so it doesn’t make you feel heavy. Try this on a casual day out.

5. The Blue Patchwork Design Blouse For Bridal Ceremonies:

Blue Patchwork Design Blouse For Bridal Ceremonies 5

This is yet another good-looking blouse with beautiful patch work cutting under the category of the patch work designer blouses. This particular blouse sports an awesome pattern done on the back along with golden eye-catching designs done on the blouse. This is again kept simple with only the work on the borders and a low cut back. Try this simple patch work blouse if you want to keep it low.

6. Designer Golden Patch Work Blouse Design:

Golden Patchwork Designer Blouse 6This particular blouse sports a designer touch to it and the golden colour with the back design makes this the best blouse neck design with patch work. The blouse will go hand in hand with a golden saree and it can be worn on festive occasions and wedding ceremonies. It falls on the grand look side and is worth the money spent.

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7. The Mixed Color Patchwork Blouse Neck:

Mixed Color Patchwork Blouse 7

If you are looking for a good blouse neck design at the back which comes with a patchwork touch, then here it is. The lace pattern along with the attachments make this blouse look perfect for almost anyone and everyone out there. It will go hand in hand with a dark blue or a black saree. If you are willing to sport a good-looking blouse, then this one might just raise the bar high and make you look like a complete diva.

8. The Designer Front Patchwork Blouse For Plain Sarees:

Designer Patchwork Blouse For Plain Sarees 8

You can wear this with any plain saree and you would still totally steal the show. It sports a very good metallic and golden design at the chest portion which has green as the base colour. If you like to get creative, go bold on the colours and try out shades of your own. Because, woman, you set the trend!

9. The Red Front And Back Patchwork Designer Blouse:

Red Front and Back Patchwork Designer Blouse 9

This particular blouse looks good both from back and front. The lace pattern of this blouse is very attractive and women folks will also like the way the patterns has been done on the red base of the blouse. If you are looking for something trendy this season, then this will be a pretty good one. But be sure you are okay wearing a low cut back.

10. The Patch Work Designer Blouse From Front:

Patchwork Designer Blouse From Front 10

This is also another good-looking designer blouse which looks really good from the front and the back. One can pretty easily carry this one with designer sarees. This trendy patch work blouse design can also take multitude of colours and is slightly low cut on the front neck. You can wear this even on a casual day and look seamlessly beautiful.

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11. Simple Blouse Designs With Patch Work:

Simple Patchwork Blouse 11

This blouse is not filled with hundreds of colours and yet looks really appealing. These blouse patches are made to look dead elegant and simple so you can try something sober along with your plain saree. Definitely the simplest and elegant of all!

12. The Pink Patchwork Blouse For Festive Season:

Pink Patchwork Blouse For Festive Season 12

This blouse has a lot more to it than just the patch work. It sports some tiny attachments which make it look really attractive in the first place. It is bright and colourful and truly sets a festive mood. This could be your ideal patch work blouse design on an eventful day.

13. Pink And Green Designer Blouse Design With Patch Work:

Pink and Green Designer Patchwork Blouse 13

If you want to carry a designer-made Indian traditional item on a special occasion, then this patch work blouse designs stitching will be a good choice. With puffed hands that are netted and some intricate blouse back neck designs with patch work, this blouse can take a range of shades and patterns. Go creative and decide your colours.

14. Patch Work Blouse Designs For Beginners:

Brown Patchwork Blouse 14

Along with a patch work design at the back, the blouse looks quite beautiful with the lace pattern and will be suitable for women of almost all ages. This blouse back neck design with patch work could be your ideal wedding blouse. Match with a contrasting saree and flaunt effortlessly.

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15. Embroidery Patch Work Blouse In Black:

Black Patchwork Blouse 15

Last but not least, this is another awesome patchwork blouse, which comes with an awesome design on the sleeves and on the back as well. The blouse has embroidery work that makes it look attractive and trendy. The velvet cloth adds the extra shine and beauty to the overall temp.

The options on the patch work blouse are plenty. The above is merely the small out of the whole lot. Go creative with your ideas and match your own shades and patterns. Because it really doesn’t matter what the combinations are, what matters is how you carry it!