We all must have dreamt of having a garden on our balcony or terrace. But even for experienced gardeners, growing plants in limited space can be challenging. But fret not; the balcony garden ideas mentioned in this article will give you unique solutions allowing you to have fun and creativity. From choosing imaginative containers to deciding what to grow, you can have an adventure during the entire process. Although your space might confine you to an area, you can count every square inch by following simple tricks.

This article lists some popular balcony garden ideas to make your limited space look beautiful and lively. Read on!

Things You Should Consider Before Starting a Balcony Garden:

If you are wondering if there are any rules and regulations you need to follow, then the answer is yes. It is always better to know the rules before dismantling the garden. Here is the list of things you need to keep in mind:

  • You first need to confirm whether an apartment building or condo allows you to have one. There might be rules in apartments because plants might attract pests or birds.
  • Check whether your balcony or rooftop can handle the extra weight of the excess soil.
  • Consider self-watering pots if you want to grow a garden on the rooftop or balconies. If you aren’t careful, excess water might become a nuisance for your neighbours below.
  • Choosing the right plants is essential for growing plants on your terrace or a balcony. Since the amount of sunlight, a plant needs is critical, don’t waste time and
    space on a plant that might not thrive.
  • Keep in mind the extreme weather before planning a garden on your balcony.
  • Start with a small garden if you have a tiny balcony. Starting with a few pots can be a perfect option for a beginner, but you can think of vertical gardening. Utilize the wall to use the space.
  • Though you might not grow enough food on your balcony for the entire family, you can get a fresh taste of summer by choosing plants like cherry tomatoes or lettuce.
  • If you are planning a small balcony garden, then maintenance is an essential factor to consider. Choose plants and a watering system accordingly if you don’t have time to maintain the plants in your balcony garden.
  • Lastly, budget is equally important because we tend to go overboard regarding our hobbies. Therefore, make sure you have a budget in mind before you start buying anything. Make sure to find cost-effective yet environment-friendly materials. Potting soil is the only thing you might have to spend good money on.

Simple and Beautiful Balcony Garden Ideas:

Here are our 12 creative and best balcony garden design ideas with pictures. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Rail Balcony Garden:

Suppose you don’t want to shrink your long, narrow balcony further while greenifying it. In that case, the Rail Balcony Garden can be an exceptional choice. In these balcony gardens, you can either hand the planters using metal hooks or fix them on the rails. Use the planters to grow ornamental plants or seasonal blooms, adding colour to your balcony without making it look too crowded. Furthermore, incorporating DIY railing planters can make your balcony garden visually appealing.

2. Balcony into Urban Oasis:

We all would love to spend some new and pleasant time in our garden. But with urbanization on the rise, turning your balcony into Urban Oasis can be an exceptional solution. You can quickly transform your patio into a personal oasis with the help of a few key elements. They are:

  • Optimize the garden by choosing hanging plants or putting plants in railing boxes, irrespective of how small your balcony is.
  • You can choose a small side table and folding chairs, in addition, to throwing pillows creating a cosy sitting space in the oasis.
  • Convert your balcony’s cement or wood flooring by placing an outdoor rug.
  • Adding a string of lights tops the list if you want to host a starry evening outdoors.
  • Choose pots in different shapes and colours so that your oasis stands out.

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3. Balcony Corner Garden:

Another idea is a corner garden that makes your balcony beautiful without occupying too much space. Whether it is a small or big balcony space, here is the list of things you can implement to deck up the balcony garden space.

  • You can choose flower pots in one or multiple colours, depending on your preference.
  • Choose plants you don’t have to take care of if you rarely stay home.
  • Furthermore, you can also add pebbles or lights to make the corner garden more personal.

4. Zen Garden on Your Balcony:

Suppose you want to curate a themed, relaxing space on your balcony. Building a mini zen garden on your patio can be a perfect apartment balcony garden idea. Zen gardens encompass several aspects of Japanese culture dating back to the 8th century and are also called Japanese rock gardens. Here are a few things you should consider before building a zen garden on your balcony:

  • Choose wood floor tiles to bring specific features like mountains, beaches and forests to your zen garden. If you want the tiles to last longer, choose the one with rubber backs or lock them together.
  • Though you can use sand or gravel, gravel is preferable. It represents land and beaches since it is easier to handle.
  • Rocks represent mountains in the Zen garden and can add interest and height to your balcony garden.
  • Another fantastic element in a Zen Garden is the water feature. You can choose a small or big fountain depending on your balcony size.
  • Add a little green to your zen balcony garden, including grasses, Dahlia Peonies, irises and many more.
  • Lastly, consider adding Zen Garden statues to the balcony, giving it an authentic look.

5. Hanging Garden:

A hanging garden is a perfect balcony garden idea for small spaces. However, you must ensure a hospitable environment to make a hanging garden on your balcony. Make sure you choose an appealing design that represents your taste, creating an accessible garden on your balcony.

6. Vertical Garden for Balcony:

As the name suggests, a vertically suspended panel on which you can grow plants using hydroponics is called a Vertical Garden. The vertical gardens can either be attached to a wall or be freestanding. Moss walls, plant walls, and living green walls are some examples. Depending on your preference, the plant life in these vertical structures can be as small as a picture frame or massive enough to cover an entire wall. The idea of vertical gardens on balconies or enormous apartments, in general, is gaining popularity in many countries since they occupy little space compared to potted plants.

7. Raised Bed Garden for Balcony:

A form of gardening in which the soil is raised from the ground level and enclosed, usually in some way, is called Raised-bed gardening, hence the name. You can implement a raised bed balcony garden design ideas with the help of materials like wood, rock, concrete or other materials, irrespective of shape and size. In addition, use compost to enrich the soil you are about to use on these bases. Compared to conventional row gardening, vegetables are grown much closer together in geometric patterns in a raised bed garden. The spacing works because the leaves of fully grown veggies create a microclimate where weed growth is suppressed, and the leaves barely touch each other.

8. Vegetable Garden:

Did you know you don’t need a large backyard to grow vegetables at home? Yes! You can reap the veggies of your hard work with the proper care. Some of the popular ways you can start a wonderful vegetable garden are:

  • To start your balcony vegetable garden, go for plastic baskets because they are portable, durable and space-saving. Use a good planting or potting mix for these plastic baskets.
  • Lettuce, spinach, cabbage, coriander, and Brussels sprouts can be some of the perfect plants you can grow on your balcony.

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9. Balcony Herbs Garden:

Not everyone is a fan of growing flowering plants, which can seem fussy. But a small herbs balcony garden can be an excellent idea when you want a fuss-free gardening experience. Most herbs, including basil, rosemary, mint and lemongrass, grow well in small spaces. You can choose terracotta or tin can planters, prepare a wooden DIY planter box, or a metal staircase stand to realize your dream of having a balcony garden, especially for herbs. You can keep a count of all the spices you have on your balcony by marking them with chalkboards.

10. Succulent Garden:

A small place where you can grow succulent ornamental plants which live excellent outdoors is called a succulent garden, making it a popular balcony garden design. Drought-tolerant plants that can store water in their tissues are called Succulents and are defined by their characteristics. Some of the popular plants you can include in your succulent garden are:

  • Jade plant.
  • Aloe vera.
  • Christmas cactus.
  • Stonecrop.
  • Yucca.

11. Jungle-Inspired Balcony Garden:

Suppose you are a person who loves spending time encapsulated around greenery. In that case, creating a Jungle-inspired balcony garden can be a perfect option. However, whether you have a small or large balcony, make sure not to overdo it if you don’t want to end up in a crowded space.

  • Create designated areas for different things, such as herbs on one side, furniture and décor on the other, and flowers on the other if you have a large balcony.
  • You can propagate plants and introduce new ones or change the appearance of your balcony garden as per your preference by changing some things around.
  • However, you will have to be more creative and take advantage of a bit of space if you have a small balcony.
  • You can install shelves on the walls, racks from the rail to display plants without taking up too much floor space, or you can use climbing plants to create an effect similar to a forest.

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12. Pallet Garden:

A pallet garden is where you can grow vegetables, fruits or flowers in a small place; specifically, it is a garden on a wooden frame. A Pallet Garden can be a perfect idea for making a balcony garden. Whether a patio or a balcony, these vertical gardens beautifully add a splash of colour. A Pallet Garden’s prominent advantage is that you can grow fresh veggies and fruits. There is no place for weeds to grow, and the wooden frames don’t need any assembly. The best place to raise a pallet garden is where there is plenty of natural light.

Best Plants to Grow for the Balcony Garden:

You can realize your dream of having a perfect Balcony Garden with the help of the Balcony Garden ideas, in addition to choosing the plants you wish to grow wisely. Here are the best plants you can grow all year round; they are easy to maintain and occupy less space. Here are the best plants you can expand on your balcony:

  • Bougainvillaea
  • Arabian Jasmine
  • Asian Pigeonwings / Shankhpushpi
  • Rose
  • Pink Rain Lily
  • Tomato.
  • Radish.
  • Beans.
  • Chilli.
  • Basil.
  • Parsley.
  • Chives.
  • Mint.
  • Cilantro.
  • Fennel.

Balcony garden ideas are perhaps one of the recent and popular ideas in the gardening space because you can realize the dream within a limited space. The idea is to allow people with a lack of yard space to concede a goal of having a garden. You can have a balcony garden anywhere in a single-family home, a condo, or an apartment. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

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Disclaimer: The information provided in the article is based on research and not a replacement for a professional. The website is not responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the information.


1. How long can we leave the plants without watering?

Ans: Before showing any symptoms, a full-grown plant can go without water for a week. However, the need to water plants depends on the type of plant. For example, fruit and vegetable plants cannot last for more than 4 to 7 days without water. On the other hand, succulents can stay without water for months, and dormant plants can survive without water for weeks.

2. How can you style a plant on the balcony?

Ans: Decorating a plant on your balcony depends on your personal preference. You can either go for something simple or choose something more stylish. However, ensure you don’t clutter your small balcony with too many things. Ensure you have enough space to move around.

3. What are the tips for maintaining a balcony Garden?

Ans: Here are the simple things you will have to keep in mind that will help you maintain your balcony garden:

  • Remove dead parts of the plants and trim them up every week.
  • To keep the soil cool, it is advised to use clay pots for your plants.
  • If you wish to save space, use railings to hang plants or grow vines.
  • You can cover your balcony with fabric if you think the direct sun can be an issue for your plants.

4. Can I Grow Vegetable Plants in Balcony Gardens?

Ans: Yes! There are many easy-to-grow vegetable plants for balcony gardens which are also beginner-friendly. Plants like tomatoes, chillies, brinjals, bell peppers, spinach, herbs and microgreens require limited sunlight and water supply. Just get the right pot and some good potting mix to get started!

5. How Do I Shield My Balcony Plants from the Hot Summer Sun?

Ans: A heatwave during mid-summer can threaten the growth of plants. Try covering them with a green shade to block direct sunlight. Also, add some mulch on the root area to retain moisture for long hours. Keep spraying water on the leaves, but avoid overwatering. Do not try to bring outdoor plants inside the house as they cannot survive the environmental change.

6. I Find New Plants Growing Out of the Older Ones. Can I Transplant Them?

Ans: If you find little plants growing out of the bigger ones or if the roots are exposed, then the plants need to be transplanted into new pots. Carefully dig into the soil and pull out the root ball without disturbing the roots. Shift it gently into a new pot and cover it with adequate soil. To avoid transplant shock, always do the shifting process in the early mornings or in the evenings.


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