No matter what age, one song that will always be in usage across the globe is the ‘happy birthday song’. On the occasion of a birthday, singing a jolly happy birthday definitely gives us joy and cheer. But have you ever thought of other variations and different birthday songs in English? To surprise you, we have compiled a few best and lovely English Happy Birthday songs for you today. These birthday songs are indeed joyous and iconic, and the lyrics will definitely impress you.

So why wait? Let us move ahead and check out the lovely and best English birthday songs trending around us this season. Here we go!

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Sending Birthday Wishes with Music: 20 Best English Birthday Video Songs:

Here we go, we have compiled these lovely birthday songs for you. These happy birthday songs are indeed perfect, and you would be surprised to know the several different birthday song choices trending around us.

1. Happy Birthday by Stevie Wonder:

Let us first check out this iconic happy birthday song by Stevie Wonder. While some of you may have heard of this song, others may have not. Stevie Wonder came out of this legendary happy birthday song to mark a perfect joyous celebration way back in 1980. The song is released as part of album Hotter Than July. This is among the most iconic birthday song lyrics of all the time.

2. Katy Perry’s Birthday Song:

If you haven’t heard this lovely Happy birthday song by Katy Perry you must check this out. This lovely song brings out a grandeur and oomph feeling with a very pop tone yet adding vintage and classic feel to it. The song was released in 2013 and is super catchy with unique lyrics and feel. The song will always remain hooked in today’s generation.

3. Madonna’s B-Day Song:

We cannot miss out on Madonna’s Happy birthday variant too, can we? This lovely song is yet another contemporary choice when it comes to happy birthday songs. The song lyrics are cool and contemporary, surprises the listeners with such magical feeling and tone. This is among the top happy birthday song in English even to date!

4. Kygo and John Legend’s Happy Birthday:

Not very often we do hear calming and pleasant songs when it comes to happy birthday. But this song will indeed change your perception. The song starts off very calm and beautiful and catches up in tone and the vocal chords. It surprises us with the lyrics and we love how gorgeous the song makes us feel too. If you love the unique and soothing feel, it is a must download happy birthday song.

5. Beatles – Birthday Song:

We cannot miss the Beatles Birthday song can we? Most of us are already Beatles lover and you can guess how crazy this song gets! Undoubtedly, it is often said to be among the greatest band of all time, and despite it being released over fifty years ago, this song is often in the charts for its relevance and music. What do you think?

6. The Click Five – Happy Birthday:

Another song which we could not let you miss is this version by Click Five. This song reminds us of several good old memories, makes us feel nostalgic and beautiful. The Click Five song still stays popular in today’s generation. It is made beautifully with the perfect music pitch, lovely lyrics, and vibes. It is one of the song that can never get old. Do you agree?

7. Loretta Lynn’s Happy Birthday:

If you do not know this yet, you must check Loretta Lynn’s birthday song. Released in 1965, this song is as good as vintage and classic even today. If you listen, you would agree with us when we say that – they never make these kinds of songs today! Do you agree?

8. Casting Crowns – Just Another Birthday:

Just Another Birthday is rather a very sentimental birthday song for us. The song depicts the relationship between father and daughter and is sweet and nostalgic. It is definitely going to make you cry and laugh at the same time. It touches you deeply, makes sure to never leave you once you hear it.

9. Destiny Child’s Birthday:

This birthday song by Destiny Child is yet another iconic one. The song makes us feel lovely and beautiful, gives us a very warm romantic feeling, and will let you feel joyous and warmth. The song goes very slow pace, leaving you the space to sink in the beautiful lyrics and the feeling. What do you think?

10. Rihanna’s Birthday Cake:

We can only first think of Rihanna’s song when we talk about the contemporary and new birthday songs this decade. The song gives us a very hypnotic feeling and the lyrics are super touchy. It makes you get up on your feet and clap, and drool to this song. It is a perfect song for a hip hop and DJ-feeling party birthday song. Do you agree?

11. In Da Club By 50 Cent:

Nothing is better than this song if you are looking for a party starter. This is indeed a perfect choice to grab your bottles, food, and dance. The song stood at number one several weeks in Billboard and will let you move and grove with fun and joy. It is a perfect birthday party celebration song and will let your mood high.

12. Jeremih’s Birthday Sex:

If you want to talk about the classic song for your birthday, you cannot miss this out. This one may have been released this past decade but is a perfect choice to celebrate your birthday with your loved one, be it girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse. You do not need anything besides this song if you want a good celebration with your loved one. What do you think?

13. Birthday Song by 2 Chainz ft Kanye West:

Another perfect party song for the birthday celebration is this song by Chainz ft Kanye West. The song is about party culture, reminding us that being selfish and greedy on birthdays is okay. The song lets you pamper yourself with whatever you wish and is a perfect birthday song for friends or girlfriend/boyfriend.

14. Birthday by Twista:

Are you looking for a party and DJ song? Twista song is just the right choice for getting your party started. This is an apt song to celebrate your bestie’s or bff’s birthday with a great bash. It lets you open the bottles and hit the dance floor as soon as you switch on the music. Isn’t it great?

15. Selena Gomez’s Birthday Song:

You won’t believe it when we say that Selena Gomez’s birthday song is released just around her 21st birthday. This is another great birthday song for youngsters, particularly to celebrate your friend’s birthday. It lets you groove in the club and build amazing memories. This is for you if you are looking for a contemporary, fun choice. This is a recent popular Happy Birthday to you track English song.

16. It’s My Party by Lesley Gore:

This is most possibly an amazing birthday party song with iconic lyrics that will be remembered forever. It will make you nostalgic and cry happy tears, reminding you of amazing times with your fun family. Lesley Gore’s song is ideal for a birthday party celebration with your family. Listen to it and you will accept it when we say it’s a gem!

17. Birthday by Kings of Leon:

Away from all the dancing and celebrating birthday songs, we have another gem in this birthday song by Kings of Leon. It is a lovely feel-good song that lets you feel great on a special day. This song is a happy choice for those who love to have a calm, special, and personal birthday celebration.

18. Birthday Song of Frankie Cosmos:

Age is just a reminder! This song reminds you to remember that fact. This song is a perfect choice if you want a unique and one-of-a-kind birthday song at a party. It is distinct yet sets you to groove and instantly makes you feel great about yourself. Isn’t that all that we wish to feel on our birthday? Listen to this and you will agree with us!

19. Happy Birthday by Sufjan Stevens:

Are you looking for a soft and gentle track for the birthday song? If so, this Sufjan Steven’s birthday song is what you need to hear. The perfect lullaby song is perfect for anyone across the age group who loves gentle and lovely tuned music. Hear this, and you will be mesmerized, too!

20. Anne Marie’s Birthday:

This is the perfect contemporary and modern birthday song you need on a special eventful day. Anne Marie’s birthday song reminds you to be yourself and have fun doing what you love the most on birthdays. Whether it includes drinking what you like or eating whatever you wish to and partying crazy, it’s the day to forget worries and have fun the most.

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How did you enjoy exploring these lovely happy birthday songs in English? We bet most of you may not know of such a wide variety of birthday songs to celebrate the special day. Depending on the tone of your party, audience, and theme, you can easily pick the right music track to download and celebrate the most and have fun on the day. Let us know your favorite track too; we love to hear from you!


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