If you are an avid traveler and adventure junkie, you by now have traveled across steep slopes, narrow roads, and dangerous turns to witness the gorgeous destinations. But did you ever go through these most dangerous roads in the world? Certain scariest and most challenging roads are marked as most dangerous and deathly! But hey – how can we see a rainbow without thunder, right?

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Today, we are going to explore all about the most dangerous roads in the world. These scariest roads are super challenging, and you must travel through them if you are an adventurer.

The Craziest Roads in The Whole World Every Traveler Must Experience:

Here we go with the list of the most dangerous highway in the world and some of the toughest ones to cross in order to reach the most beautiful places as well! These roads specifically require the slowest travel as possible, and many hazards often take place around here. They are also worth exploring.

These 12 most dangerous roads in the world with pics is here.

1. Skippers Canyon Road – New Zealand:

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Do you know the Skippers Canyon Road, located in New Zealand, is still among the most dangerous road in the world, spanning across decades? It claims hundreds of lives every year. This road was in existence right from 1890, and yet it is in the same condition as it was constructed, given the challenges faced all throughout. This has become a famous gold mining area known for the crazy turns, sharp bends, steep cliffs, and twists all across. The road has several hills and roads that aren’t yet neatly paved. The tourist bus operators and cars still pass through this dangerous path. The route extends to over 16.5 miles. It is among the deadliest roads in the world.

2. 99 Bend Road to Heaven – China:

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The 99 bend road is located in Tianmen Mountain National Park in Central China and is among dangerous roads around the world. As the name suggests, it has 99 dangerous and scary hairpin turns that are constructed at an elevation of 3855 feet. The length of the road extends to around 7 miles. The region is also known for its sudden long-lasting earthquakes. Several deaths every year still take place around the roads! Well, it is definitely not for a faint-hearted one to travel around here – it is one among the world’s dangerous curviest hairpin roads!

3. Karakoram Highway – Pakistan to China:

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On the main highway that passes from Pakistan to China, both countries lie this beautiful yet dangerous road. It spans the length of whooping 810 miles and is known for scary cliffs, floods, avalanches, land, and rockslides. It is built around 1966-1979, over and above 15000 feet of sea level, and has very rough and tough passages and conditions. Karakoram highway is known as the highest asphalt road and yet has an impressive landscape and beauty all around. It is indeed among the most dangerous roads on earth.

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4. Kolyma Highway and Lena Highway – Russia:

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Spanning to around 2000 miles all around, the Kolyma and Lena Highway are known for bad terrain, difficult roads, mud roads, ice, and harsh weather conditions. The highway is connected from Siberian road to Magadan and is also known as the Road of Bones. It is among the most coldest regions in the world, where one even encounters ice frozen roads. Many accidents and death reportedly happen during travel across these highways, where vehicles are known to fall through the ice.

5. Pan American Highway – Alaska to Chile:

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The Pan American Highway is located around North, Central, and South America. We already have guessed it’s such a huge length: it ranges from North to South America – it is around 30,000 miles. The Pan American Highway is known for its difficult terrain to travel through and very harsh and unpredictable weather conditions. The most dangerous section of the road with deadly winds comes across Mexico and Central American routes, and many views that the drug cartel terrorists and rebels move around the area. This is among the deadliest highway in the world.

6. Taroko Gorge Road – Taiwan:

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Hey, let us not miss out on the spectacular and gorgeous beauty surrounded by this path; it is simply beautiful and stunning. The Taroko Gorge Road is paved and carved amidst the mountains. We can imagine the wonder around it, but the road also is super crazy with the dangerous turns. It also has blind corners and rockfalls in its way. The heavy rainfall and landslides and rockslides often hit the area, making the road further scary to pass through. Despite the road being frightening and fearsome, many adventurers travel through this path, and why not? It is totally worth it. Busses, cars, bicycles, and scooters can pass through this one, one after the other, given narrow bends. The road length is over 11.8 miles and is one of the world’s scariest roads to drive on.

7. James Dalton Highway – Alaska:

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The James Dalton Highway, situated in Alaska, also known as North Slope Hall Road, is known for very steep slopes and cliffs, poor visibility, difficult pavements and terrain, and wildlife all around. Most of the highway is not well paved and is quite challenging and rigorous to travel. Most of the time, only truckers use the road who travel along with the oil fields around the highway and are known often to get stuck given the terrain. The length of this toughest road in the world is around 414 miles.

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8. Killar to Pangi Road – India:

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The road is located above 9000 feet, and about 70 miles completely drive through the mountains with no rails, unpaved terrain, isolation, and steep cliffs. It can only fit one jeep or car at a time. The hazardous rocky terrain and hangs often make it further challenging to drive through it. Given the difficulty in the path itself, the road has not been repaired even once after it was paved hundreds of years ago.

9. Guoliang Tunnel Road – China:

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Well, yes, China indeed has a lot of dangerous and challenging roads in the worldwide scenario. The Guoliang tunnel road is located around the Taiahang mountains of Henan; It is a tunnel built by villagers themselves to facilitate movement. Only 300 villagers reside in and around the neighborhood who use the tunnel road, and it is filled with cliffs, rockfalls, mud, and no rails. The tunnel is around 12 feet wide with 15 feet in length, and it can’t accommodate more than two cars and vehicles at once. This is among the most challenging and difficult roads in the world.

10. Sichuan – Tibet Highway – China:

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This particular dangerous road is a highway situated across China and Tibet. The road was constructed between 1950-54. It is a long-distance highway connecting Sichuan in China (as the name suggests) to Lhasa in Tibet. The road is known for the sudden landslides, avalanches, rock slides, cliffs, bad turns, sharp bends, and peaks. If you have travel-related sickness, this is definitely going to be deadly for you! Not just it, several news claims that around 8000 deaths take place on the road for every 100,000 drivers. The road length ranges about 1330 miles with over 15400 feet in elevation.

11. Zoji La Pass – India:

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The 6 miles spanning Zoji La Pass in India is known for a very narrow road with difficult terrain, unpaved and filled with steep cliffs. There are no guard rains as well in the landscape, and often witnesses several hazards taking place around the path. The dirt mud-filled road is also known for the landslides, often with crazy zigzags. It connects Sri Nagar and Leh near the western Himalayas and is open to the public from around 1947.

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12. North Yugas Road – Bolivia:

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Have you ever heard of The road of death? If yes, this is the same one! Located in Bolivia, The Road of Death is for about 50 miles and is filled with landslides, rockfalls, narrow pavement, and cliffs. It has over 200 hairpin turns too. There are sudden vertical drops in between, which fall to around 3000 feet. Every year, over 500 travelers are known to die in these dangerous turns and falls, and only in recent decades, have there come two-lane paved neat roads for vehicles. However, those who are not faint-hearted still try it out.

We are both thrilled as well as scared to know about these most dangerous roads in the world. What are your thoughts? Have you traveled to any of them personally? Let us know in the comments; we love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

1. Which is the first most dangerous road in the whole world?

The Road of Death, or the Bolivian road, is said to be the most dangerous and craziest road till now in the whole world.

2. Which country overall has the worst and most dangerous roads in several places?

The Dominican Republic is said to have very little road safety given the bad road pavements and conditions compared to other countries. It has the most dangerous roads in the world by country.

3. What is the steepest highway in the world?

New Zealand’s Baldwin street is the steepest one of over a slope of 35 per cent. It is considered the steepest road in the world.

4. Do people still travel on these most dangerous roads in the world?

Yes, some travelers pass through these craziest and scariest roads on the globe. However, heavy vehicles and other passenger vehicles have been limited to considering safety in most places.

5. Are the dangerous roads accessible to the public all around the year?

Most roads are limited at certain months or times, given the weather conditions. If the roads are known to be of less visibility or coldest with ice, the months are restricted for public safety.


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