A wedding is one of the most memorable times in all our lives, and we all want every part of it to be remarkable, whether it is small or large details. So, for starters, the wedding invitation designs you send out must stand out even if you choose something simple. After all, the wedding invitation sets the tone for the celebrations to follow by giving the guests an idea of what to expect. Therefore we have picked some of the most exciting wedding card designs that might help you make your invitation prettier. Read on!

Simple and Traditional Indian Marriage Invitation Card Designs:

Here are our 20 latest and best shadi invitation card designs with photos. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Unique Wedding Card Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This gorgeous wedding invitation card design has intricate patterns that look similar to a pop-up card. The outer cover of the card is shiny golden in colour, and the actual card is in plain white with letters in blue or black ink. The detailing involved in this wedding card is beautiful and creates a classy impression on the recipient. The central part of the card has the 3D figures of a groom and bride, making the card all the more special.

2. Indian Wedding Card Design:

Image Source: Freepik

This colourful and gorgeous Indian wedding card design can brighten anyone’s day. The card combines blue and pink colours, which complement each other beautifully. Furthermore, marigold floral torans add a traditional touch to the simple card. One side of the card has pictures of a bride and groom in formal wedding attire. At the same time, the other part of the card has the details related to the wedding, like the name of the groom and bride, the venue and the timings.

3. Best Wedding Invitation Card Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This excellent wedding card design is unique and stands out against all the other traditional wedding cards. One card looks similar to a beautiful tuxedo, whereas the other looks like a beautiful white wedding dress, making the wedding card all the more special. Although the details in this wedding card are simple, the card’s entire look is creative.

4. Simple Marriage Card Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This is a simple wedding card ideal for people who don’t want too much pomp and glitter in their wedding cards. The card is engraved in a lovely white colour with thin borders of gold, making it look gorgeous. So, whether for an engagement, wedding or cocktails, this card can work exceptionally well. You can choose the font of your choice that you wish to use to get the details engraved. Though cursive letters are perfect, you can select them per your preference.

5. Latest Wedding Card Design:

Yellow is one of the popular colours traditionally used for many wedding cards because the colour symbolizes joy, happiness and optimism. Yellow is also considered to be a delight to the senses. This beautifully bold wedding card has yellow in the majority and a floral pattern engraved in red, making the card stand out. In addition, a small picture of Lord Ganesha on the left corner gives the card a spiritual touch.

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6. Hindu Wedding Card Design:

Image Source: abzlocal.mx

Every religion has a particular set of traits they implement in their wedding cards, giving them a completely authentic look. This Hindu wedding card’s base is maroon, with patterns engraved in gold and silver prints that complement each other beautifully. Lord Ganesha is done in complete gold, and small verses are written in Sanskrit below the card, giving the card a traditional finish.

7. Muslim Vivah Card Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This is a Muslim wedding card design with pretty unique and stylish patterns, adding a modern touch to the card. It has a dark blue card base printed with the groom and bride, wedding date, timings and venue in golden letters. The top area of most Muslim wedding cards has phrases like ‘In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful,’ or ‘Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem.’

8. Christian Wedding Card Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This gorgeous Christmas wedding card design combines white and black, representing the good and bad presents in all our lives. Generally, a Christian wedding card includes some essential phrases from the Bible that are close to the bride and groom’s heart on the black card. At the same time, the white card contains all the essential details like the bride and groom’s name, venue and date. Of course, you can mix it up and use your colours to make it more personal.

9. Tamil Shadi Card Design:

Image Source: pinterest

The Tamil wedding card design is a perfect option for people whose mother tongue is Tamil and who would want to have the same to describe all the wedding details. Though the card is pretty simple and doesn’t have flashy elements, it creates a sense of simplicity. The dark blue card has all the details of the wedding inscribed in Tamil in gold. The beauty of the card is further beautified with the addition of intricate patterns on the cards’ corners.

10. Bengali Wedding Invitation Card Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This is another wedding card design that can be a popular option for people who are Bengali or have Bengali as their mother tongue. The left corner of the card has sindoor, a popular ritual among Bengalis. The right side of the card has a vertical strip with pink and gold patterns. The card looks beautiful colourful, and attractive. You can also make changes to make the wedding card more personal to yourself.

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11. Punjabi Wedding Card Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Punjabis are known for being party people and believe in living life to their fullest. This is why everything involving Punjabis is more significant than life. This beautiful Punjabi wedding card design is stylish has pomp and leaves an impression on the receiver. The entire card is white except on the right corner, with a vertical dark blue strip with stylish golden patterns. The complete details of the wedding are engraved in golden ink, creating a sense of style.

12. Telugu Pelli Card Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Telugu wedding card designs are unique and special, beautifully representing traditional beliefs and traditions. The wedding card has the family’s surname right on top and all the details regarding the wedding in the portion below, including the bride and groom’s name, venue time and date. The left part of the wedding card is filled with red, with attractive patterns in addition to the Ganesh on the top and a Kalash in the centre.

13. Urdu Shadi Card Design:

Image Source: pikpng.com

This is a Shaadi card design with a traditional look that is beautiful and different from all the other wedding cards. The wedding card is dark brown in colour and is filled with all the details engraved in gold in a combination of bold and sleek patterns. The card also has the program details, including the timings of each part of the wedding. One aspect of the card is printed in English, whereas the other part of the card is printed in Urdu.

14. Wedding Card Marathi Design:

Image Source: desievite.com

If Marathi is your mother tongue and you want to represent the love for the language in your wedding card, then this one can be an ideal choice. The card has all the traditional Maharashtrian elements like Shivaji Maharaj, Ganesh, and a Kalash, adding a classic touch to the wedding card. In addition, the central part of the card has the words shubh vivah written. In contrast, the upper and lower parts have all the wedding details written in Marathi beautifully.

15. Vivah Card Design in English:

Image Source: picturedensity.com

This wedding card has all the details printed in English. It is a perfect way to reach a larger audience because English is one of the most common languages. In addition, the wedding card looks more fun than traditional, which helps you create a message that your wedding can be fun to come to. All the details are printed in black ink with elements like Ganesh and multiple colours.

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16. Wedding Card Design in Kannada:

Image Source: pinterest

This Kannada wedding card design is a perfect way to showcase how wedding cards used to be printed in olden times. There is a combination of bold and straightforward letters that are engraved onto the wedding card, which creates a visual beauty. Furthermore, patterns like drums, bride and groom, and Kalash spread throughout the card, enhancing the card’s beauty. Finally, the border of the card has floral patterns.

17. Gujarati Pelli Card Design:

Image Source: invitationindia.in

This is a beautiful Gujarati wedding card design whose details are printed entirely in Gujarati, hence the name. from the name of the bride and groom to the venue, date and the parent’s name; all the details are in Gujarati. This is especially helpful when guests can understand only the said local language. Though the card is pretty simple, you can always add elements of your choice to make the card more personal.

18. Whatsapp Wedding Card Design:

Image Source: pinterest

Whatsapp wedding cards have been gaining popularity among youngsters because they quickly reach recipients with the same warmth. Many young people who want to invite their friends use these types of wedding card designs. These cards don’t look like the traditional ones and have a fun element. The same can be observed when the bride and groom are winking, and all the details are straightforward.

19. Golden Wedding Card Design:

Image Source: depositphotos.com

If gold is your favourite colour and you want to incorporate your love for the same into your wedding card, this one can be an ideal choice. The invitation combines trendy patterns in the borders creating a visual treat. The central part of the invitation has all the details printed in detail. But the bride and groom’s names and the wedding date are in bigger font, whereas the other information is in smaller font.

20. Peacock Sadi Card Design:

Image Source: pinterest

This gorgeous traditional wedding card design with modern elements added to it creates a special card for the recipient and giver. Golden peacocks are printed on the outer cover and the card, where the outer one has bluish colours, and the inner card has white colours, differentiating both of them beautifully. The card’s background is bluish-green with a designer flap on the top with a golden border. Of course, you can always add elements of your own to make the card more unique to you.

Weddings are joyous occasions where two people start a new life in the presence and blessings of their families. It also employs caterers, designers, event managers, photographers and many more. Though everything involved with marriage is essential, wedding invitation card designs might be in the top five. A wedding card is critical in letting your guests know what to expect. We hope the list of some of the best shadi card designs will provide you with enough inspiration and ideas you can incorporate into your wedding card. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!


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