Be it due to our constant work on a laptop, watching TV daily, or recent lifestyle changes, most of us have spectacles prescribed for blurry vision. They come with a variety of prescriptions for different glasses and frames to suit our specific needs. Some of the spectacles are expensive and require care to maintain when they get dirty with daily use. Luckily, cleaning them is easy, and not as complex as you may think! Wondering how?

Today we will discuss the best and proven methods on how to clean glasses at home, all by ourselves. Eyesight is a gift, which most of us take for granted. We need to learn how to maintain our eyeglasses as we use them regularly.

Why Spectacles Need Special Care?

With regular use, specs are prone to get dirty and have scratches. Most of the lens is made specially to protect our eyes from UV rays, prolonged working hours, and pollution. Since we use them every day, they not only get dirty with dust but can also gradually affect our vision due to the fine particles that accumulate on them over time. Apart from this, there are fingerprints and facial grease that add to our woes. Hence we need to lay emphasis on cleaning your eyeglasses daily to experience clear vision. Specs are not a small investment, and it is up to us to use them for a long time with meticulous care and maintenance.

How To Clean Prescription Glasses at Home:

It is wrong to think that one need not pay much attention to keep our spectacles clean. The utmost care must be paid to the cleaning process. Specs require the same amount of care our eyes do, and we must learn to look after them the right way. In this section, let us see the top five ways how to clean spectacles in the right way!

1. How To Clean Glasses With Dish Soap:

The dish wash liquid method is one of the commonly used specs cleaners to clean spectacles. They come with no risk and do not cause any damage to lenses and glasses. Any form of dust and particles deposited not just on the surface of glasses but also near nose caps and frames can be cleaned effectively through this method.

Things Required:

  • Lukewarm water.
  • Lotion-free dishwashing liquid.
  • Soft towel or eyeglass cleaning cloth.

How To clean:

  • Run the glasses gently through lukewarm water.
  • Add a tiny drop of lotion-free liquid on both lenses.
  • Rub gently.
  • Make sure you clean the nose pads and the frame thoroughly.
  • Rinse them well.
  • Use a soft cloth or dry sheet to wipe them dry.

Suitable For: Glass, Polycarbonate, and plastic lenses.

2. Clean Eyeglasses With Alcohol:

Did you know that most of the eyeglass cleaning solutions available in the market or shops are made with alcohol? It is quite a known fact that rubbing alcohol is among the best liquid to clean spectacles. You can use this with other household ingredients too to make homemade cleaning liquid to use for eyeglasses.

Things Required:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Liquid dish wash
  • Water

How To Clean:

  • Take a spray bottle.
  • Add two drops of liquid soap to it.
  • Fill the rest of the bottle with water.
  • Shake the mixture so as not to create any bubbles.
  • Spray on the lens of spectacles.
  • Wipe with a soft or microfiber cloth.

Suitable For: All types of lenses.

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3. How To Clean Microfiber Cloth For Glasses:

The third easy way to safely clean eyeglasses is with a microfiber cloth. You should, however, not use the only cloth to clean the specs as it may leave scratches. It is one of the best eyeglass cleaning cloths and recommended that you use it with an eyeglass cleaner or water for best results. These help to clean the glasses daily easily. Since this cloth is made up of nylon and polyester, they are safe and can be used even on delicate lenses.

Things Required:

  • Microfiber cloth or glass cleaning cloth.

How To clean:

  • Wet the microfiber cloth under a tap of running water.
  • Wipe the dust and debris which is caught under the lenses and near the nose pads, including frames.

Suitable For: All types of lenses.

4. How To Clean Glasses With Plain Water:

You can use plain running water to clean your lenses and is one of the most commonly used spectacle cleaners. Plain water does not harm the glasses and is, in fact, the most recommended method for simple cleaning purposes. If you have a busy schedule ahead and want to quickly clean your spectacles before you step out of your home, then what better method than going through this quick remedy?

Things Required:

  • Water or wet wipe
  • Soft tissue

How To Clean:

  • Just run your glasses through the water.
  • Alternatively, use wet wipes.
  • Wipe and clean the lenses with this.

Suitable For: All types of lenses.

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5. Cleanser Spray For Spectacles:

The easiest way that most of us already follow in cleaning our specs is to get hold of eyeglass cleaner spray. This is available with an eye care professional store. Just step in and buy a good quality eye-cleansing solution for your regular use. This method is quite helpful, especially if you are always on the move and want to have a quick remedy wherever you are!

Things Required:

  • Spectacle cleaner spray
  • Soft cloth

How To clean:

  • Just hold your specs and spray the solution in both lenses.
  • Use a soft cloth, which generally comes with the kit to wipe the lenses.
  • That is it; you are good to go!

Suitable For: All types of lenses

3 Best Eyeglass Cleaner Spray and Solution:

There are several solutions in the market, which are readily available that can be used on glasses. Why use them when we have homemade methods to choose from to clean our specs? If you are wondering along these lines, these products are quite helpful for those who are always on the go. They do wonders and provide instant results, and come in small-size bottles, which are great even during travel. The best glass cleaner spray in the market includes,

  • Zeiss Lens Cleaning Liquid Solution.
  • Optclin Optical Lens Cleaner for Spectacles.
  • Cero Lens Cleans Quick-Dry Spectacle Lens Sanitizer And Cleaner Spray.

You can use the same for even cleaning sunglasses.

How To Clean Glasses: Do’s and Don’ts:

Cleaning and washing glasses is not just about taking care of them and wiping them once in a while. There are certain do’s and don’ts which one must follow for longer life of your spectacles

  • Make sure to wash your hands before cleaning your glasses.
  • Do not use a dry cloth or your shirt to clean your lens or glasses. This may lead to scratches on glasses.
  • Never use paper tissues or toilet paper on glasses. They may lead to smearing your lens.
  • Only use eyeglass cleaner spray or a gentle lotion-free liquid soap to clean specs.
  • Never use surface or glass cleaners available in your kitchen or market on eyeglasses.
  • Avoid using window cleaners to clean specs.
  • Do not use hot water! Always use lukewarm water to help clean them.
  • Avoid using saliva to clean your spectacles. This is a common practice among many and is not good for the more transparent lens.

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How To Remove Scratches From Spectacles?

Scratches on spectacles are quite a common issue we all face. While there is no magic remedy to get rid of the scratches completely, there are a few hacks to help remove tiny scratches. Baking soda paste with water can help to clean the lenses and remove scratches. With a thick paste of baking soda, make circular motions on the glass. You can also rub your lenses with toothpaste applied to cotton wool. However, these may always not give cent percent results. If your lenses are badly scratched, then it is best advised that you go in for new spectacles. The easiest way is to go in for scratch-free spectacles and maintain them well by cleaning them regularly.

Cleaning eyeglasses is not a one-time thing. It would never suffice to clean your glasses once for the whole month and leave it in the same manner without maintenance. It is a regular task and requires regular care. With our easy tips and tricks, you can now clean your glasses in no time, quickly and effectively! Let us know your thoughts too – tell us which method suited you the best or share with our methods of your own to clean specs!


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