Most of you assume that curly hair is difficult to manage and maintain. But if you notice, most fashionista looks and hairstyles are created with curly hair. Did you know there are different types of curl definitions which can be distinguished based on the tightness and curl pattern formation? Today, we have compiled all about actresses with naturally curly hair and the different types of curl textures among them. We know the craze associated with Hollywood for curls, and these celebrities are famous for having the most beautiful curls and beautiful tresses.

So why wait? Let us move forward and learn about the different types of curl patterns and definitions and look at the celebs and actresses with naturally curly hair.

9 Celebrities with Tight and Loose Curly Hairstyles 2024:

Today, let us learn about the different types of curl patterns, their definitions and their looks. You will be thrilled to know about the possibilities of several looks that are associated with them too. Isn’t it exciting?

To begin with, we have the Type 2, Type 3, and Type 4 curls, which denote the main curl families. The ABC variants within these numbers are associated with defining how tight the curls and their patterns are. So accordingly, Type 2 are wavy curls with an S pattern, Type 3s are associated with spiral curls, and Type 4 are kinks and coils kind of curls.

2A Curly Hair Type and Celebrities:

2A hair type of curls is very loose and tousled in texture type. These are almost a wavy-curl kind of definition, which can lose the curl pattern at times. They are barely-there curls and are lightweight. They may lack volume, and hence heavy styling is not recommended with this nature of curls. You can use lightweight watery mousse to provide definition and some oomph for a fluffy look.

With the 2A curl definition, you can try a variety of easy hairstyles to bring on the definition and add elegance. For instance, with such lovely natural S-type pattern curly hair, you can always leave your hair open with a good blow dry, particularly if you have medium to long-length curly hair. On the other hand, a half-hair tied look or a loose messy bun can look amazing too.

The celebrities with 2A curls include,

Laura Dern:

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Arizona Muse:

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2B Curly Hair Type and Celebrities:

We have the 2B hair definition which isn’t very lightweight but instead is defined with tighter curls than 2A. It can still be loose like 2A but is better in shape and definition of the curl pattern. The strands have higher diameters and look like natural surface waves or beach wave curls.

These curls can also look beautiful with a loose open curls hair hairstyle. On the other hand, you can also try a high pony, messy bun, messy braids, or half-hair bun. Celebrities and Hollywood actresses with 2B curly hair type include,

Salma Hayek:

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Tori Kelly:

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2C Curly Hair Type and Celebrities:

Type 2C hair has a higher definition and tightness in the curl pattern. They are also thicker and well-defined in the curl shape right from the roots. However, given the nature of curls, women with this hair type also may be prone to frizz. The stylists recommend good hydrating shampoos and moisturizers to tackle this concern.

You can also try out various beautiful curly hairstyles if you have 2C hair. You can try low shag or beautiful fringes or bangs with this haircut. Bobs, layered haircuts, and layered hairstyles with half hair up and half down can look stunning too. Celebrities with this hair type include,


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3A Curly Hair Type and Celebrities:

Type 3A hair is distinguished by those tresses that are shiny, large and loose curls. They look like loose spiral curl type however can be a bit of a shapeshifter according to the weather. These curls may also be very prone to frizz; hence, a good curl cream or mousse is highly recommended while styling and managing them. Good hydrating shampoo and hair masks can also do very good to the health of this hair texture.

Those with type 3A hair can try those hairstyles which look beautiful with volume. Pinned-up or fluffy hairstyles, slicked back and braided can look very good. Celebrities with 3A curly hairstyles include,

Julia Garner:

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AnnaLynne McCord:

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3B Curly Hair Type and Celebrities:

The type 3B curls are much tighter than the earlier variant. They are more spring-back and maybe only looser in the front side of the head. However, these springy ringlets are also dense, voluminous, and difficult to maintain and manage. To ease the process, stylists recommend adding curl creams and hair masks when the hair is wet so that they can be styled and managed easily. Further, add creams and butter daily or regularly to provide moisture to the dry tresses.

Short or medium-length curly hair bob, tapered haircut, pigtails, scarf hairstyle pony, half hair ponytail or clipped hairstyle can look gorgeous with type 3b curls. Celebs with this curly hair include,


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Crystal Westbrooks:

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3C Curly Hair Type and Celebrities:

Next up, we have the type 3c curl pattern. These resemble tight corkscrews where the curls and strands are packed tightly with each other. As a result, those with type 3c can appear as if they have a lot of volume in their hair. The zigzag and corkscrew texture may also look coarse and dry. Hence high-hydration haircare products are recommended by stylists. Good dense styling cream and detangling conditioners are a must. To reduce frizziness, sulfate-free hair cleansers and shampoos are also helpful.

Further, if you have type 3c hair curls, you can try a range of fabulous hairstyles. The sleep side tight buns, face-framing curly bangs, loose blonde curly hair, double pigtails, messy high bun, half up hairstyle can look beautiful with those with naturally type 3c curly hair. Further, this celebrity is known to flaunt 3c hair effortlessly.

Nathalie Emmanuel:

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4A Curly Hair Type and Celebrities:

Type 4 curls are known to be harder to manage, given that they are oily hair curls. This kinky curly hair texture is similar to afro hair texture, which is very coarse too. Coming to Type 4A curls and kinks, these are dense, springy and S patterns in design. These curls are said to be in ‘same circumference as crochet needle’. Given that they shrink very high, these curls may tend to also wrap around.

Top knot hairstyles, red highlights or blonde highlights loose hair, half hair pinned look, sleek ponytail or sleek bun, simple headband hairstyle, high bun or high ponytail can look amazing with those with type 4a curls. Celebrities with this hair pattern include,

Megan Thee Stallion:

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Yaya DaCosta:

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4B Curly Hair Type and Celebrities:

The type 4b hair curls are more densely packed than 4A and curls can even look bent up sharply. They look highly zigzag in pattern and require some elasticity, hydrating and detangling products. Given that they look z-shaped, they can also break and shrink easily if not well cared for. As a result, women with type 4b hair need to invest in high-definition and moisture-fueled haircare products. Do not fear taking too many leave-in hair products and creams.

Bantu knots, twists, tight buns, double buns, half up, half down hairstyles and box braids can look amazing if you have type 4b hair curls. Further, these celebrities are known to flaunt their type 4c curls effortlessly.

Seun Okimi:

Willow Smith:

Image Source: pinterest

4C Curly Hair Type and Celebrities:

The type 4c texture may look much similar to the 4b texture, however, as many of you may guess, these are even much harder to maintain. The tresses and curl strands are highly tight-coiled and even more fragile. As a result, you cannot even notice the zigzag pattern in these curls. Further, they are very highly prone to shrinkage and are super delicate. Right from shampoos and hair masks to leave in gels, pomades, creams and butter, stylists advise using products that can provide high moisture content.

Further, protective hairstyles are ideal for this hair type and curls as they are delicate and very fragile.

Lupita Nyong’o:

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KiKi Layne:

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So, how did you enjoy exploring these different types of naturally curly hair looks for women? Did you know about these different types of curl definitions and patterns? Let us know your thoughts, we love to hear from you too!


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