Who said you must search high and low for a perfect gift? Many want to celebrate birthdays in style and pomp since they come around only once a year. However, sometimes a simple DIY birthday card is enough to express yourself and how much you care. You can incorporate your personality and style into the birthday card designs while taking some tips and suggestions from this article.

Birthdays are special for everyone, whether a small kid or an elder. But how we would like to celebrate changes as we progress into adulthood. These latest birthday card designs mentioned in this article will guarantee plenty of fuzzy and warm feelings. Read on!

Creative and Best Birthday Invitation Card Designs With Photos In India 2024:

Here are our 20 simple and beautiful birthday invitation card designs with pictures. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Simple Birthday Card Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This cute birthday card design can be an ideal choice if you are looking for something simple yet has a personal meaning. The card is set on a white background with a colourful torans-like feature. The lower part of the card has gifts that vary from one another, giving us the impression that there are different gifts inside them. Finally, the central part of the card has the words Happy Birthday in different fonts. The entire wording and other patterns are black ink creating a simplistic beauty.

2. Best Birthday Card Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This is a beautiful birthday card design with a sense of elegance and an aesthetic finish which combines blue and white sheets creating this stunning effect on the greeting card. Adding little pearl buttons adds to the beauty of the design. Furthermore, a white flower against the blue background complements each other gorgeously. Finally, Happy Birthday is written in bold cursive letters at the bottom of the greeting card. The entire look of the greeting card is elegant and stylish.

3. Birthday Invitation Card Design Handmade:

Image Source: pinterest

This is a gorgeous happy birthday card design that is handmade and can be a way to represent your love for the other person. Similar to the one before, this card uses two colours, white and light blue, creating the effect of waves. Adding a cute little blue butterfly against the white part of the greeting card adds to its beauty. Though the pearl buttons blend in with the white background, they complement the card’s blue detail. The words happy birthday are written in white ink in cursive font. The entire greeting card is pretty and sophisticated.

4. Birthday Card Design For Sister:

Image Source: pinterest

If you are looking for a birthday greeting card design for your sister, this one can work wonders. The entire background of the white paper is filled with brighter and lighter yellow vertical lines. Furthermore, the words you are the best sister in the world are written in different sizes, fonts and colours beautifully. Finally, Happy Birthday is written in all capital letters in blue, which stands out beautifully against the lighter background.

5. Birthday Card Design For Father:

Image Source: pinterest

Father plays a vital role in all our lives and might not be as expressive as others in our lives. But you can always surprise your father on his birthday with this innovative greeting card design. The patterns are pretty simple and can be done by anyone. The card has phrases like ‘Best dad in the wide world.’ The words Best and World have blue in the background, highlighting them beautifully. Finally, Happy Birthday is written right at the bottom of the card. You can always customize the card and make it personal by using colours of your choice.

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6. Birthday Invitation Card Design For Brother:

Image Source: printsbery.com

You have a best friend for life if you have a brother, whether they are older or younger. This card is a little more detailed and uses dark colours mixing black and dark blue for the background, which will help all the other elements on the card stand out gorgeously. The card has the word Happy Birthday to the best brother’ in a combination of white and gold in cursive letters. Finally, the lower end of the card has a cupcake, a gift and a few balloons flying. You cannot go wrong with such a creative card.

7. Birthday Card Design For Mom:

Image Source: youtube

Though we all love dad, many of us go to our moms when we want something or look for help when in trouble. This is a beautiful pop-up birthday card design for mom. It is gorgeous and showcases how much time and effort you have invested in making something so unique and meaningful. You can use coloured sheets of your choice, making them more personal. Two cute little hearts are attached to the central area of the heart, representing the mother and child’s hearts as one.

8. Birthday Card Design For Best Friend:

Image Source: etsy

This is yet another birthday card design that represents simplicity at its best. If your best friend is a person who doesn’t like something with too much fuss and grandeur, then this greeting card can be an ideal choice. Using black and pink sketch pens is highlighted beautifully against the white background. You can use cute patterns like designs to highlight the simple card even further. You can also choose bright coloured sketch pens instead of pink if you wish.

9. Birthday Card Design For Boyfriend:

Image Source: lovingcrafts.in

Suppose you plan to give your boyfriend something personal and meaningful for his birthday. In that case, this card can be an exceptional choice. The entire card is red, whereas the hearts and all the details are done with shiny blue paper giving the hearts a 3D effect. This card is unique because instead of red hearts on a blue background, it has it in reverse, making it all the more special.

10. Birthday Invitation Card Design For Husband:

Image Source: pinterest

The people we fight, make up and share our lives with are our spouses. So this beautiful birthday card design can be a perfect choice for women looking to surprise their husbands. The central area of the card has the words, Happy birthday to a wonderful husband, in thin cursive handwriting. At the same time, cute little blue hearts surround this phrase in the shape of a heart. Though the card looks beautiful as it is, you can always add your personal touch by choosing different colours or adding additional elements.

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11. Birthday Card Design For Girlfriend:

Image Source: pinterest

If your girlfriend is a fan of handmade cards, this creative birthday card design can be an ideal choice. Using red hearts all over the card with a 3D effect creates a visual treat for your girlfriend. The outer side of the greeting card has brown colour on one side and white on the other, with two red hearts in the centre, and the addition of a red bow creates a beautiful sight. The inside of the card has many more hearts with the words Happy Birthday. You can customize these types of cards as you wish and add elements of your own.

12. Birthday Card Design For Daughter:

Image Source: pinterest

What daughter doesn’t love to get a beautiful birthday card from their parents? Irrespective of age, we all tend to expect something from our parents. However, this beautiful yet straightforward card can emote so many emotions, which can be perfect memorabilia for the daughters. The white card has the words Happy Birthday to an extraordinary daughter in a combination of fonts, creating a beauty to behold.

13. Birthday Card Design For Wife:

Image Source: pinterest

This cute birthday card design is similar to the one mentioned before, except for the phrases engraved on the card. However, unlike the previous one, this beautiful greeting card is a perfect choice for a wife who loves sophisticated and simple things over grandeur and glamour. You can also get such a card as an e-card if you wish. The addition of a cute little red heart is a cherry on top.

14. Birthday Card Design For Lover:

Image Source: pinterest

This is another happy birthday greeting card design that is a perfect choice among lovers, irrespective of gender. This card is similar to a pop-up card which uses alphabets made of cardboard pieces. The black heart has corners covered in checkered paper, and the words LOVE are made in various patterns—the words Happy Birthday my love written in white highlight the message beautifully.

15. 1st Birthday Invitation Card Design:

Image Source: etsy.com

This car should be your first choice if you want a card design to commemorate your kid’s first birthday. The card can also work as an invitation card for your guests, making it memorable for you and your guests. Though the card has an elephant, you can choose the animal your kid loves making it more personal and close to your heart. The use of lively colours adds to the beauty of the card’s design.

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16. 60th Birthday Invitation Card Design:

Image Source: etsy.com

Celebrating the 60th birthday is no small feat. It can be a memorable occasion for the birthday girl or boy and their family. This card has an addition of phrases which not only represent the things you can expect in old age in a fun way. The card doesn’t have too many elements, so the number 60 is highlighted and done in golden yellow against the white card.

17. 21st Birthday Card Design:

Twenty-one years is the legal age to do many things in many countries. Therefore, this special birthday card can be a perfect way to authenticate the milestone, making it more memorable for the said person. The beautiful card is filled with colourful balloons indicating a bright future filled with flying colours. The bright colours are further highlighted by the white background of the card gorgeously. But make sure to highlight the number 21 at one corner of the card, making it stand out among all the other cards.

18. 50th Birthday Invitation Card Design:

Image Source: etsy.com

Completing half a century among friends and family can be a wonderful moment that should be cherished. This straightforward card can be a sophisticated way to celebrate the said year without creating too much fuss or grandeur. If you observe, only the number 50 is highlighted on the greeting card’s face. The numbers have thin strings equating them to balloons. You can either leave it simple or add elements of your choice, making it more personalized.

19. 2nd Birthday Invitation Card Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This is yet another birthday card design that can double as an invitation card for your child’s birthday, irrespective of gender. Though blue is usually preferred for boys, with the current trend, many parents are going for gender-neutral themes for birthday cards and themes. The number two on this card adds a cute little brown teddy bear which makes the card adorable. You can replace the bear with any cartoon of your kid’s liking making it more personal.

20. 30th Birthday Invitation Card Designs:

Image Source: etsy.com

Although every birthday is significant, completing three decades of life on earth holds considerable significance in many ancient cultures. So if you are looking for an elegant card to wish a friend, a relative, or someone close on their birthday, this card should be reasonably good. The words are printed or written entirely in shiny golden ink against the card’s white background, gorgeously elevating the card’s beauty.

Birthdays are special for everyone, irrespective of age and gender. Though kids want to have fun on their special day, as we grow into adulthood, people expect something that expresses their love for the person. Though there are many ways you can express your love, greeting cards are one of them. This article presents some simple and best greeting card designs that might help tell your care for a loved one. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!


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