Are you annoyed with rust forming around your favourite furniture? Are you searching for ways to get rid of rust all by yourself? Then you are at the right place! Rust can spoil the look and reduce the longevity of any metal. When the metal gets in contact with water, rust begins to appear which can damage and reduce its quality. Any furniture or appliances made of iron or steel are prone to rust quickly, but the question is how to remove rust?!

Cleaning rust is not as difficult as you may assume. While you can get rust remover products in-store, you can easily ward off and get rid of rust by yourself. Now make the DIY cleaners all by yourself through these easy methods.

5 Easy Ways  to Remove Rust From Metal Tools and Materials:

There are several methods on how to clean rust yourself without any cleaner from the store. They are as effective as the market products and can give you instant results! The top five ways to remove rust are as follows.

1. How to Clean Rust with Baking Soda:

Baking soda has properties to clean heavy to stubborn dirt and dust on any metal. Be it fresh to aged and old rust, baking soda has the potential to get rid of it all.If you have very stubborn rust, you can leave the mixture for a longer period or reapply it again for the best results. This soda is good even to remove rust from iron from very old furniture or appliances in no time.

Things Required:

  • Baking soda
  • Water (normal)
  • Brush or toothbrush (old)

How to Clean:

  • Make a fine paste with the required amount of baking soda and water
  • Spread it on the metal
  • Let it stay for a few hours
  • Use a good brush to scrub off the rust
  • Rinse with water
  • Dry it out

Suitable for: Iron and Steel, both

2. Lemon Juice to Clear Rust:

Lemon, with its natural acids, including the citric acid, is known to be the natural cleanser for removing dirt and cleaning rusty items. When the lemon is used with salt, it can even remove stubborn rust in difficult places, as well. Here is how to use lemon juice with salt to remove rust from any metal effectively and quickly!

Things required:

  • Lemon juice or lime
  • Salt (rock salt or regular salt)
  • Brush
  • Dry Cloth

How to clean:

  • Rub salt in all the areas where it is rusted at first
  • After that, cut lemon and squeeze in the juice on top of the salt
  • Let it stay for two hours
  • Scrub off with a brush

Suitable for: Steel, and fabric (like carpets)

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3. How to Remove Rust from Metal with Vinegar:

Vinegar is known to attack and counteract to remove rust. It is a popular remedy for ages, which is best to remove the rust from smaller household items like knives and tools. In addition, vinegar can be used as a mild iron rust remover if it is recently formed and not very old. Forget not only to use white vinegar, which is readily available in the store to scrap off the rust.

Things required:

  • White Vinegar (available from store)
  • Towel

How to clean:

  • Take vinegar in a bowl as needed
  • Let the tool or rusted item sit inside vinegar as long as possible
  • You can even leave it overnight
  • For larger appliances, you can soak a rag inside vinegar and use it to wrap around
  • After an overnight application, scrub it off.
  • Dry it out with a dry towel at the end.
  • If you do not see the ingredient working to its fullest capacity, you can reapply vinegar and repeat the same steps.

Suitable for: Steel and iron appliances

4. Get Rid of Rust by Using Oxalic Acid:

Most of us haven’t heard of oxalic acid. It is colorless crystalline acid, which is popular to ward off the stubborn rust in no time. Be it very old and sharp rust; you can easily remove it and clean with this thorough DIY rust cleaner. In addition, what most of us do not know is the strength of this acid. Oxalic acid even can remove rust from the bike and similar larger appliances. However, it is important to maintain caution and protective clothing. Avoid inhaling the acid fumes and chemical smell at any cost.

Things required:

  • Oxalic acid
  • Warm water

How to clean:

  • Firstly, wash the rusted item well
  • Dry it off
  • Mix oxalic acid with warm water
  • Leave it for about half an hour
  • Now clean it off with brush or cloth
  • Once rust is effectively removed, wash it off and clean it.

Suitable for: Harsh rust on iron metal

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5. Potato and Dish Soap Liquid:

Potato’s antioxidant formula helps significantly to ease down on rust in easy appliances. If it is not very stubborn and hard rust, you can easily use a potato to remove and clean off rust easily and quickly at no time. Preferably, in the case of kitchen cookware, potato is the best ingredient to remove rust from stainless steel items.

Things required:

  • Potato
  • Dish soap

How to clean:

  • Cut the potato at first
  • Apply dish soap at the end of the potato
  • Place the potato in the rusted area
  • Leave it for a couple of hours
  • You can even alter to use soap with baking soda if you cannot get hold of any liquid
  • Reapply and redo the procedure if you do not see the complete disappearance of rust.

Suitable for: Steel only

Now say bye-bye to rust on your favourite things and get shinier and cleaner things through these easy methods on how to remove rust. With these simple home techniques, you do not need the help of market rust removal products. Try them out and tell us how effectively they worked for you!


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