9 Beautiful Designs of Women’s Gold Rings without Stones

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As gold is associated with sun and in turn it’s said that sun brings prosperity, success and happiness in life. In the light of joy all the obstacles and hurdles would be cleared. Thus because of this inhibit qualities gold ornaments are adored by every females. Gold rings are crafted in many unique designs and appear extraordinary when worn. Gold rings are considered to be auspicious and is even a option of gifting your near and dear ones. Young girls and women’s prefer rings to be made in gold
without stones embedded as it makes them appear gorgeous and even lends them those divine looks.

Gold Rings for Women without Stones:

So let’s have a glance at top 9 gold rings crafted without any stones.

1. 14 K Interlocked Heart Shape Ring:

14 K Interlocked Heart Shape Ring

This awesome and pretty looking chain is crafted in 14k gold and it has a unique heart shape designed in an interlock pattern depicting the two hearts of loved ones. The ring has a very cute look and could be teamed up with any king of outfit you wear.

2. Latest Gold Ring without Stones with Bells:

Latest Gold Ring without Stones with Bells

Gold rings always tempt every person and want to own a one. The gold ring has a superb artistic design on it with small gold bells hanging on it thus giving it an exclusive and exotic looks when worn on finger of females.

3. Engagement Rings Made of Gold without Stones:

Engagement Rings Made of Gold without Stones

The engagement ring has to something which appears beautiful and out of the world. This type of rings is perfect for couples who would love to wear ring which are crafted without any stones. The ring is made of three layers with a tight knot depicting the couples would also be tied in a knot soon.

4. Simple Designed Gold Rings without Stones:

Simple Gold Rings without Stones

As said by many great people that uniqueness lies in simplicity. This kind of simple zigzag rings looks simple but when worn looks very pretty in hands. These kind of rings can be worn on daily basis as well to office also.

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5. Traditional Gold Rings without any Stones:

gold rings without stones

These types of rings lend a person a traditional looks. The ring is made of pure gold and the chakra design in the middle with small spikes in the shape of ball appears fantastic. This type of ring can be worn to any occasion as well to any parties also.

6. 14 k Gold Braided Pattern Ring:

14 k Gold Braided Pattern Ring

The ring is made of pure 14 k gold and appears very delicate when worn. This kind of rings could be perfect gifting potion to your loved ones on occasion like wedding, anniversaries and to your beloved valentine also. The braided design gives a trendy look to the ring.

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7. Broad Gold Rings without Stones:

Broad Gold Rings without Stones

This type of rings is becoming very popular by young girls as it gives them a trendy and fashionable look.  The ring covers almost half of the finger and small interlocked circles in the middle of the ring which a new look to it. A new designer ring crafted without any precious stoned embedded on it.

8. Stone less Made Forever Ring In Gold:

Made Forever Ring In Gold

This type of ring is a great choice for new couple who have promised to enter in to a serious relationship as the ring depicts the two hands are holding each other. The ring would always make them remember about each other.

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9. Puzzle Style Gold Rind for Girls:

Puzzle Style Gold Rind for Girls

The rings are very unique in style and altogether a different type of jewel for young girls to give them a stunning appearance. This type of ring makes her stand out in the crowd and lend her a charming look. A superb designer ring crafted without stones.

Gold rings are available in wide range and designs, but the actual beauty of the ring can be seen if it is made in gold without any stones crowned on it. These types of rings appear fabulous and mind-blowing and can lend you a traditional as well a modern look. These rings can be worn of any occasion as gold is considered to be auspicious and said it brings luck and charm in people life.