Sometimes the best way to do a workout is by doing it at home; that too on a pull up bar. There are so many different kinds of exercises you can perform with the help of this and they will not only work your muscles, but your whole body, including your chest. You can combine these exercises with some sit ups, push ups and cardio as well. It will give you a perfect Pull Ups Exercises help you reach your goal within no time.

Best Pull Ups Exercises:

Here we enlisted some best Pull Ups Exercises for beginners.

1. Do More Than One Pull Up:

If you are a beginner, it probably won’t be possible for you to do ten pull ups in a row. So try to start off with one pull up of twelve sets and take a forty five second break between each. Do this two times a week and once you have accomplished this, you can increase the numbers per set.

2. Front Grab:

For the front grab, hold the bar with both your palms facing forward. This makes your pull up exercise much more difficult and effective. Your wrists might ache for a while but the results are definitely going to blow your mind. Start off with one sets of ten and then change the numbers with time.

3. Curl Grab:

Hold the bar with your palms facing towards you. This is one of the most basic yet most important exercises you should do during your pull up workout before you can get into the harder and tougher ones.

4. The Monkey:

The Monkey is like hanging on the tree by using just one limb. This will strengthen your arm and give you more stamina. You can start off with a 45 second challenge if you are a beginner, but try to make it up to five minutes to get better results. You will be surprised at how difficult this can be.

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5. The Crunch Bar:

For the crunch bar, you need to grab the pull bar with your hands facing forward and then lift your knee up towards one direction. Count for five seconds and then come back down. Repeat it in the other side and do this exercise several times to complete one set.

6. The Olympic:

Grab the bar, hang for a second or two, lift your knees straight up to your belly and then gently extend them right in front of you. Hold for five seconds and come back down to the first position. Repeat this exercise again and again. It might be challenging, but the results are drastic.

7. One Arm Lift:

For the one arm lift, grab the bar firmly and pull into a chin up. Then stabilize the wrist and do not pull. You pulling should be done by your hand on the bar. Do include about fifteen of them in one set and finish off with about two sets to get the best out of them.

8. Negatives:

When you do a chin up, also do a chin up after that. Go really slow on your way down and stabilize your muscles. Negatives can be applied on any of the chin up exercises. This exercise is all about creating resistance on opposite of the extended exercise.

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9. Inversion:

Wear a good pair of inversion boots and attach yourself to the chin up bar. Hang upside down so that you can do sit ups. You can read a book to stimulate the blood flow and elongate your joint and spine at the same time. But don’t forget to check up with your doctor before you do this.


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