Be it the case of dry hair, oily hair, frizzy or brittle hair, or even curly, messy hair, one answer and catch to have magical results of a smooth, silky look is the hair serum. Hair serums have been famous across the globe for generations for their power to give a whole new look to our hair. But often, we get sceptical about using such harsh or chemical products from the market! We understand this concern, so we are here with a guide on using hair serum with homemade ingredients.

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These natural DIY products are also as useful as the market ones. They help us achieve shiny, silky, and well-moisturized hair quickly. Keep reading if you are thinking about these and how to prepare and apply the hair serum!

Benefits of Using Hair Serum:

Hair serums are light, silicone-based substance products used to apply and coat the outer surface of the hair. These do not go into hair roots or cuticles but work on surface smoothness and silkiness of hair(1). The hair serums are prepared and used for several hair concerns, ranging from hair fall, curly and messy, frizzy and brittle hair, or damaged hair(2). Here are the significant benefits of using hair serum.

  • The pollutants, dust, and dirt often break the hair or make it look unhealthy. Hair serums help to protect hair against dirt.
  • Hair serum helps to work on smoothening and softening the hair’s surface. It reduces tangles and gives a healthier look.
  • It also helps protect hair against sun damage when we leave the home.
  • Stickiness and hair fall concerns can also be reduced effectively by using serums on hair.
  • Any concerns of low hair natural oils or dryness, including damaged hair, can be treated easily with hair serums. They help moisturize hair and give nourished hair.
  • Last but not least, if you regularly use styling tools and heating equipment to style hair, the serum will help you against hair damage and work wonders in protecting the natural oils within the hair.

How to Apply and How Much Hair Serum to Use on Hair:

Once we know the immense benefits of applying the serum to healthy hair, we should also know how to apply it. Often, we get loaded with doubts on when and how to use this, the method of putting, and how much quantity to work on. Application methods matter to get all benefits in the right manner. Here are some tips!

  • Firstly, to go to market-based brands and check on chemical ingredients. Please do not choose the products that have harsh and numerous lists of chemicals in them. Further, we recommend you go with serum as per your hair concerns.
  • However, natural homemade serums can be prepared (we will get to this in the next sections). They are equally nourishing.
  • Once you wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, let it towel dry.
  • Apply serum to hair when the hair is a little damp (not too wet).
  • Take the serum on your palm (a pea-sized drop would suffice). Rub it in between your palms.
  • Apply on the surface of your hair from the beginning tips to the ends. Do not apply to the roots and scalp.
  • Take the hair in small sections and comb it thoroughly. We recommend using a paddle broad tooth comb/brush when hair is damp.

Note: Do not reapply serums too many times between rewashing your hair. It is best recommended to use serums on washed hair.

How to Use Homemade DIY Hair Serums for Different Hair Types:

Given that we have seen the benefits of hair serum and how to apply it for the best results, it is essential to note natural and easy-to-make DIY serums for those battling different hair concerns. Here are some magic ingredients that can alter the way your hair is!

1. Hair Serum for Oily Hair:

It is a huge myth if you assume that oily hair and oily scalp people should not use hair serums. The natural oils in the hair should be controlled, so hair serums are required. Light oils such as jojoba or coconut oil are best in this case, which helps regulate the excess sebum from glands and works wonders to get back to normal texture.


  • Coconut or jojoba oil.
  • Any other essential oil (preferably lemon, peppermint oils).


  • Mix a few drops of essential oil (of your choice) with 100ml of jojoba or coconut oil.
  • Shake them both well and store them in a tight bottle. We advise storing it in a dark place, too.
  • After a week, apply this as a serum on damp hair.


  • Do not use this hair serum very often. Apply twice a week, at most.

2. Hair Serum for Dry Hair:

Dry hair concern is most common these days, given that we all step out and get hold of all pollutants and dirt stuck to our hair. The result is a damaged and unhealthy texture. Use this hair serum for dry hair to help get back to smooth, shiny hair, along with treating other concerns such as damage and split ends. Castor oil helps in fatty acids, proteins and vitamins to quickly get soft, lustrous hair.


  • Castor oil.
  • Essential oils such as lavender oil or rosewood oil.


  • Mix a few drops of both oils and fill an airtight bottle with a tight screw.
  • Make sure the consistency is light.
  • Massage this on damp hair.

Tips: You can massage this serum every alternative day for the best results.

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3. Shiny and Smooth Hair:

We all dream of having a smooth, fairytale look. Here is one fantastic natural method to get hold of glossy hair. Here is how to transform dull hair into perfect, shiny hair in no time, with all ingredients. With these essential and medical oils, your hair will only get smoother, beautiful and glossy, with extra shine. Avocado oil has proteins and vitamins, with folic acids and oils like almond oil; jojoba has the goodness of fatty acids and minerals to help get a healthy texture to hair. You can use this as a natural and effective hair serum for men.


  • Avocado oil.
  • Jojoba oil.
  • Argan oil.
  • Grapeseed oil.
  • Almond oil.


  • In a small bowl, stir well; take four tbsp of avocado and two tbsp.. of all other oils.
  • Pour it and store it in a tight container.
  • Use this serum to dampen hair every time after hair wash.

Tips: Only apply this to damp hair and not other days. You can use it any number of times.

4. Frizzy Hair:

The worst hair concern ever is to have frizzy hair. Be it due to dust and pollution, bad weather or the innate texture of your hair, now wave goodbye to the frizziness with this natural DIY Hair serum. With vitamin E, coconut oil and other gels/oils, you get all vitamins, lauric acid, fatty acids and nutrients for the health of overall hair. This can be applied even as a serum on curly hair to reduce tangles.


  • Jasmine or rose essential oil (10 drops).
  • Coconut oil (2 tbsp).
  • Aloe vera gel (10 tbsp).
  • Rosewater (2 tbsp).
  • Vitamin E oil (1 tbsp).


  • Blend all the ingredients well into the bowl.
  • Make sure there are no crumps.
  • Transfer them into the tight jar.
  • Now, use this as a serum to dampen hair after washing.

Tips: You can use this regularly and see noticeable results quickly.

5. Hair Serum for Damaged Hair:

Are you a regular styling kind of person? Is your hair damaged due to regular styling, hair straightening and heat equipment on hair? This serum is a blessing in disguise. With Vitamin E, grapeseed and lavender oils, the antioxidants, minerals, and proteins will penetrate your hair, resulting in healthy and voluminous hair in no time. Apply this serum to help protect hair from the heat, too.


  • Grapeseed oil (4 tbsp).
  • Vitamin E oil or capsules (1 tbsp or one capsule).
  • Lavender oil (5 drops).


  • Mix all ingredients in a small bowl.
  • Transfer to a jar and shake it well before use.
  • Apply to hair and also the scalp.
  • Leave this mixture overnight.

Tips: You can use this as a serum before you wash your hair. Visible results will be there in no time.

Additional Tips:

Here are a few tips and don’t to get the best results from these serums.

  • Do not massage the serum on the scalp or even hair roots. Only work with an easy hand on your hair.
  • Warm up the serum a bit before you apply it between your palms. This will bring on a seamless application.
  • A small amount would suffice for one use. Do not overuse it or over-apply it.
  • Apply to freshly washed hair and damp hair for the best result.
  • Always pick a serum with the right hair texture and concern for the best results. You can see the results in no time. These can be applied even as hair growth serums.

Final Thoughts:

We hope we have answered your query and hair concern with this guide on using and applying hair serum. Make sure you follow this regularly for the best results. We all dream of healthy and lustrous hair; you can make this possible at home without spending heavily on market products. Let us know your thoughts!

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