Did you know greeting cards have been around for hundreds of years? Yes! Dating back to ancient China and Egypt, greeting cards were a way to express one’s sense of appreciation and thankfulness. There are several greeting card designs available that are suitable for different occasions. They create a special feeling for the sender and give the recipient a sense of importance. You can either get one from the shop or prepare one, making the card more personal and memorable.

There has been a significant change in how a greeting card looks. Therefore, we have tried to curate a list of some of the unique and best greeting card designs you can implement per your preference. Let us go through all the arrangements to get an idea. Read on!

Unique and Beautiful Greeting Card Designs In India 2024:

Here are our 20 simple and latest greeting card designs for all occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, friendship days and festivals etc. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Best Greeting Card Design For Husband:

A husband is a lifelong companion who stands by the wife’s high and low times. A good husband stands by his wife and gives her a lot of reasons to be happy and smile wide. This beautiful greeting for a husband can be for the occasion of a birthday or the couple’s anniversary. These cards are a perfect way to make your husband feel special. Unlike the other cards, this one is exclusive, resembles a scroll and gives your husband a special feeling.

2. New Greeting Card Design For Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s day is a special occasion for lovers worldwide, and we all make unique plans to spend it with our loved ones. However, a greeting card wishing Valentine’s day can make the special day all the more memorable. This beauty helps you express your thoughts, love, feeling and care for your loved one and is more than just a paper. High-quality paper is used for printing this card, making it durable.

3. Creative Greeting Card Design:

This premium greeting card design is printed on high-quality paper stock and looks stunning. In addition, you can order the card and write your message in the empty dedicated space, making the card more personal and authentic. This beautiful pop-up card is perfect for any occasion, such as weddings: engagements, anniversaries, Bridal showers and many more events. Since there is always a reason to say thanks, this card can work wonders.

4. Easy Greeting Card Design:

This beautiful greeting card design has intricate patterns, is handmade, and has all pop-up card features. It can be a perfect keepsake making the card a memorable gift, and it is made of excellent quality paper. In addition, the card comes with a premium-quality envelope that can cover the interiors of the card gorgeously. You can use this greeting card design for several occasions like mothers day, birthdays or as an announcement card.

5. Beautiful Greeting Card Design:

This is one of the best greeting card designs to celebrate motherhood. The card is aesthetically pleasing and celebrates creativity beautifully. It also presents us with blank space along with a pre-written message. So you can showcase your creativity and gorgeously play with words in the space. Another unique feature of this greeting card is that it is made with nature-friendly materials in India. Furthermore, you are provided with plenty of options to help you choose the right one for you.

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6. Unique Greeting Card Designs For Kids:

If you are looking for a greeting card to make someone happy or a person going through something challenging in life, this cute smiley greeting card can be an ideal choice. This greeting card is beautiful for kids because it has a mirror that gorgeously reflects the smiling kid’s face. Furthermore, you can give this greeting card to anyone, irrespective of age and gender.

7. Handmade Greeting Card Design:

If you are looking for a handmade card for your loved one, this beautiful card by Swapnil arts can be an ideal choice. This card is made using several colours of quilling papers, tinted and handmade forms. This gorgeous card has intricate details which look unique and authentic. The product comes with a pink and yellow coloured envelope which protects the delicate card. Calligraphy art is used to write a beautiful birthday message on the third page of the card. The second page is blank, where you can send a personal message or a picture.

8. Birthday Greeting Card Design:

This is a birthday greeting card latest design which is an ideal option for all kinds of relations, whether it is a friend, brother, sister, mother or any connection. So give your loved one a wonderful memory by surprising them with this cute birthday greeting card. It comes with an envelope which encases the card securely. Furthermore, cars also can be a perfect way for you to convey your best wishes and love with a sweet message.

9. Diwali Greeting Card Design:

Diwali is called the festival of lights and brings brightness and joyous moments in all our lives. So you can send these beautiful greeting cards as a promise of a stronger bond with each passing moment to acknowledge your love for your friend, family or any relation. Though there might be a variation in the colours of these greeting cards, you can expect bright and colourful presents.

10. Christmas Greeting Card Design:

This product can be ideal if you are looking for a bunch of Christmas cards for your close friends and family. You can get eight X mas greeting cards in 4 X 6 inches. The print is made of high-quality print and has multiple colours, which can be an attractive option for families with prominent families. However, the numerous colours are pretty beautiful, but they don’t come with an envelope. Therefore, consider this before ordering one for yourself or your family.

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11. New Year Greeting Card Design:

Image Source: Natal Crafts

This is a simple yet attractive greeting card design for 2022 with a new-year printed message inside, and it comes with an envelope. You can either tuck the card with a bouquet or even gift it as a stand-alone item which serves the purpose exceptionally. The card is unique and elegant and comes with a designer, eco-friendly envelope. Furthermore, the product is made with eco-friendly and high-quality papers making it durable and more beautiful.

12. Independence day Greeting Card Design:

Independence day is a national festival where people of all castes and creeds celebrate our country’s independence with patriotism and enthusiasm. This luxurious handmade greeting card ka design captures the spirit of the Indian subcontinent with its contemporary design. The colourful features and other additions, like the elephant and the Indian flag, are cut out in 3D images, making the card gorgeous. You get six cards and six envelopes with euro hook header bags.

13. Wedding Greeting Card Design:

This marriage greeting card design is handpicked and made of premium quality material. The colourful prints are engraved on high-quality paper, reflecting beautifully on the greeting card. You can make the greeting card all the more special by writing your thoughts about your spouse giving it a personal touch. The use of bright colours makes the card pop up and attractive to the recipient.

14. Love Greeting Card Design:

This simple greeting card design might be an excellent and ideal choice as a romantic gift for your sweetheart, husband, wife, boyfriend and girlfriend. Irrespective of the occasion, like anniversaries, birthdays, valentines or other romantic events, these can be perfect pre-oriented gifts. The card looks exceptional though it might look simple, and has cute little hearts, which highlights the beauty of the situation exceptionally well.

15. Holi Greeting Card Design:

Holi is one of those festivals everyone celebrates, irrespective of age and gender. This colourful Holi greeting card can be a perfect way to send best wishes to your friends and family. Furthermore, the card comes with an envelope which can beautifully carry this greeting card. It can also be perfect memorabilia for the recipient, further strengthening the bond between the relatives.

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16. Greeting Card Design For Farewell:

People working in a company or a firm are emotionally attached to it. Therefore giving farewell to the said firm can create an emotional and memorable thing in our lives. This new greeting card design is a perfect choice when looking for an ideal representation of the feeling at a farewell party. The product is made with premium quality materials and comes with a card and an envelope as a package. In addition, the greeting card has extra durability and a touch of elegance because it is made of 300 GSM premium paper. So whether it is for the boss, colleague or friend, this can be a perfect farewell card.

17. Rakhi Greeting Card Design:

This festival greeting card design for rakhi helps you celebrate the festival with the designer rakhis and a gorgeous card. Rakhi is a festival which is very special for brothers and sisters all over the country. The rakhis in this kit are skin-friendly. Another unique thing about this fantastic product is it comes with a pack of chawal and roli. You also get a designer rakhi with a simple yet representative greeting card.

18. Pongal Greeting Card Design:

Gift this premium quality Pongal greeting card with some words inside it for the special occasion of Pongal. This card will help you wish your dear ones, whether family, colleagues, neighbours, friends or anyone you know, making the festival all the more special. Moreover, the card is durable because the decorative greeting is made with high-quality paper. You can get a complete festive feel with the help of this classic style card exuding styles and lovely and warm wishes.

19. Friendship Day Greeting Card Design:

We all don’t need a special to celebrate our relationship with our friends. But friendship day can be a perfect way to commemorate your love for your friends, and the greeting card has multiple colours and targets all types of people, irrespective of age and gender. You will get a card and an envelope, and you can also ask for customization if you wish to give the card a personal touch. The printing of the product is crisp and clean and is made with high-quality paper stock.

20. Anniversary Greeting Card Design:

Suppose you are looking for a way to wish your partner a particular way on your anniversary. In that case, this gorgeous greeting card design can be a fantastic choice. Though the card has multiple colours, white is the prominent colour you can find on the card, making it look pure and pious. Furthermore, the greeting card comes with an envelope and can be a special gift for your anniversary.

There are simple and beautiful greeting card designs available, whether for a birthday, anniversary or friendship day, IP perspective of the occasion. Although there has been a significant change in the style of card giving, you can always incorporate your sense of personality into the card. This process will make it all the more unique and personal. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!


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