Did you know a visiting or business card is much more than just a card with an address? Yes! A visiting card design represents the next step one takes to make the dream of owning a small business a reality. Therefore, make sure it is positive because a visiting card is how many people will have their first interaction with you or your brand.

A well-thought-out visiting card design will build customer trust and make you look professional while carrying your contact information. To make your selection process much more accessible, we have listed some of the creative and best visiting card designs. Read on!

Unique and Modern Visiting Card Designs (V Card Designs):

Here are our 20 simple and best visiting card designs (B Card Designs) with pictures. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Best Visiting Card Design:

This visiting card looks stylish. This is because most cards have black in the background, with one side brightened with yellow. Though the address and other details are printed in white against black, the letters stand out. The other beauty of the visiting card is a hexagon with a 3D effect. This hexagon has the person’s name and position, highlighting the entire look beautifully. The combination of black and yellow colours gives the onlooker a warm and cheerful impression.

2. Simple Name Card Design:

Image Source: Freepik

Whether interiors or visiting cards, every colour goes well with white, including red. Though the entire visiting card has a white colour, the card is made to pop up beautifully with the addition of red in the corner. Since the background is white, the details need to be black, whether the person’s name or all their attributes, to stand out. One side of the visiting card has the address, phone number, email ID and website. The other side of the card has either a personal or company logo. If you observe, black and red colours are used even in the font.

3. Creative Visiting Card Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This visiting card can be a perfect option if you want a creative way to represent your company. For example, this visiting card is for a construction company, and the same is illustrated on the card beautifully with the materials required for construction. One side of the card has buildings, while the other has the manual labour and materials needed to complete the structure. The entire card combines yellow and black colours, complementing each other beautifully. The black background uses white ink, whereas the yellow background uses black ink, highlighting the details.

4. Latest Visiting Card Design:

Image Source: Freepik

If style and elegance are what you want in a visiting card, this design can offer you everything you need. Black is a perfect colour not only for the lettering but also as a background. That is because its dark tone beautifully highlights the lighter tones of other colours. This is the reason why the company’s name and logo are done in gold. All the details, including the address, phone number, email and website, are done in white and highlighted against the black tone. In the colours world, the combination of gold and black represents prosperity, abundance and unknown power gorgeously.

5. Unique Business Card Design:

Image Source: Freepik

Since every company has a visiting card, making ours stand out in the competition is essential. This visiting card design might look pretty simple. Still, the highlight is the colourful wavy patterns on both corners of the rectangular card. The central area of the card can be used to print the company’s logo on one side. The other side of the card can have all the essential details of the person whose card it is—for example, the person’s name, phone number, email ID, and many more.

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6. Doctor Visiting Card Design:

Image Source: lovepik.com

The visiting card represents a person’s place in a The doctor’s visiting card should have a soothing feel representing the profession without being too much in the face. With a new box of professional visiting cards comes confidence – the knowledge that you’re prepared for every opportunity that comes your way. So whether you’re making first impressions, rewarding regulars with a loyalty card or giving satisfied clients your contact info. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help you look and feel ready to impress.

7. Advocate V Card Design:

They say one shouldn’t lie before a doctor and a lawyer. But unfortunately, although the statement is accurate, not many can implement the same. This is when having a friendly yet effective visiting card can be an ideal solution. One side of the visiting card is greyish black with a balance done in white, further elevated by printing the phrase “Satyameva Jayate.” In contrast, the other side of the card is entirely white, with all the details printed in black.

8. Graphic Designer Visiting Card:

Image Source: graphicsfamily.com

Graphic designers are people who, by hand, use computer software to create visual concepts. Therefore, the visiting card of a graphic designer needs to represent the person’s creative side with a commercial element to it. Therefore, this beautiful visiting card uses multiple bright colours that blend in with others while not leaving out their originality. In addition, one side of the card has the company’s name and website, while the other has all the technician’s details.

9. Beauty Parlour B Card Design:

Image Source: inqalabgraphic.com

We don’t have a scarcity of beauty parlours in any country, and each one is known for something specific. Therefore you can incorporate your style onto the card, making the card more personal and unique. In addition, this card uses a single colour instead of a white background making the card look feminine and beautiful. Finally, one side of the card has a picture of a woman with the parlour’s name. In contrast, the other side has all the necessary details.

10. Mobile Shop Business Card Design:

Image Source: indiaprint.in

This mobile shop visiting card design is perfect for people looking for something simple yet communicates all the necessary information. The unique thing about these cards is that they are printed only on one side, and the other is left empty. Moreover, the visiting card is pretty and bright because it uses lively colours like green and yellow, which blend in with each other. The lower right of the card has the address, while the opposite side has all the mobile company names. The top area of the card has the company’s name in bold letters in green.

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11. Jewellery Name Card Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Irrespective of gender and age, we all love jewellery for wearing or as an investment. However, the uniqueness of the jewellery needs to be represented efficiently when it comes to a visiting card for a jewellery store. The black and gold colours beautifully complement each other, creating a sense of royalty. Furthermore, the background of the card is black, whereas the lower part has a gold colour. Finally, all the details regarding the jewellery store are printed in gold, contrasting the black.

12. Travels Visiting Card Design:

Image Source: pinterest

We all love travelling and sometimes look for people who can efficiently help us with the journey concerning finances and comfort. Unlike the white and black colours we find in many visiting cards, this one has a blue card with all the details engraved in a white font which complements each other. The information imprinted on the visiting card is pretty standard without any fuss. You can opt for this product if you want something simple and stylish.

13. Photography Business Card Design:

Image Source: lovepik.com

We all look for professional photographers when we want to capture special occasions in our lives. From having a baby pose or significant events like weddings having a visiting card from a photographer can be helpful. This simple and colourful visiting card can be an excellent choice for a photography business. The unique feature of this product is that the card’s corners are black, while the central area has varied shades of green, creating a sober look.

14. Electrical Visiting Card Design:

Image Source: designcrowd.com

Electricians are some of the popular handymen that are known for their abilities. This visiting card is pretty and attractive because one side has a combination of black and yellow, where it looks like there is lightning. So one side of this visiting card has black and yellow colours combined with words written in yellow on the black background and vice versa. In contrast, the card’s other side is white with black letters.

15. Restaurant V Card Design:

Image Source: downloadpsd.cc

This is yet another visiting card that predominantly utilizes the colour combination of black and red. The card has all the necessary details regarding the restaurant, like the address, website, phone number and email ID. In contrast, the opposite side of the card has information on the discount given to people who are ordering for the first time. Using opposing colours for the alphabet and the background creates a visual treat.

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16. Boutique Visiting Card Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This one can work well if you are looking for a simple yet stylish visiting card representing a small boutique. For example, this card belongs to a fashion boutique that sells all sorts of fashionable clothing for women. Most of the card is black with all the details of the boutique in white letters. In contrast, the other side of the card has a semicircular patch in light green with a silhouette of a woman and a dress.

17. Real Estate Business Card Design:

Image Source: myloview.com

We all must have gone through tons of fliers with batches of real estate filled with multiple colours creating an eye-catching flier. But if you are looking for a more dignified and calm visiting card for your real estate business, this one can be an ideal choice. The entire card is white with black print for all the necessary details. However, the lower part of the visiting card is light blue which compliments the white beautifully.

18. Fashion Designer Name Card:

Image Source: dribbble.com

Fashion designers are people who can express tons of emotions with minimalism at hand. Unlike the other cards that use bright and robust colours, this visiting card uses soft colours like white and light pink. One side of the card is filled with pink, the other is half pink, and the other is white. Any bright-coloured font can work wonders on a lighter background.

19. Marriage Bureau Visiting Card Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Marriage bureaus have been some of the most popular business models since the beginning of time and are still a widespread trade. This simple yet efficient visiting card gives the client all the necessary information, such as the website, email ID and phone number. In addition, one side of the card has a photo of a bride and groom with the owner’s address on the opposite side. Finally, the lower part of the card has the company’s name in the background of yellow.

20. Office Business Card Design:

Image Source: freepik

This office visiting card design is for people who want to represent their bright personalities beautifully. The unique design on the card and the use of yellow in contrast to white brighten the card further. The details of the said office are engraved in greyish-black ink on a white background. At the same time, the details are done in white ink on a yellow background.

A visiting card is a tactical representation of you and your brand, much more than your contact information. Whether it is a colour or logo, there are several elements you will have to consider when it comes to a business card design. That is because, when combined, all these elements represent your brand and you in a crystal clear way, influencing the onlooker. We hope these 20 simple and best visiting card designs presented in this article help you in the process. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!


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