30 Best Collection of Lehenga Blouse Designs in Fashion World

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Lehenga has replaced the heavy saree looks with their wonderful and creative designs. The range of flawless patterns of Lehengas has grabbed a place in our wardrobes. They are the newest fashion opted for weddings, receptions and on other such festive occasions. To match your lehanga with the appropriate blouse, the blouse designers give special care to get it just the way you like it to be. While customisation is one option, there is also a set of ready-made options that is sure to impress you. From small cut sleeves to backless blouses, lehangas do not fail to carve a space in the fashion world.

Latest Lehenga Blouse Designs

Stylish Blouse Designs for Lehenga:

Take a look at some of the exquisite collection preferred by the ladies for their lehenga blouse designs.

1. Lehenga with Velvet Blouse:

Velvet Simple Blouse

Velvet blouses give a skinny look when appropriately stitched. A blue design of blouse is quite catchy and you may match it with a golden coloured lehenga blouse neck designs on it. The tiny work with golden threads its attractively over the velvet making the Lehenga look more appreciable.

2. Centre Cut Long Blouse Designs For Lehenga:

Center cut long blouse

Black and golden has is a treat combination to the eyes. The centre cut style lehanga is most commonly preferred choice. The blouse is given strip sleeves with golden designed border at the neckline. The lehenga blouse patterns are varied and the contrast of colour is an eye-catching choice!

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3. Border Coated Lehenga Blouse Design:

Border coated blouse

The bridal lehenga blouse designs wear gets a new phase when the blouse patterns are given a coating of silk and floral borders. The red blouse is given a hexagonal design in the front and back covered with the floral border design to give it a waist coat type of appearance. It is best suitable on Lehenga saree also for brides.

4. Full Sleeve Lehenga Blouse Patterns:

Full sleeve blouse

A shallow blouse with long sleeves is the primary choice for the ladies with their lehenga blouse model for those with a slim body. The black chiffon blouse designs for lehenga choli are decorated with knitted golden thread design. The full sleeve is given white patch work in circular design to make it look more elegant. The neck of the blouse is given a shallow U cut which takes the blouse a step ahead.

5. Heavy Patch lehenga Blouse Design:

Heavy patch blouse

The latest lehenga blouse Design for lehenga quite commonly selected for the fish cut lehenga is decorated with patches and pearl strings. The front neck of the blouse is given a wing like design with several satin laces and pearls. The back of the blouse is given a depth which is joined with a mango shaped patch through several pearl strings for a designer look. You are sure to look grand and trendy with this!

6. Brocade Blouse Design:

Brocade blouse design

Brocades are best blouse designs for lehenga which have been the favourite choice of the ladies for a fancy appearance in lehenga blouses. It tops the designer lehenga blouse catalogue with minute floral branch designs. The back design is given a cross eye cut with lovely charms hanging through tied strings. The blue coloured blouse is also given sleeveless look for the sleeves to add to its delicateness and is rated as the most preferred in the lehenga blouse designs catalogue.

7. Triangular Bridal lehenga Blouse Design:

Bridal triangular blouse

Golden and red complete the bridal look. A lehenga blouse design for a bridal wear becomes complete with a triangular back cut. The cut is given a marvellous border in golden with cute curvy designs. The border is also attached at the sleeve ends to give it a glorified look. Take up this choice if you are determined to steal the show. Do not forget to match it with your favourite bangles and earrings.

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8. Boat Neck lehenga Blouse Design:

Boat neck blouse

Off-white with rough golden colour gives a great combination for a lehenga design. The designer blouse for it is given a boat neck design in the front, where the sleeves are attached inspired by the coat sleeve design. The boat neck is the new cool! The golden border and tiny golden witch work embossed on the blouse makes the attire more catchy.

9. Blazer Designer Blouse Pattern For lehenga:

Blazer designed blouse

The most commonly seen blouse design, this simple one is given a blazer style with red velvet material and golden border work. The blouse is given a full cover from behind but the front side is stitched to a beautiful V cut. The bottom of the front design is also given a cut which justifies the design. The golden border work and sleeve work brightly lights up the outfit making it an ideal choice for lehenga blouse styles.

10. Off Shoulder lehenga Blouse Patterns:

off shoulder blouse

Silk can be used to give a magical touch with an off shoulder lehenga blouse designs. A long straight lehenga in maroon is decorated with pale silver thread work for a blunt shine. The blouse is given off shoulder sleeve design along with broad V neck pattern. The design is widely carried by broad shoulder ladies to give a blunt look to their neck and back. This could be your choice if you are ready to carry yourselves stylishly.

11. Neck Lace Designer Blouse Pattern for lehenga:

Neck lace design

This simple yet bold design is a preferred choice for the teens and young ladies. The lehenga saree blouse designs are given a blouse with lace design which is attached to the neck for a perfect fitting. The blouse is also given a mirror work to make it bit fashionable. The princess cut lehenga blouse front design is given pinch work on the side for a funky look.

12. Net Flaw Design:

Net flaw design

This one is an absolute creativity. Trendy and cool, this net-like design resembles the pattern of a frock neck. The fairy lehenga is given several layers and the blouse is also given a similar pattern at the back. The simple silk blouse is given net pinch flaws behind. It covers the sleeves and back with a cute look. The blouse is also given a tiny lace with minute flower patch on it.

13. Single Sleeve lehenga Blouse Design:

Single sleeve blouse

A famous design for lehenga saree blouse designs with a mixture of net and Kashmiri thread work is made with a single cross twist lace. The blouse is merely made with a piece of cloth on the chest and back which is attached with a curvy belt in a cross design for a sleeve look. It is highly carried as a designer piece on ramps as well as voted for the best stylish blouse design for lehenga.

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14. Curvy Shiny Blouse:

Curvy shiny blouse

A designer touch is achieved when the blouse is given a curvy design from one end to the other. The lehenga saree blouse designs are made of georgette material which is medium in length. A singular sleeve is decorated with stones. The blouse is also given a curvy shape at the end. It gives a flowing look on designer saree and straight cut lehenga. When you wear this, you truly feel like a diva!

15. Corset Blouse Design:

Corset blouse

A trendy design among the lehenga blouse design for bridal wear is the corset blouse design. The heavy blouse is decorated with golden work on the collar and on the side. The length and design of the blouse are similar to that of a vest. It covers the upper body fully with a sleeveless blouse wear. The golden stripes at the neck give it a necklace like a feel. This could be your ideal lehenga blouse design for the bridal choice.

16. Golden Lehenga Blouse Designs with Pearl Work:

Off golden or dark brown is the commonly selected colour for a lehenga among the younger women. It is given black prints with a broad lace below and a rough golden pearl lace for a stunning appearance. The blouse of the lehenga is made with several rough golden pearls attached to it. Match them with minimal jewellery. The lehenga in itself will make up for other compromises!

17. Backless Blouse Design:

Backless blouse design

Backless designs grab the attention of the beautiful ladies quickly when choosing designs. A blood red golden lace and border lehenga saree are given a backless blouse pattern. The backless is given a string border below with a broad border there. The back edges are also given floral border and a tie up at the neck. This one is a unique lehenga stitching pattern.

18. Pack Back Blouse:

Pack back blouse

A lehenga blouse back designs are comfy during winters is the pack back neck design. The lehenga is stitched to a blouse in a sleeveless pattern. The front is left plain in silk of green. The back is given a fish fin design with pearl strings. Each circle behind is decorated with tear designed stone in white.

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19. Simple Silver Blouse:

Simple silver blouse

Looking for a simplified look to carry on for a minor occasion? A white coloured lehenga with printed border and a single broad lace at the end is the best to carry. The lehenga is carried with an off white blouse design which is lighter on the shade. The lehenga blouse back design is given a deep square cut with curvy ends for a quality touch. Go simple with this simple lehenga blouse design.

20. Dual Design Sleeveless Blouse:

Dual design sleeve blouse

Lehenga choli blouse designs are quite popular for a divine look to the beautiful ladies. This design is given amazing layers which are layered on one side. The blouse is made with an off-white brocade material. This lehenga blouse pattern is a material that carries tiny prints in brown thread and black buttons on the front with a deep U design.

21. Butterfly Pattern Blouse:

Butterfly pattern blouse

A choosy design from the lehenga blouse design catalogue is mostly the preferred choice for women with broad shoulders. It has a butterfly inspired design. The back side of the blouse is designed similarly to that of butterfly wings in pink velvet material. The velvet is also designed with thin golden laces and white stones.

22. Pearl Designed Blouse:

Pearl designed blouse

Pearls add a special look to any attire. Dramatic lehenga saree blouse designs are executed with the help of pearls and chiffon material. The blouse is given a common U neck behind, but to make it special, pearl stings are added along with a medium charm in the centre. This is another stylish blouse design for lehenga.

23. Skin Colour Sheer Blouse:

Skin color sheer blouse

Sheer blouse designs are often seen on 3 out of 5 women for weddings and other parties. The blouse is made with skin colour net which is stretchable for a perfect fitting. The simple plain blouse is adorned with stone and pearl work on the front and sleeves to give the lehenga a dignified appearance. This is one definitely one go get design.

24. Indo Western Blouse:

Indo western blouse

The indo western lehenga design is a widely selected choice of the women for occasional parties. This is made with net and silk with simple patch work gives you a highlighted look. The simple blouse is made with silk but is also coated with a net on it which is lengthy as well. This one lehenga full blouse design.

25. Pallu Designed Blouse:

Hate wearing pallu saree which need to be managed every time? Here is a lehenga design with no such adjustments. The cream lehenga is given a pink blouse with high neck design. One shoulder of the blouse is given a chiffon pinch work raised from the waist which gives the look of a pallu.

26. Bat Wing Sleeves Blouse:

Bat wing sleeves blouse

These new lehenga blouse design patterns for a mild lehenga are made of cotton. The red blouse carries floral designs made with Kashmiri work. The sleeves are designed similar to bat wings design of tops with chiffon and net material. The blouse is widely carried on white cotton lehenga with floral design in red.

27. Collar Coat lehenga Design:

Collar coat Lehenga design

A designer blouse for lehenga design is given the design of a long coat. It is made of silk and tiny net at the end. Apart from it, the long coat is given collar with long sleeves. The blouse is given a rich look due to the golden thread work which is similar to mehendi designs.

28. Long Dori Blouse Design:

Lehenga saree blouse designs are sometimes matched with pallu saree material. The blouse is made longer with a sensual back design. The back is designed with dori work from top to bottom in a zigzag design. The blouse is not given sleeves for which it is made skin tight for a proper grip. It gives a smoky look for occasions.

29. Latest lehenga Blouse Designs For Mirror Work:

Latest Lehenga Blouse Designs For Mirror Work-29

Mirror work is especially for grand occasions like a wedding. A light coloured lehenga is given similar colour blouse which is inspired by the short kurti design. The blouse is given broad sleeveless design and a semicircular fold at the end. It is decorated with minute mirrors inside forming a circular pattern in the front and back and is a good lehenga saree blouse design.

30. Leaf Pattern Blouse:

Leaf pattern blouse

Lehenga choli blouse designs with a Jaipuri touch gives a stunning look for marriage functions. The blouse is given simple leaf design on the front and back with appropriate depth. The blouse is also attached with pearl charms at the end and decorated with similar accessories within.

Lehangas are a fashion statement that will truly inspire you. They are matched with beautiful blouse designs to select from according to the body texture and taste to wear.