Agree or not, if you are a Bollywood music fan, you inevitably love Punjabi music and the groove associated with those tunes. A celebration can never be perfectly complete without including some dance numbers from Punjabi music. That’s why, even when it comes to birthday songs, we have compiled the best and most fun Punjabi birthday songs trending this season.

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These Punjabi Happy Birthday songs are just the right choice if you would love to accentuate your party and celebration and add some fun elements with dancing around. You can seamlessly download these songs ahead of the party and play the track to give the bash a unique and distinct feel. Let’s now check out these Happy Birthday top Punjabi songs around us.

15 Happy Birthday Songs in Punjabi to Download and Play in 2023:

Let us now check out these lovely and fun Punjabi songs to play at a birthday bash. Whether you want an old, classic, popular happy birthday song or a fun contemporary track, we have covered them all for you. Here we go!

1. Diljit Dosanjh’s Happy Birthday:

When we think of Punjabi happy birthday songs, we can only remember this iconic and lovely contemporary track. Diljit Dosanjh is a popular Punjabi singer and artist and we love this song he recorded in 2014. It is one among the most popular and contemporary modern choice in this genre and suits perfect to play for your partner or spouse. Isn’t it fun?

2. Jordan Sandhu’s Birthday Song:

Another perfect party song to begin the bash is this birthday track from Jordan Sandhu. This is a perfect song for a good party vibe and mood. It sets a very refreshing and young mood in the party and you will definitely enjoy it too.

3. Aaj Mera Birthday Song by KING:

Well, we do have quite a lot of tunes with fun and music in the genre of Punjabi birthday songs. Another lovely and fun choice we have is this one right here. Listen to this and you will agree with us when we say that this is a kind of song you must not miss on your birthday. It indeed will surely put a good smile for everyone in the celebration.

4. Ginni Mahindru’s Happy Birthday:

This is a song of celebration and is a perfect song to play for your bestie/best friend or even any loved one on your birthday. Hit this track, and you will groove to the music, the fun vibe, and the party feel. The Punjabi music will surely give you a celebratory feel instantly. In fact, you can surprise your best friend with this song on entry to the party. How is this idea?

5. Manni D’s Birthday Song:

This is a fun birthday song that you can play in any party. The song fits into all kinds of relationships and is a great choice to add a good vibe and environment to the party bash. This anthem is one of the favouritesof many youngsters and millennials too. Listen to this, and you will enjoy it just like we do!

6. Happy Birthday Yaara by Himmat Sandhu:

This famous track is the latest release in the Punjabi music world. Happy Birthday Yaara is a fun vibe song by Himmat Sandhu released in 2021. This song makes a perfect tone to celebrate your best friend’s birthday in a fun way. You can also play this song for your partner’s (boyfriend or girlfriend) birthday. This is a lovely and apt choice if your celebration consists of all youngsters.

7. Birthday Song Rawab:

Most of you may not be aware of this birthday song. The Rawab’s song is a new release too. The song gives you a blend of emotions.It is unique, makes you feel joy and vulnerable at the same time, and reminds you of the fun life ahead. Check it out, and you won’t regret missing out on this song.

8. MixSingh’s Birthday Song:

Another absolutely love song is this birthday song by MixSingh. The song is part of Jugni album recently released and is all about the contemplation of a guy whether to call a loved one on the birthday or not. This sentimental birthday song will bring out the best of your emotions. The music gives you a very soft feel and is a perfect choice if you are looking for a pleasant track.

9. Happy Birthday Bro by Harjot:

This new Punjabi birthday song is a fun choice if you want simple and realistic song. The song has quite some creative lyrics and is a perfect choice if you want to have a dedicated song to your ‘bro’ friend. Jassi X pens the song and already has quite a lot of fan following in Punjab. Did you hear this yet?

10. Gippy Grewal’s Birthday Song:

Gippy Grewal is already well known in the music world in India. If you heard of him, you would have automatically know this song too. Gippy’s Happy Birthday song is a perfect fun tune to add a vibe to your birthday bash. The song has amazing lyrics, and it touches your heart with a mesmerizing feel and meaning. It is definitely one of the most beautiful tracks in recent times.

11. Happy Birthday Tera by Nait:

This Happy Birthday Tera song by Nait is a hidden gem. The song depicts real life party version on a birthday and is all about the relationship between friends on a birthday. This song makes a lovely choice to celebrate your friend’s birthday.

12. Tarsem Mehto’s Birthday Song:

Feel all nostalgic and classic with this Happy Birthday to you song by Tarsem Mehto. This song truly brings your memories upfront and gives you a feel good vibe. This song is among the classic happy birthday songs in Punjabi and is celebrated by youth even to date. It is a perfect song for all those who like a slow vibe on the birthday bash.

13. Birthday Boy by Jorge Gill:

Yet another birthday song that deserves our attention in the Punjabi music genre is this track by Jorge Gill. The new Punjabi birthday song is a must-download choice, mainly if your birthday celebration is about having fun with your boys. It vibes with your contemporary times and will match your taste preferences.

14. Funny Birthday Song by Sunny Ubhi:

You must check this song if you prefer something more light and funny. This is a perfect choice if you want to tease and add a fun vibe to any birthday party. Playing this song to your friend’s birthday will indeed add light atmosphere, spreading joy and laughter. It is a lovely song to check out, irrespective of age group.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these Punjabi Happy Birthday songs. Add the Punjabi birthday songs to your list and play them at the birthday party to add fun and laughter around. The songs are indeed a perfect addition for everyone. Check them out and let us know what do you think, we love to hear from you!


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