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How To Use Hair Serum Daily?

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In today’s world, one of the best hair products for fighting hair pollution is hair serum. Lack of hair care and long exposure to the sun may cause excessive damage to your hair. There is nothing better than a hair serum if you want to protect you hair from tangling. A hair serum makes your hair shiny and glossy. Along with maintaining a proper lifestyle and involving yourself with good habits, you will need to use a good hair serum for granting the hair a radiant shine.

how to use hair serum

What Are The Uses Of Hair Serums:

Hair serum is the best solution for entangled hair. Some styling products also cause excessive damage to the hair which can only be fixed with the help of a suitable hair serum. The reactions of the hair serum exist for a long period of time.

This generation has been gifted with one of the best hair products that could be ever intended. A hair serum will fight gently against all the hair entangling issues and will provide the user with successful results that will lead to good quality hair. It will put a one-stop end to all kinds of dryness-caused problems. In short, it can be said that you can bid farewell forever to all kinds of frizzy hair discomforts. If you are willing to get silky smooth hair, then hair serum is one of the prime tools for you.

You may ask, what is the use of hair serum? The hair serum provides the hair with a protective layer, which helps in restoring the moisture. Due to long exposure to the sun our hair strands become damaged. The serum helps in recovering that damage and protects the hair from further damage. After application of hair serum after washing the hair, saves the hair from breakage.

Hair serum comes with silicon which makes the hair look shiny and protects the hair like an invisible shield. It will make your hair look healthy from the roots and will actually do it as well. Nowadays, there are a number of hair serums out there provided by a variety of some of the best hair care brands in the world. Just purchase the one which is suitable for you and use it to get the best results. The hair will be protected from sunlight and other pollutants as well. The humidity level of the hair will also be maintained by the hair serum.

These hair serum products are available in the form of sprays which are basically used for treating frizzy hair. The hair is exposed to serious damage due to the usage of bad color. Hair serums can be used on such damaged hair to give it that desired strength and shine. Besides nourishing the hair, hair serums protect the hair strands from the roots. It makes sure that the hair does not break easily. Along with, it provides the hair with that perfect shine which you’ve always desired.

The hair serum is basically silicon oil. It is non-sticky in nature and does not contain any chemicals that might prove to be harmful to your hair. The non-sticky feature will also save the hair from all kinds of external pollution and harmful UV-rays.

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What Does A Hair Serum Do?

A hair serum comes with the best elements that guard the hair and restricts the damage caused by the pollutants in the air. You don’t have to apply it daily but a frequent application of hair serum will definitely protect the damaged caused by the harmful UV rays of the sun, as discussed earlier. Excessive styling and application of the fancy commercial products and coloring and straightening can steal the moisture from the hair. The hair serum makes sure that the moisture is restored and this can be said to be one of the prime applications of hair serum. And that is why hair serum is said to work as a conditioner as well.

How To Use Hair Serum:

Here are some of the basic steps on how to use hair serum that you will have to go through in order to make the application of the hair serum totally effective. These steps will ensure that the hair serum has been applied properly and the hair is now getting all the benefits of the serum.

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Step 1:

hair serum use

Choosing the right hair serum is critical. You will have to choose the right product as there are a number of fake brands which promise to provide you hair with ultimate care. Operating a decent research on the product and the brand is recommended.

Step 2:

hair serum uses

Wash your hair before applying the serum on hair. Use a shampoo and wash it off with cold water. This will close the pores.

Step 3:

what is the use of hair serum

Take a few drops of the hair serum and use them on the hair. Leave it for a couple of seconds to let it dry naturally.

Step 4:

It is not necessary to wash the hair again. A hair serum lacks all kinds of harmful chemicals which might cause damage to your hair.

The process of applying a hair serum is finished. Your hair is now being protected by an artificial layer which will restrain all kinds of outside pollution including dust and harmful sun rays. Now you can comb your hair the way you want. Since the hair is now totally protected with the guarding elements of the serum, you won’t have to worry about any kind of split ends in the hair and you can comb it freely.

Choosing The Right Serum For Yourself:

Sometimes choosing the right serum can be a real issue. It gets hectic, as the hair types vary. Luckily, there are hair serums for all hair types. Most of the serums for hair are intended to solve the issues of thick hair, which has lots of split ends and is widely damaged. Sometimes a silky hair can also require a serum. So if you apply the serum for thick hair on your silky smooth hair, then it can be even worse for you. The serums are made in a way to reduce all the problems of dryness.

So a serum for the thick hair can be harsh for the silky smooth hair and that can be a real issue for the women with naturally smooth hair. That is why the hair serum can be a real friend or a strong enemy. Do buy after educating yourself. If you are having issues choosing the right one for you then consult a professional before buying and applying one.

Precautions For Using Hair Serum:

The following point should be kept in mind while using a hair serum.

  • If you’re going to use a hair serum for the first time, consult an expert or trichologist.
  • Application of hands while rubbing the serum on the hair should be strictly avoided. Instead of hands, use a suitable brush to circulate the serum.
  • Don’t towel dry the hair after using the shampoo. Hair serums should be used on wet hair only.

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Use of Hair Serum Everyday:

One question still lingers, can we use hair serum daily? It depends on the type of hair serum you choose. Some hair serums aren’t water soluble, which could lead to buildup. Hair experts don’t recommend the use of hair serums everyday. They are best suited for occasional days, like the days you wash your hair but not for everyday use.

If your hair is too frizzy and requires a serum everyday, choose an oil-based serum from a reputed brand or try one of the natural made at home serums.

Use of Hair Serum before Hair Straightening:

Hair straightening requires the use of hot tools on your hair that could damage your hair. In order to prevent such damages, hair experts recommend the use of heat protectants before straightening your hair. Some of the common heat protectants are serums, heat protectant sprays and creams. Serums prevent your hair from getting fried from the straightening. Serums don’t just protect your hair, they make your locks shine and keep frizz at bay. Without further ado, go ahead and get the most suitable hair serum.

Hair styling, pollution and hair styling chemicals strip your hair of its moisture leaving it dull and frizzy. Serums coat your hair with a protective layer and prevent damage. This wonder product not just makes your hair shine but protects it from external factors like dust, pollution and humidity. Make your hair shinier, smoother and softer with the use of hair serums. Hope these tips help you decide from the myriad of benefits discussed. Happy Hair Day!

By reading the above article you have been got awareness of how to use hair serum for better results along the uses of hair serums.