M.F. Hussain or Maqbool Fida Hussain was one of the most popular and well-known painters of India who also received some great appreciation for his work on the international grounds. There are a number of MF Hussain paintings that has made India proud. Almost all paintings of MF Hussain were about the beauty of Indian women.

He started with his painting career in the year 1937. He had a tough time at the beginning with his work of painting the hoardings of Indian cinema. Soon the talent of this great artist took a turn when he got a chance to paint landscapes. Although he had many paintings which were appreciated worldwide, most of his career was also surrounded with many controversies. No matter how the circumstances had been, the artist has some great work listed in the MF Hussain famous paintings list. Let us quickly take a look at some of MF Hussain paintings with descriptions:

10 Best and Expensive MF Hussain Paintings List:

Here are the top 10 MF Hussain best paintings that are truly a wonder for the entire world:

1. M.F. Hussain Mother Teresa Painting:

The artist was quite attracted by the great work that Mother Teresa had done for the country and thus he took no time in making a painting dedicated to Mother. The Mother Teresa painting by M.F. Hussain describes the aura of the legend in somewhat the exact manner. although, there were many who were not satisfied with the way the artist painted these series there were many who loved his work.

The painting became popular due to the vivid presentation of the legend with the series of paintings. With the simple and subtle in use, these series of paintings made a great impact on the viewers. The beauty of the painting can be estimated by the fact that the painting was showcased in the Christie’s auction with a worth of more than 1 crore.

2. M.F. Hussain Horse Painting:

Artist MF Hussain paintings were not only about the landscape but were also fond of the wild animals. The M.F. Hussain horse painting was the clear proof of this. Most of the M.F. Hussain paintings portray his eternal love for the horses as horses are considered equal to dynamic and powerful energy according to the Indian mythology. This painting of the artists was sold at Sotheby’s auction for a whopping price of 1.3 crores.

The painting received great attention due to the choice of colors used in this. This painting became popular with the name “The Horse that Looked Back” had the typical style of the artist’s strokes which made the painting way more special in the global market as well.

3. M.F. Hussain Madhuri Dixit Painting:

Madhuri Dixit was one of those few actresses who impressed the artist with her style and personality that the artist decided to portray her on his canvas. He made many of the images of the actress that showed the beauty of the actress in the best manner. M.F. Hussain Madhuri Dixit painting was also one of the few which received an equal amount of criticism and controversies as it received appreciation.

The painting showcased the myriad moods of the actress and the final painting was no less than a magic for the audience. It is one of the paintings which will always be cherished for his marvelous work and painting style.

4. M.F. Hussain Hindu Deities Paintings:

Hussain was one of those artists who were more famous for the controversies that surrounded him. Out of the many paintings that he made, the most M.F. Hussain controversial paintings were those on the Hindu deities. Many people altogether accused the painter of portraying the Hindu deities in a disrespectful manner.

The controversies became more sensationalized by the MF Hussain paintings images. The images portrayed by the artist attracted lots of negative eye of the people and the artist received lots of negative response on the same.

5. The Puppet Dancers:

In the list of top 10 M.F. Hussain paintings, one painting is also that of the puppet dancers. Not many of the people are aware of the fact that the artist had a massive love for toys and thus he never missed an opportunity for portraying his forever love for them in his paintings.

The painting had many elements like the woman, horse, dancer, warrior, etc. that made the painting one of its kinds in the entire world. The strokes were that of typical artist’s style using some brilliant color combinations. The painting received an amount of 1.5 crores at Sotheby’s auction.

6. Battle of Ganga and Jamuna:

For all those who didn’t understand the significance of this painting, the painting demonstrated the regular war between the right and the wrong. Even in our daily lives, we continuously face the dilemma between right and wrong choices, the M.F. Hussain painting featured the same emotion.

He also used different varieties of colors like dark and bright colors that purely depict the battle between the right and the wrong things. The painting was quite an innovative piece of the artist and received some great appreciation. The painting was also sold for 9 crores in the Christie’s auction. This painting is one of the fine works of the artist which pictures the talent of the artist in the best possible manner.

7. Tribute to Hashmi:

Hussain was that artists who never feared to portray the reality in his work. No matter how much criticism and controversies he received, he never failed to bring the current situations in his work. Tribute to Hashmi was one of the great works of the artist where he marked the actual happenings of the society.

The painting was seen as the speaking truth about the fatal attack, later causing the death, of the theatre artist Safdar Hashmi. Even this painting is also counted in the controversial paintings of Hussain but it still managed to receive some great amount of appreciation from the audiences. The painting was sold for an amount of 4.4 crores in a Kolkata’s auction.

8. M.F. Hussain Saraswati Painting:

Just like the paintings made by the artist on the Hindu deities, this Saraswati painting by MF Hussain was amongst the top in the list of controversies. Many claimed that the artist targeted the Hindu deities and never made anything on the Muslim ones. This made the artist get many haters along with some severe controversies added in his career and to his paintings.

The images used in the painting were also objected by many because of the way they were presented. The nude presentation of the Goddess Saraswati attracted many Hindu followers in a very negative way and they strongly opposed the artist’s work.

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9. M.F. Hussain Krishna Painting:

Another painting that made the artist surrounded by the controversies was that of Krishna – the Hindu God. The MF Hussain Krishna paintings showed many objectionable demonstrations of the Hindu God. This again made the Hindu followers stand against the artist along with heavy criticism.

The use of different colors and style of painting also made the painting look more different than the reality. The series of paintings had some imitations that harmed and hurt the emotions of Hindu followers. The on-date MF Hussain paintings information also lists these paintings as the controversial creations of the artist. Many people felt that the paintings were presenting their Hindu God in a very abusive and offensive manner.

10. M.F. Hussain Bharat Mata Painting:

Last but not the least, the MF Hussain paintings Bharat Mata was also the ones that are counted in the controversial creations. The paintings showed the Indian map in the form of a nude lady along with many other promos. The presentation of the painting was hardly accepted by anyone and this received worldwide criticism.

The artist focused on portraying the hardships of the Indian motherland by using dark colors like red and blue. But it was the creation of the same in the form of nude lady that captured all the attention and that too for all the wrong reasons.

There are many M.F. Hussain famous paintings that clearly demonstrate the amazing talent that the artist had. There have been many artists but none can match up with the MF Hussain paintings style. With all the latest paintings of MF Hussain the world got to know the new style and aspect of his painting. Let us know which of his painting is your favorite by commenting below. The Indian painter MF Hussain paintings are nothing less than a trademark for the talent that India has. What do you think about the same? Do share your opinions.


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