If you are a dog lover, you know how much they mean in your life. They are a man’s best friend, can lift the mood any day and any time, and give you special lighthearted memorable pleasant moments. However, naming a dog can be challenging, especially if you are particular. That’s why we have the nicknames for dogs guide today! While there are a plethora of names to choose from for your dog, picking a unique nickname can get overwhelming. That’s why we have specially curated these lovely, beautiful perky names.

Are you excited? So are we! Stay with us and keep reading to know the exciting and beautiful dog nickname ideas today.

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100 Short and Funniest Dog Nicknames:

Why wait? Let us go ahead and check out the most stunning, funny, hilarious, yet exceptional dogs nicknames. They are our absolute favourite and are sure to impress you too! Isn’t it interesting? We have compiled the top favourite and famous nickname ideas for dogs here. We cover the list of dog nickname ideas for male and female pet dogs, dog names inspired by our favourite celebrities, and more. Here we go!

Funny Nicknames for Male Dogs:

You won’t believe these funny and super cute, hilarious nicknames for male dogs. These dog names are special and exceptional, incredibly unique, and sure to win your heart. So if you are looking for a male dog nickname like no other, this is your one-stop to find the funny male dog names you will love! While you may have heard of some name ideas, some are entirely new and unique.

1. Butter face

2. Screech

3. Kramer

4. Cooper

5. Teddy

6. Chip

7. Blaze

8. Walter

9. Buddy

10. Milo

11. Bruce

12. Duke

13. Romeo

14. Coco

15. Otis

16. Tucker

17. Bubba

18. Oliver

19. Benny

20. Benji

21. Dexter

22. Thor

23. Cody

24. Theo

25. Harry

26. Watson

27. Hank

28. Titan

29. Chester

30. Simba

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Funny Nicknames for Female Dogs:

Next up, we have the beautiful and funny names for the female dogs. As funny as these names may be, the female dog nicknames are also charming and elegant. They add up to the beauty of the fur ball and will impress you. How about checking them out? Some of them are also very famous nicknames for dogs in India. We are super thrilled to show this list to you!

31. Kitty

32. Mouse

33. Sally

34. Alice

35. Angel

36. Blossom

37. Chloe

38. Daphne

39. Dixie

40. Gigi

41. Ginger

42. Hailey

43. Goldie

44. Ibby

45. Ivy

46. Juliet

47. Katie

48. Kiki

49. Lacy

50. Lizzy

51. Maddie

52. Mimi

53. Nala

54. Oreo

55. Peaches

56. Pebbles

57. Princess

58. Raven

59. Rose

60. Sasha

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Funny Specific Nicknames According to Dog Breed:

Are you looking for dog-specific nicknames according to the breed? Well, we get you. We have several ideas and options if you love to name your little munchkin according to the breed. So why don’t you check these funny names for dogs list? We have some very famous and popular dog breeds and the respective nickname for each. It can’t get more interesting than this!

61. Pit: Pitbull nicknames

62. Bailey / Toodle: Labradornickname

63. Otto : Dachshund nickname

64. Moose : Rottweiler nickname

65. Gold / Goldy / Precious: Golden Retrievers nickname

66. Zeus: German Shephard nickname

67. Eddie: Greyhound

68. Daisy: Irish doodle

69. Ollie: Maltipoo

70. Bear: Pomeranian

71. Winston: Pug

72. Dobie : Doberman nickname

73. Tyson: Boxers

74. Archie: Border Terrier

75. Coco: Chihuahua

76. Lola: Chow Chow

77. Finn: Dalmatian

78. Jackson: Dorkie

79. Abby: Foxhound

80. Murphy: Irish Setter

Funny Nicknames Inspired by Movie Dog Characters:

We have several movies and dramas that are filled with dog characters. From cartoons and anime to other movie genres, some dog characters are incredibly famous. We all love to keep a famous name for our dog, and these funny names inspired by dog characters will be a perfect choice. What do you think? Isn’t this thrilling?

81. Hooch: Turner and Hooch

82. Lucky: Dr. Dolittle

83. Marley: Marley and Me

84. Butch: Cats and Dogs

85. Scooby: Scooby Doo

86. Pongo: 101 Dalmatians

87. Toto: The Wizard of Oz

88. Whisky: BladeRunner 2049

89. Odie: Garfield

Funny Nicknames for Dogs Inspired by Celebrity Pets:

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We cannot miss out on the celebrity dog names too. Some dogs are more famous than us, as they are pets to some celebrities. If you particularly love celebrity dog nicknames, you may also want to check them out. They are world famous names, as they are pets of our beautiful celebrities.

90. Penny: Blake Lively

91. Poppy: Sandra Bullock

92. Bambi: Paris Hilton

93. Atticus Finch: Jake Gyllenhaal

94. Lola: Hilary Duff

95. Billie: Ryan Reynolds

96. Indo: Will Smith

97. Koji: Lady Gaga

98. Winnie: Selena Gomez

99. Oslo: Bella Hadid

100. Brutus: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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Aren’t these nicknames for dogs exciting? We love how interesting, funny, silly and lovely dog names sound. It is a great challenge and a task to nickname our favourite pet, and we hope this list of dog nicknames has given you leads on your naming. Let us know your thoughts; we love to hear from you!


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