Have you ever considered how a vintage candle holder can transform the ambience of your space? These timeless pieces are not just functional for holding candles but also serve as a gateway to a bygone era of elegance and style. With their intricate designs and exceptional craftsmanship, these candle holders carry the charm of traditional or antique aesthetics. Whether crafted from metal, glass, ceramic, or wood, each one tells a story. What is it about vintage candle holders that captivates you the most? Is it the material, the detailing, or the sense of nostalgia they evoke?


An antique candle holder, usually crafted for home use, serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. It offers a stylish and secure spot for placing candles, making it a versatile addition to various spaces like restaurants, homes, event spaces, and special occasions. Its use goes beyond mere functionality. A vintage candle holder significantly enhances the ambience and visual charm of a living space. It infuses an area with timeless elegance, creates a warm and cozy atmosphere, and adds a touch of artistic flair. This blend of practicality and beauty in vintage candle holder designs makes them a unique and appealing choice for home decor.

20 Hanging and Standing Light Weight Candle Holder Designs:

Are you looking for classy candle holder designs for your home? Take a look at some of them we have curated for you.

1. Elegant Brass Wall Scone:

Here is something you may love. This retro candle holder design for the home adds a classy touch to the cozy ambience. This wall sconce has detailed filigree and scroll work, giving it the appearance of an antique. The antique gold finish gives any wall a hint of luxury. This one is a little on the heavier side and gives a sense of a rich look.

  • Colour: antique gold
  • Metal type: brass

2. Rustic Iron Lantern:

Are you looking for an idea that will go well with indoor and outdoor setups? Here is one. The rustic iron lantern has a distressed finish, adding to the rustic and antique-looking appearance. It is sturdy and medium-weight. The rustic iron lantern provides a safe enclosure for your candles. The lantern can be hung on the porch to give a warm welcome look. Or, simply place it on the tabletop to create a luxe atmosphere. The lantern has a lot of decorative elements, such as a hinged door and latch with other delicate detailing. The rustic iron lantern may need regular cleaning with a soft cloth so that the sheen and charm can be maintained.

  • Colour: Aged bronze
  • Metal type: Wrought iron

3. Antique Copper Candlestick Holder:

This candle holder design is a good one to possess. This antique copper candlestick holder is tall and slim with a thin silhouette, which shows the beauty of burnished copper. It is lightweight, and this makes it easy to move around easily. The polished copper appearance combines traditional and eclectic interior design themes well. This versatile and adaptable candlestick holder can be used in a vintage-inspired setting or to add a touch of antiquity to modern decor. The antique copper candlestick holder adds a touch of sophistication and classic elegance to special occasions, so it’s not just for everyday use.

  • Colour: Burnished copper
  • Metal Type: Copper

4. Vintage Silver Candelabra:

This candelabra’s silver-plated finish emanates classic elegance. It has a traditional five-armed design with elaborate patterns and embellishments that evoke the opulence of bygone eras. A taper candle is held by each arm, resulting in an amazing visual display. This candlestick design is tall and majestic, with medium weight for its stability. Because of its medium weight, which guarantees stability, it can serve as an eye-catching focal point for a sideboard, mantelpiece, or dining table. The candelabra casts a warm, enchanting glow when it is decorated with lit taper candles, resulting in a hypnotic ambience.

  • Colour: Silver
  • Metal type: Silver-plated

5. Modern Minimalist Glass Hurricane:

This one is a modern addition to the collection. This contemporary hurricane candle holder is elegantly simple. A sleek black metal base encases the clear glass hurricane, giving the piece a modern, minimalistic look. It is a versatile piece for modern interiors because of its simple structure and clean lines. It is lightweight, making it easier to move around. It is medium in height. The design is straightforward, so it is easy to clean and maintain. This hurricane is a great option for people who value modern and minimalist design.

  • Color: Clear glass with a black metal base
  • Metal type: Iron

6. Mid-Century Modern Candle Stand:

This candle stick design is modern in its nature. This candle stand has a nod to the iconic mid-century modern design era. It is made of teak wood and has brass accents, a simple silhouette, and clean lines. Warm wood tones and metallic accents come together to create a classic and fashionable look. The candle holders’ different heights create visual interest, and the candle stand’s medium weight offers stability.

  • Color: Teak wood and brass
  • Metal type: Brass

7. Hanging Tealight Holder with Crystals:

With its delicate crystal accents and vintage rose gold hue, this hanging tealight holder exudes elegance. The intricate patterns designed into the stainless steel frame produce a captivating play of light and shadow. Hanging from a chain, it lends a hint of glitz to any scene. The tea light holder design is lightweight and is delicate. Its lightweight design facilitates an easy suspension. It adds an elegant touch to the outdoor settings. This tealight holder adds a romantic touch to a variety of environments. It is ideal for hanging near windows, from tree branches, or in covered outdoor spaces. When used indoors, it makes a dramatic impression in living rooms, foyers, or as part of event decor.

  • Color: Rose gold
  • Metal type: Stainless steel

8. Victorian-Style Table Candle Holder:

This table candle holder epitomises the Victorian era’s lavishness and fine detailing. Made of cast iron, it has intricate scrollwork, floral motifs, and a rich burgundy finish that are evocative of 19th-century ornate decor. The candle holder’s medium weight offers stability when set on a tabletop. Due to its size, it is perfect as a centrepiece, elevating the aesthetic appeal of accent tables, sideboards, and dining tables. This candle holder looks especially good in formal environments. This piece is a sophisticated addition, whether you’re hosting a dinner party or a Victorian-themed event or want to add refined elegance to a room.

  • Colour: Deep Burgundy
  • Metal Type: Cast Iron

9. Gothic Cathedral Pillar Holder:

Take a look at this beautiful candle stand design. This pillar holder is a tiny replica of a cathedral pillar inspired by the majesty of Gothic architecture. It is made of aged stone-coloured resin and has metal accents, arches, and detailed detailing that resemble the imposing architecture of mediaeval cathedrals. Because of its aged stone colour and Gothic design, this pillar holder can be used with traditional, eclectic, or medieval-inspired decor themes. An enthralling focal point gives any space a sense of architectural and historical interest. It is sturdy and is tall.

  • Colour: Aged stone
  • Metal Type: Resin

10. Filigree Hanging Candle lantern:

This hanging lantern, with its elaborate patterns and delicate details evoking fine lacework, is a magnificent example of filigree craftsmanship. It is made of iron and has a verdigris patina finish, giving it an antique charm and classic beauty. The lantern becomes a focal point and adds to the charm of garden evenings when it is suspended outside. It’s the perfect addition for outdoor entertaining because it creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It is lightweight and can be hung gracefully.

  • Colour: Verdigris Patina
  • Metal type: Iron

Vintage candle holders are beautiful yet complex works of art that combine history, artistry, and design. They are more than just useful objects. No matter which style, whether Victorian opulence, Gothic grandeur, mid-century modern simplicity, or filigree elegance, each of them tells a different tale and gives the spaces it adorns a certain personality. Because of their adaptability, they can be added to a variety of decor styles with ease, adding a whimsical, sophisticated, or nostalgic touch. These antique finds enhance living areas with depth, ambience, and a dash of creativity, whether used as hanging lanterns or table centerpieces.


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