Bicycle helmets are a crucial component to ensuring the safety of a cyclist. These helmets have been especially designed to prevent head injuries that may be caused as a result of an impact. They also help prevent the side effects associated with these impacts, such as peripheral vision. In fact, there has been a debate on whether the use of a helmet should be made mandatory especially in the case of children and women.

These cycling helmets should not be too heavy and should also have a provision for ventilation as cycling can become quite an intense activity. Here are some of the top cycling helmets.

Foldable Helmet:

Nothing is more convenient than a foldable cycling helmet that can be stored away when not in use during a cycling expedition. This classic white helmet is chic, stylish, clean and functional. Suited for both men and women, the slits in the middle allow for air circulation. This helmet is a great option when cycling through hot and humid places.

The Stylish Helmet:

The simple grey and white color combination on this bike helmet gives it a stylish touch. The use of interesting geometric lines also elevates the design from mundane to exceptional. The interesting design makes it a must-have among the youth. The pore slits on each side of the helmet has been added to ensure air circulation.

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The Torch Helmet:

This sleek and modern designed helmet possesses the added benefit of a torch placed on the back of the helmet. The torch is battery-operated and is especially useful when cycling at night. It also allows others cycling with you to keep a tab on your whereabouts.

The Feminine Helmet:

This turquoise blue helmet will make a great cycling accessory for women who like a splash of color and who are not afraid of embracing their femininity. The simple design with a hint of white is what makes it stylish. There are 3-4 overhead pores to ensure that enough air is circulated inside the helmet.

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Urban Cycling Helmet:

For those cyclists that love style and want to incorporate it in their cycling gear, this urban-inspired cycling helmet is perfect. The metal surface is polished and chic and radiates a shine to it that will look attractive when exposed to sunlight. The soft cushioning in the interior of the helmet will protect the head in case of a fall. Huge pores are also added for air circulation.

The Flame-Inspired Helmet:

This black flame-inspired helmet is very popular among the youth of today. With pores shaped like flames, this stylish helmet will surely make a statement. Also, the slits present on the helmet will ensure that the cyclist benefits from good air circulation. The lightweight texture will also ensure that cyclists do not have to worry about the extra weight.

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Environment-friendly Helmet:

This foldable helmet has been inspired by the look of an Armadillo. This helmet is also lightweight in addition to being cost-effective. Also, it will help save the environment as it is 100% recyclable. It also has a sleek and stylish design that will look good on women as well as men.

The Sweat-Resistant Helmet:

This black helmet may look a little too heavy but they are lightweight. The sweat-resistant aspect of the helmet prevents the accumulation of sweat in the hair which could lead to hair loss later. The strategically placed slits on the top of the helmet ensures air circulation.

Women’s Designer Helmet:

Women cyclists always appreciate the use of fun colors in their helmets. Therefore, this rainbow-colored helmet is the perfect accessory for them. The use of bold colors and the addition of slits to provide air circulation help make this helmet a must have.

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