Receiving mail in the post is rare nowadays because we are used to expressing ourselves through messaging apps and emails. But if you observe closely, even the email has an icon which looks like an envelope. So, as some superstar from a movie said, don’t underestimate the power of a standard envelope. This is because we tend to underestimate the power of envelope design as a branding or marketing tool in any business.

In this post, we have curated a collection of 20 latest and best envelope designs with colour combinations that stand out from the pile and are eye-catching. Therefore, go through the list without further ado and incorporate the elements you like into your Design. Read on!

What is Envelope Design?

A standard packaging item usually made with thin, flat material is called an envelope. They are traditionally made from sheets of paper. The envelopes will be able to contain a letter, card, or something fat and light. However, several envelope designs can carry heavier objects and are made with other materials that make them strong.

Different Types of Envelope Designs:

Here is a list of popular envelope designs that can help you choose the right one that fulfils your needs. They are as follows:

  • Baronial Envelopes
  • A-Style Envelopes
  • Square Envelopes
  • Commercial Envelopes
  • Booklet Envelopes
  • Catalogue Envelopes

Simple and Modern Envelope Designs In India 2024:

Here are our 20 simple and beautiful envelope designs with photos. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Creative Envelope Design:

This envelope design can be ideal if you want creative options from the brand Yash wedding cards. You will get 20 envelopes in the pack, including four envelopes in five colours. These envelope designs are elegant, with golden highlights on self-print paper. So, you can use them for christenings, weddings, Rakhi, or Diwali for several auspicious occasions. The Envelope looks similar to a shirt and can be an attractive option during special events.

2. Best Envelope Design:

These pretty envelope designs can be an excellent option for handing out Diwali money or gift certificates for corporates or during festivals. You can also leave a long-lasting memory for the recipient by using it as a shagun envelope. The Envelope is shaped like a traditional Indian fan and comes in a pack of ten. You can get these envelopes in multiple colours, out of which you can choose the one you like. Whether for a wedding, Diwali, Rakhi, or any other occasion, it is a perfect way to gift cash or a voucher.

3. Professional Envelope Design:

This simple envelope design is made of premium quality papers and carries business documents. You can use these envelopes for other purposes like office, legal, business or home. It also has a wide mouth opening, which helps you securely stuff up to 60 sheets of paper. In addition, the Envelope has rip, tear and puncture resistance because it is made with high-quality material. The product will be able to seal itself since it comes with a strong flap adhesive. The quick seal closure of this Envelope gives you document premium security.

4. Wedding Envelope Design:

This modern envelope design pattern comes in multiple colours and is made with good-quality paper. These handmade envelopes are manufactured in India and are a fitting way to gift cash during most special occasions or festivals. You can make your gift even more special and memorable because of these handmade cards. The glossy premium designer sheet is used to manufacture these sheets, compatible with 2000, 500 and 100 rupee notes.

5. Anniversary Envelope Design:

This multicoloured envelope design is a perfect choice if you want a product that has traditional Indian roots. The Envelope has a bandini prink silk, which looks exceptionally classy and is medium-sized. You can use the product on several occasions to gift money. Silk and premium quality, the most delicate handloom Ikkat fabric, and styling are used to manufacture this beautiful card.

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6. Business Envelope Design:

This is another catalogue envelope from Shubham security envelopes, which are of premium quality and can carry different types of business documents. In addition, these envelopes can take many documents because they have a wide opening. The Envelope keeps the papers secure with the help of the strong flap adhesive. It is pretty easy because all you have to do is peel and seal.

7. Money Envelope Design:

This is a beautiful envelope design to keep the money, which comes in a unique purse design from minimal affairs. These unique brocade designs can be perfect for this wedding, festive season, or any special occasion. The product has a premium look and comes in several vibrant colours, making it an attractive option.

8. Gift Envelope Design For Marriage:

This perfect gift envelope design keeps cash or shagun during weddings or traditional occasions and comes in multiple colours. You can use this Envelope to gift money to the younger ones in your family during occasions like Diwali, Eid, Rakhi or birthday. The Envelope can hold 2000, 500, 100 currency notes, a cheque, or even a DD.

9. Corporate Envelope Design:

This is a simple and traditional brown paper Envelope design from PaperPep, which is pretty simple and classic. The product has a matt finish and has Laser and Inkjet compatibility, and the brown envelopes are made with premium brown paper while being elegant, bright, beautiful and affordable. This product is perfect for direct mail, statements, cheques, invoices, personal letters or even letterhead.

10. Office Envelope Design:

This is another envelope design used for official purposes by the brand AccuPrints. You get a pack of 100 envelopes, which can be used for mailing bills, applications, statements, personal letters, letterhead, Invoices or even cheques. Moreover, the Envelope prevents the spilling of the contents because all the joints have sufficient gumming.

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11. Vintage Envelope Design:

Instead of texting, go retro and write a letter instead with the help of this gorgeous vintage envelope design. You can use these envelopes to send a handwritten note, which can be a better gesture and give the Envelope a vintage touch. You will be able to get a pack of five envelopes in one package, which can carry a meaningful note along with some unique artwork.

12. Shagun Envelope Design:

This snap-type envelope design is made with paper from the brand’s minimal affairs. The product comes in multiple colours, helping you choose the one per your needs. In addition, the Envelope has brocade patterns, making it a perfect option during the wedding season. However, you can use this Envelope for any other occasion, too. The vibrant colours combined with the unique Design create a visual treat.

13. Quilling Envelope Design:

This shagun envelope with paper art is a handmade product that looks exceptionally beautiful. Suitable for weddings, festivals, or even gifting, you can use the Envelope for any occasion. The elegance and beauty of the Envelope come from the rich golden colour of the trademark brand Adcom. You can write personal messages on it because it is plain and empty. There might be a variation in the colour of the product.

14. A4 Envelope Design:

The True-Ally’s A4 envelope design comes in a pack of 50 units made of paper and plastic. The product is protected from moisture and water splash since it is laminated with polyethene. Secure mailing is one of the perfect places to use these envelopes for home or office. It is a premium product made with good quality material and comes in a package of 100 envelopes.

15. Handmade Envelope Design:

Suppose you want an envelope design with a traditional yet contemporary finish. In that case, this product handcrafted by local artisans can be an ideal option. Since it is handmade, you can use it for several occasions or festivals. In addition, the product can fit in all types of currency notes, making it an exceptional choice.

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16. Diwali Envelope Design:

This personalized and elegant Envelope design comes in multiple colours from the brand Generic. The shagun envelopes are exclusive and can be customized as necessary because the product is printed especially for you. Moreover, you can fit all the new, old and currency notes of all sizes, making the product an ideal choice for all occasions.

17. Floral Envelope Design:

The brand Avika- the gift shop presents us with a floral Envelope design made for everyone and made by Indians. The product includes digitally printed ten Envelopes made of high-quality material. The Envelope, all types of currency, and notes irrespective of size. You can use these envelopes for any auspicious occasion.

18. Love Envelope Design:

This cool envelope design comes with cute red hearts, considered the fit-together love cards, which come in a package of 48. A beautiful ribbon covers the packed boxes containing the envelopes, and each Envelope has a different message with a smooth finish. The Envelopes are made with high-quality material. It can be a perfect way to deliver your love by being a vessel.

19. Decorative Envelope Design:

Suppose you are looking for Envelope designs with a stylish, premium designer look. In that case, this product can be an ideal choice. The Envelope can hold currency notes of all sizes, making it a perfect option for any occasion. Irrespective of the event, you can use the Envelope to gift money to people. You can get ten envelopes in one package, all being colourful.

20. Multicolour Envelope Design:

This multicoloured envelope design from 4Ever is a product you can use by snapping. So you can use the product for several cultural and religious occasions. These colourful envelopes come in a pack of five. So, they are suitable for several occasions like engagements, Diwali, Shagun, parties or all Festivals. Golden lace and fabric manufacture these stylish envelopes finished with a golden string.

Irrespective of the occasion, envelope designs have been a part of our lives for many decades. Whether to give your best wishes during a private function or post official documents, there are different envelope designs based on your needs and necessities. We hope the list of special and traditional envelopes mentioned in this article has given you an idea of what they are and how they look. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!


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