We all love scents. They can make anyone get lost in a fairytale world, mesmerized with a fresh fragrance, beauty, and associated perfumes. Fragrances have the power to hypnotize people. Today, let us see the similar case of exploring world’s most popular fragrant flowers, which makes people fall in love with them.

When we think about the scented flowers, most of us can only remember common herbs such as jasmine or rose. But do you what are other popular and world-famous herbs with best scent? Let us get to know the unknown and find out all about these best fragrances across the globe! Let’s get started!


What Makes Flowers Fragrant?

Did you ever think about why only certain flowers have scents and other’s do not? One should note that all the flowers you may come across have some pinch of fragrance. But they do not need to be pleasant at all times. Those flowers which emit scents to attract pollinators and communicate with other plants are known to have best perfumes. It is an ability to lure pollinators and give nectar as food. In this category, there are also flowers which use insects to fertilize the flowers. They release such scents to appeal them. In this way, fragrance production happens from flowers for its benefits.

15 List of Most Smelling Flowers Names with Pictures:

Let us now witness the gorgeous of scented flowers and find out more about their plantations. Here is our top favorite strong smelling and highly fragrant flowers list.

1. Lilies:

Most of us already have heard about lilies. While native in northern hemisphere regions, this flower is popular in several parts of the globe. But one must note that not all varieties of lilies are equally fragrant. These to be scented are generally located under full sun and can be best as a result of organic fish fertilizers. Most of these scented flowers also look quite beautiful and fascinate us with its looks.

  • Color: White, red, pink and yellow
  • Size: Small
  • Blooming season: Mid to late summer
  • Country: Canada, Europe, Asia and North America
  • Plantation place: Lilies are best grown as a garden. One can find a lot of lily gardens in several spaces, however recently they are also grown in pots. In any way, they should be only planted under the right conditions for it to survive.
  • How to use these flowers: They look stunning with a vase or in the garden, they make excellent home décor too. Lily bouquets are also quite famous in several regions. Interestingly, do you also know that lilies have great medicinal benefits? They can be used to treat rashes, burns, and even corn on feet.

2. Ylang ylang:

The Ylang Ylang, (also called as eelang-eelang) are mostly found in Asian and Australian continents. They are an entire tree of perfume, which surprisingly blooms year around. These flowers are into a list of among most exotic ones too, given the way the fragrance is spread around even to far off places. Tropical regions fit best for these yellow fragrant and scented flowers.

  • Color: Yellow
  • Size: Medium
  • Blooming season: No particular season, can bloom in any time of year
  • Country: Australia, south-east Asia and Madagascar
  • Plantation place: Gardens and roadside trees too!
  • How to use these flowers: They have a powerful fragrance and can make exceptional bouquets and perfumes!

3. Jasmine:

Being one of the most popular fragrant flowers, most of us know Jasmine already. They come in several hundred varieties and are found all across the world. These flowers have a strong fragrance, despite the smallest in size and have a different color. These small white scented and fragrant flowers can only grow in tropical regions.

  • Color: White and yellowish
  • Size: Small
  • Blooming season: Night times and medium round bud, blooms in most times of year
  • Country: Several countries of Asia, Southeast Asia, and similar subtropical regions has the flower
  • Plantation place: Pots and large outdoor spaces
  • How to use these flowers: Jasmines are widely used for bouquets, garlands, décor piece and for performing rituals.

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4. Thin Jasmine:

Do you know that the jasmine vine is also as fragrant as the flowers? If you haven’t come across a jasmine vine, you must now check out and not miss how best the fragrance can spread around it. Not just fascinating us with its thin greenery around, the jasmine vine is excellent for those who have an eye for the natural beauty around their living spaces.

  • Color: Green vine and white jasmine
  • Size: Thin and lengthy
  • Blooming season: Summers are best, tropical climates
  • Country: Countries in the southeast and south Asia are popular to have pleasant weather for these
  • fragrant flowering vines.
  • Plantation place: Home garden
  • How to use these flowers: Décor and natural beauty.

5. Rose:

Undoubtedly among the most popular flower across the globe, do you know there are more than 100 varieties of species in rose flower? One can find this most beautiful flower in most gardens of the world, and today we have several hybrid types of them coming up as well! These popular red fragrant and perfumed flowers require plenty of water and sunlight and are best as ornamental plants to give a beautiful look around our living spaces.

  • Color: Red, yellow, pink and many other colors
  • Size: Medium
  • Blooming season: Different roses bloom in different periods of time. They can, however, grow on and off season continuously.
  • Country: Most species are native to Asian countries, however found in America, Africa and Europe too
  • Plantation place: Homes, gardens and other outdoors
  • How to use these flowers: They can make an excellent décor piece and with ornamental look. They further are great for garlands, rituals, and are also useful to add look in weddings.

6. Gardenia:

Gardenia flowers, also known as Gandharaj flowers in India are popular for the unique fragrance and great scent. They are tall tropical flowers, with a leathery, waxy texture and are found only in tropical regions. These shrubs are perfect to be as an ornamental flower, given their beauty and look.

  • Color: White or cream
  • Size: Medium
  • Blooming season: Spring to summer
  • Country: Pacific Islands, Asia and Africa
  • Plantation place: Garden or home pots, outdoor only
  • How to use these flowers: These herbs are mostly used to make perfumes across the world, given their high scent value. Further, some countries also use them for bouquets, décor and boutonnieres.

7. Plumeria:

Plumeria, also famous as Frangipani, is a national flower of Nicaragua. The herb has intense fragrance at night and open in white, yellow, and pink colours while blooming. The scent is surely best-loved among everyone, with its high pleasant aroma and unique appearance.

  • Color: White, yellow and pink
  • Size: Medium
  • Blooming season:Summer scented flowers
  • Country: South America, Mexico and the Pacific Islands
  • Plantation place: Home gardens
  • How to use these flowers: Given there exotic aroma, plumeria is popular as scents for spa, and
  • perfumes. They are also used to make garlands.

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8. Lavender:

One can find this beautiful purple scented flowers in Meditarrian region and is popular to have sweet scent. Although not all lavenders are great with fragrance, the best-scented ones are hybrid flowers which can even turn the entire garden aromatic.

  • Color: Purple and violet
  • Size: Medium and tall
  • Blooming season: Midsummers to winters
  • Country: North America, France and Africa
  • Plantation place: Gardens at its best in outdoors.
  • How to use these flowers: Scents, perfume and sprays are popular from Lavender flowers

9. Lily of the Valley:

With a cute bell-shaped appearance, lily of the valley is a delicate fragrant flower found in Northern Hemisphere. Although a member of lily family, it has its own unique appearance and is pleasant for the gorgeous fascinating look. These are among most aromatic flowers and have a sweet smell, different from usual lily flowers.

  • Color: White
  • Size: Small
  • Blooming season: Spring
  • Country: Temperate parts of Europe and Asia
  • Plantation place: Outdoor spaces like small gardens and in pots
  • How to use these flowers: Fragrances and scents are the best results of this flower.

10. Chamomille:

Although many do not know that Chamomiles are quite a fragrance like other popular flowers in the list, this specific flower scent is loved by all, given the pleasant aromatic, unique smell. They are low growing in nature and are creeping or trailing plant. With white petals and yellow centers, these flowers with beautiful smell have high relaxing properties too!

  • Color: White and yellow
  • Size: Small
  • Blooming season: Summers
  • Country: India, and western Europe, western Asia
  • Plantation place: Gardens and outdoors are best place for this flower
  • How to use these flowers: Scents and perfumes are famous from Chamomile. They also make great décor pieces.

11. Nyctanthes:

Also known as Parijat flowers, these flowers are much similar to Jasmines in appearance. These are quite small and pretty white flowers which have unique orange stems and white petals. Given their same look to jasmines, these are also known as night jasmines. Most countries also consider these flowers as sacred in nature.

  • Color: White and orange stems
  • Size: Small
  • Blooming season: Spring
  • Country: India
  • Plantation place: Homes and outdoors
  • How to use these flowers: Workship and sacred flowers

12. Scented primrose:

Though lesser known in variety, these beautiful primrose flowers are quite colorful with foliage and fruity aroma. An easy to maintain flower plant, they are quite friendly with longer-lasting age and high scent which erupts heavy even with a breeze.

  • Color: Different colors such as yellow, purple and pink
  • Size: Medium
  • Blooming season: Spring
  • Country: Britain
  • Plantation place: Gardens are best for this flower
  • How to use these flowers: They are popular as a décor piece in festivities and also famous as best smelling flowers for bouquets, given their beauty.

13. Viburnum:

Though tiny and very small with foliage flowers, the viburnums are quite fragrant in nature. They generally come in a cluster of these small colors, in different colors such as white, yellow and pink.

  • Color: White, pink and yellow
  • Size: Tiny
  • Blooming season: Spring season
  • Country: Malaysia, North America and Eurasia
  • Plantation place: Trees and outdoor gardens
  • How to use these flowers: They are great as décor piece and in bouquets.

14. Tuberose:

The small white pretty cluster of flowers are perfect for making your beautiful garden. With their great attractive scent, the tuberose can make not just make the person feel pleasant with fragrance and add beauty with its ornamental effect. These flowers are also considered sacred in few countries like India.

  • Color: White
  • Size: Medium
  • Blooming season: Blooms all throughout the year
  • Country: Mostly in the UK
  • Plantation place: Home Gardens
  • How to use these flowers: It is excellent as a décor piece and an ornamental flower.

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15. Daphne:

With its unique and alluring appearance, Daphne is among the favorite and most wanted flower for the industry of scents and fragrances. These evergreen flowers smell good which has more than 50 species grown to have strongly scented flowers.

  • Color: Yellow, pink, and purple flower
  • Size: Small
  • Blooming season: Winters
  • Country: Korea and Japan
  • Plantation place: Garden and outdoor plantations
  • How to use these flowers: Décor and fragrance scents are popular with this flower

Besides rose and jasmine, now we know the world’s most popular fragrant flowers one has ever come across. These are surely going to mesmerize anyone with their aroma and beauty. Let us know your favorite one!


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