If you thought birthday parties are still about blowing the candles and cutting the cake, you are so wrong! In today’s times, these “normal” birthday parties have given way to exciting themed parties that can create lasting memories. From decorations to menus and even costumes, every element adds a unique feel to the environment and encourage maximum participation from your guests.

With hundreds of themes to choose from, how do you decide on the best one for your party? We’ve made matters easy for you by listing out these popular birthday themes for kids and adults, which can automatically propel the right moods to celebrate the day!

20 Best Birthday Party Themes For Boys and Girls:

Surprise your friends and family with these latest Birthday Party theme ideas and set new party goals for them:

1. Mickey Mouse Birthday Theme:

Mickey Mouse is an ever-popular theme for 1st birthdays! This adorable character brings a smile on the faces of your little guests and even your cutie pie! Using bright colors like red, yellow and black against white background paint an interesting picture of your party setup. You can either stay true to the theme and get every element shaped like Mickey or implement the colors and the patterns for symbolism.

  • Theme Decoration Items: This 1st birthday decoration for baby boy uses a white center table, two side tables and a birthday boy chair in red. Other elements include Mickey soft toys, Mickey-themed balloons, Two-tier Mickey Mouse Cake, Co-ordinated desserts and Mickey return gifts.
  • Theme Suitable For: Baby Boy 1st Birthday
  • Season: Summers, as it a lawn party. In winters, you use the same setup indoors

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2. Disney Princess Birthday Theme:

The magic world of Disney is one of the most popular baby girl 1st birthday themes. This versatile theme allows you to unleash your creativity and play with different elements. Here is one sophisticated idea which predominantly uses the pink and purple color theme. Instead of sticking to just one character, three Princesses are brought together to wish your Princess a fantastic first birthday!

  • Theme Decoration Items: A plain Pink flowy fabric is used as a backdrop and is accentuated with princess photo frames and gold curtains on either side. The flooring is covered with a pink furry rug to create a charming look. White tables showcase golden tableware with colorful desserts. A row of multi-colored balloons adds a fun feel to the setup.
  • Theme Suitable For: Girls who are one year old or below 4 years
  • Season: This cosy theme is perfect for winters. In summers, use minimal fabrics and more balloons to cover up the space.

3. Old Mc Donald Farm Theme:

Does your child enjoy dancing to the tunes of Old Mc Donald? Bring in all the moos and oinks and quack quacks into the party and wait for the priceless expressions on your little one’s face! This barnyard birthday decoration for first birthday is quite easy to do at home. All you need are some rustic looking tables, a few balloons and thermocol cutouts of the animal figures to transform your party room into countryside farmland!

  • Theme Decoration Items: Two or three wooden tables and a printed farm-inspired table cloth to cover them up. Some paper or cardboard cuttings on the farmhouse, animals and birds will do. Add some animal inflatables for a 3D look. Get a faux grass mat cover up the flooring and some dry straw to imitate the farmland. Throw in plenty of balloons to create an exciting environment.
  • Theme Suitable For: Girls and Boys of age groups 1-3
  • Season: This is an ideal choice for warm weathers like summer or spring

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4. Sky and Clouds Theme:

This dreamy décor transports us high into the sky with fluffy clouds all around! Sky and Cloud is a popular 1st birthday theme for baby boys and girls. It is filled with a pleasant blue décor to represent the cool blue sky and loads of soft cotton as clouds. You can also add in the “Up Up Go Away” concept by adding hot air balloons to lift us up and make us float in the air.

  • Theme Decoration Items: Get a plain blue sheet for the backdrop and stick some paper cuttings of hot air balloons and clouds. Keep the entire tableware in white and customize your cake and desserts in blue and white theme. Replace your normal table cloth with white furry rug or sheets of cotton.
  • Theme Suitable For: First birthday parties of girls and boys
  • Season: Works for all seasons of the year

5. Hello Kitty Birthday Theme:

Hello Kitty is another popular 1st birthday themes for girls. There are many reasons why little girls and their friends equally love this idea. The dainty pink and white color palette is an instant hit with the girl squad and adding cute inflatables of Hello Kitty doubles up their excitement levels. Even the tables are dressed up in pretty Tutus to accompany your doll as she blows the candles on her first birthday cake!

  • Theme Decoration Items: Use a large, plain pink fabric as a backdrop and highlight the area with plenty of pink and white balloons. Stick a large Hello Kitty inflatable on it. Place three tables in the front and decorate them with pink netted fabrics. Place your Hello Kitty themed cake on the center table and add a few toys on the side
  • Theme Suitable For: Birthday parties of Girls aged between 1-3 years
  • Season: Summers and Spring

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6. Peppa Pig Birthday Theme:

This cutie patootie theme is an instant hit with kids of all ages! The adorable Peppa Pig and her entire family come together in this setup to double up the fun levels at your party. The décor is also fairly easy to do, as you have a myriad of props available in online stores. From printed posters to paper decorations and even muddy puddles, every element enlivens the mood and ambience. Create a wow moment by playing some Peppa Pig shows using a projector and your little guests will simply refuse to leave the venue!

  • Theme Decoration Items: Printed Peppa Pig Vinyl Backdrop, Peppa Pig Foil Balloons, Tutu Table cloth, Peppa Paper Cuttings, Personalised Name inflatables.
  • Theme Suitable For: Girls celebrating their 1st to 7th Birthday Parties
  • Season: Works for all weathers

7. Monster Birthday Theme:

Monsters may be scary! But when you have a bunch of naughty kids around, they turn into super-friendly creatures! Check out this colorful birthday theme for kids, which is perfect for your little Monster. You find characters of all sizes, shapes colors and expressions to tickle your guests and give them peals of laughter. These props can be easily made at home using colored paper, fur and a whole lot of monster eyes.

  • Theme Decoration Items: Monster Paper Cuttings, Textured Backdrop, colorful drapes, bright colored table cloth, Monster photo frames, Fur, Monster Eyes and Multicolored balloons
  • Theme Suitable For: Boys celebrating their 1st, 2nd or 3rd Birthday Parties
  • Season: Works great for summers!

8. My Little Pony Birthday Theme:

This My Little Pony birthday theme for girls is sure to leave your guests wanting for more! The colorful setup adds life to the environment and kicks in the right mood for celebrations. Adding those adorable Pony characters on the sides is sure to bring in laughter and cheer in the guests. This small, yet impressive party decoration is just what you want to get amazing photographs and great memories!

  • Theme Decoration Items: Hang some colorful drapes on the backdrop and create a textured effect with loads of balloons. Use a pleated table cloth or stack layers of different colored fabrics on the front side. Stock up the table with delicious, colorful treats like candies. Stick on a few characters from My Little Pony on the sides for a peek-a-boo look.
  • Theme Suitable For: Girls celebrating their 2nd birthday or above
  • Season: This is the best theme for spring and early summers

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9. Pixar Cars Birthday Theme:

Is your little boy passionate about cars and racing? Then there can be no better theme than this one! The bright and beautiful Disney Cars birthday decoration for boys sets new standards in the party game. From printed backdrops to hyper-realistic cardboard cutouts, every single element plays a key role in turning your party hall into a fun, race course. Did you notice that delicious Cars themed Chocolate cake in the center?

  • Theme Decoration Items: Spread a grass carpet on the floor and stick a Cars theme backdrop on the wall. Place a few tables to hold you cake, desserts and other decorative elements. Fix up 3D Cars decoration items on the front along with the name board.
  • Theme Suitable For: Boys celebrating their 2nd birthday or above
  • Season: Suitable for all seasons

10. Butterfly Theme For Birthday:

“Butterfly Butterfly, where have you been? I’ve been to a party to see a little girl dressed up like a queen!”. Gift your little Princess this magical birthday theme for her special day and show her your love. This amazing party decoration idea for girls can be setup indoors or outdoors depending on the weather. You can add a few floral decorative elements to convert your backyard into a whimsical fairy garden!

  • Theme Decoration Items: If it is an outdoor setup, hang a textured green backdrop and stick pretty paper flowers. Stick 3D butterflies and a mirror glazed frame to write the name or alphabet. Use vintage tableware like cake stands and trays to showcase your tasty treats. Cover up the table with a frilly tablecloth.
  • Theme Suitable For: 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th birthday of cute girls
  • Season: Suitable for spring

11. Frozen Birthday Theme:

‘Frozen’ is one of the timeless birthday themes for girls. This magical theme can be created to suit every budget and space availability. Seen here is one such great decoration idea that caters to compact places. You can use a lot of blue and white elements and add Frozen characters in 3D or printed formats. Recreate that snowy environment using fake snow and some glittery snowflakes in the décor. For the ‘icing’ on the cake, add Mr.Olaf as the cake topper to invite Winter with fun!

  • Theme Decoration Items: Use a lot of blue netted fabric that has shimmer. Stick on some Frozen pictures on the backdrop and hang a few snow flake shaped swirls from the ceiling. Add silver-colored tableware and place your desserts and cake. Put 3D toys of Frozen characters for a realistic feel.
  • Theme Suitable For: Birthdays of girls aged between 1-8 years
  • Season: Suitable for monsoon and winters

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12. Unicorn Birthday Theme:

Dream like a Unicorn and work hard to turn it into reality! This popular birthday party theme for girls is filled with pastel colors like pink, sea green, white and lilac that bring in a lot of joy in the parties. The lovely backdrop features the face of a sleeping Unicorn and can be easily replicated at home using paper cuttings. Add fancy-looking table cloth., tableware and customize your desserts to suit the theme. As return favors, plan for Unicorn themed jewelry like chains, rings or kits for your little guests and get ready to earn tons of compliments!

  • Theme Decoration Items: Place a plain cloth as the backdrop and stick bunches of bright colored paper roses on it. Add a golden horn and “eyelashes” to create the Unicorn. Place a pastel-colored table cloth and similar colored balloons with white or silver tableware.
  • Theme Suitable For: Birthdays of girls aged between 2-8 years
  • Season: Suitable for Spring and Winters

13. Movie Themed Birthday Party:

There can no better way to surprise a teenager and his or her friends than with the innovative Movie party theme. Bring home the entire theatre setup and get ready for some loud whistles and claps from your guests. Right from the entrance to the dessert tables, every element is kept inline with the cinema theme, all done in red and black. Replace your delicate treats with flavoured popcorn, cola, hotdogs and even nachos with salsa. Place a large screen and play their favorite flick either in a garden or in your living room.

  • Theme Decoration Items: Get a projector and a screen to play the movie. For the table setup, use a black backdrop with theatre-style popcorn tubs and cola crates in the décor. Use an illuminating board to feature the name in a typical movie style and highlight it with balloons. Hire a popcorn maker machine if you can!
  • Theme Suitable For: Best for boys and girls celebrating their 15th, 16th,17th,18th or 19th birthday
  • Season: Suitable for all weathers.

14. Avengers Birthday Theme for Boys in Early Teens:

Impress your child who just stepped into his teens, with this super cool Avengers themed birthday party decoration. This simple, yet spot-on décor is perfect for older kids who love to host themed parties but want to go low-key at the same time. You can hoard all the merchandise of your child’s favorite characters from the Avengers series and use a corner to showcase them. Just how brilliant is that idea of using the child’s photographs to create an Avengers logo!?

  • Theme Decoration Items: Posters, Inflatables and other popular merchandise of Avengers series. Lot of small sized photographs to form the “A” logo on the wall. A three-tier cake and alphabet cuttings on the side to represent the colors and designs of the characters
  • Theme Suitable For: Best for boys celebrating their 13th, 14th birthdays
  • Season: This indoor setup is great for winters. For summers, go for an outdoor décor of the same theme.

15. Mermaid Birthday Theme for Girls in Early Teens:

If your little Princess is stepping into her teens, then it’s definitely a great reason to celebrate! This slightly older kid must get a theme that suits her unique and charming personality. Check out this eye-catchy Mermaid Birthday Theme decoration for teen girls. This elegant setup is ultra-chic, feminine and fun at the same time. The color combo of purple and sea green give the illusion of an underwater party right in your living room!

  • Theme Decoration Items: A colorful underwater-themed printed backdrop to cover the wall. A lilac-colored netted tablecloth and loads of customized Mermaid themed desserts. Lots of Balloons in sea green and lilac with Mermaid print. Alphabets and Mermaid tail cuttings in Cardboard to stick on the wall and table.
  • Theme Suitable For: Best for girls celebrating their 13th, 14th birthdays
  • Season: This pastel themed décor is great for summers and spring.

16. Wild Safari Birthday Theme:

Another popular birthday theme for teenage birthdays is the Wild Safari or Jungle Theme. This versatile concept can be created in multiple ways to suit different age groups. Seen here is one such lawn party idea which is neither too childish nor too sober at the same time. Teens who want to celebrate their birthday amidst nature can go for this easy-to-create set up using loads of animal softies and green decorations to recreate a mini jungle in your home!

  • Theme Decoration Items: A large green, textured backdrop covered with balloons of different shades of green. A white table with jungle themed cakes and desserts. Big Sized soft toys of various wild animals positioned on the front and sides.
  • Theme Suitable For: Best for girls and boys celebrating their 13th, 14th,15thbirthdays
  • Season: This outdoor jungle party is perfect for balmy summers

17. Flamingo Birthday Theme:

This unique Tropical theme birthday party for girls is a refreshing choice from the usual concepts. The pink and peach theme has all the elements to take you on a mini tropical vacation. From the reed sticks as a backdrop to bright pink flamingos and Hawaiin leaves, every single item used in this décor transports you into an exotic world. Another surprise? Setup this party by the poolside and thrill your darling girl on her sixteenth birthday!

  • Theme Decoration Items: Thin reed sticks stuck together as a backdrop. Plastic Hawaiian leaves for the wreath and in the vases. Loads of peach and pink colored balloons. Sparkling simmer table cloth in Pink with Flamingo showpieces in all sizes. A customized flamingo cake and colorful treats like cake pops and fruit sticks.
  • Theme Suitable For: girls celebrating their Sweet Sixteenth birthday
  • Season: Summers and Spring

18. HipHop Birthday Theme:

If you and your friends are ardent fans of the Hip Hop culture, this birthday theme for adults is a must-try idea! It has all the important elements of the rap-culture, including the colorfulGrafitti as the backdrop, lots of black in the décor and those blingy gold jewelry! Keep the cake and rest of the props in classic black and white and let the gold cake topper reveal your age. To make a bold statement, write a few lines in hip-hop slang to tell people that Your Party Rocks!

  • Theme Decoration Items: Black table cloth and everything black with colorful graffiti using spray paints. For night parties, choose Neon paints! Get bold jewelry in fake gold and place them against the black background. Use props like transistors and 80’s accessories!
  • Theme Suitable For: Men celebrating their 30th, 31st and 35th Birthdays
  • Season: Works for all seasons

19. Disco Birthday Party Theme:

It’s the time to Disco! Celebrate the birthday of your brother or sister with this dazzling disco theme for adults. This unique and interesting décor idea is sure to set high standards in your social circle. You can convert a normal hall into a hifi discotheque by adding this illusionary backdrop, disco balls and loud background music. Design your cake and desserts to suit the theme. Set up some amplifiers in the room to get the ground shaking and your guests moving!

  • Theme Decoration Items: Black background with bright colored stickers, A lot of shimmer paper and large table cloth, Disco theme cakes, cookies and desserts, Electrifying music is a must!
  • Theme Suitable For: Men or Women celebrating their 21st, 22nd, 24th, 25th, 28th, 29th or 30th Birthdays
  • Season: Ideal for all seasons and weathers

20. Masquerade Birthday Party Theme:

Another superhit theme for adults’ birthday parties is this mysterious Masquerade! The idea is to engage every guest in the party and make them feel a part of it. Keep a bunch of masks ready for all your guests-both male and female! Dramatize the environment with a larger than life eye mask prop as the backdrop and keep the other elements inline with the color theme. For a sophisticated look, prefer shades like gold, purple and black.

  • Theme Decoration Items: Masquerade theme props like 3D mask backdrop, a frilly table cloth, baroque tableware, lots of feathers and customized desserts. Keep the backdrop in black to highlight these elements.
  • Theme Suitable For: Women celebrating their 40th birthday
  • Season: Best for Winter birthdays

Those are some of the best birthday themes to try this year! Whether it is for your child, father, mother, best friend or even for yourself, these decorations are sure to create unforgettable memories. Along with the props, do spend some time on costumes and return favors to add more fun to the party and afterward. If you have any more such ideas, do let us know!


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