Summer is the season where we can have the best moments of our life. It is that time where we go out, play, have fun in the sun. But at the same time, the sun rays cause major damages to our hair which causes breaking down of hair. The summer heat restricts us from enjoying healthy and bouncy hair all year round as it weakens the strands during summer. The hair becomes lifeless and due to such exposure to the sun, the bouncy and glossy effect is eliminated. Along with that, we face other hair problems such as dandruff, hair fall, etc. The heat causes damage to the scalp as well. Sunburned marks are revealed after long exposure to the sun.

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These injuries are inevitable unless we control them in time. We shall have to adopt some simple steps which will ensure the safety of our hair even during summers.

Tips To Protect Hair From The Sun:

Following are some of the best ways for how to protect hair from the sun.

1. Avoiding Cosmetics:

Hair products though make our hair look glossy and beautiful, cause a lot of damage to the roots and scalp. Using too many cosmetics such as coloring or hair treatments at spa’s, weaken the hair and make it dry. Your hair is already dry while you’re enjoying summer. Hence, excessive dryness will not be good for your hair. However, you can use cosmetics on your hair before the summer starts of after the season has passed.

2. Avoiding Lemon-Based Products:

Lemon based products make the hair strands dry, which is the one of the major reason of breaking down of hair. Consuming beverages or foods or using products that have the lemon as the base ingredient will dry out the hair at a much faster rate than the usual. Hence, avoiding such products is a must during summers.

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3. Using a Hat:

A hat will protect the hair from direct exposure to the sun. It will act as an umbrella for the hair and protect it from the harmful UV-rays. Plus, hats are a trend these days. So buy yourself one and rock it while protecting your hair at the same time.

4. Using a Conditioner:

Use a suitable conditioner on your hair after shampoos to keep the hair moisturized. By now, the summer heat has made your hair dry. Hence, you should try to recover that dryness by using the best moisturizing solution on your hair. This step will make sure that the hair is well nourished and will reduce the rate of damage from the sun.

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5. UV Protection:

You can use UV protection face cream on your hair strands. Mix it with a proper proportion of water and use it on your hair to protect it from the harmful sun rays. Apart from protecting the face, SPF creams also restrains the scalp from direct exposure to the sun.

6. Avoiding Heat:

Try not to use hair straighteners or hair dryers during summer. Summer is a hot season which is primarily causing damage to your hair and you will not any other external factor for damaging your hair. Besides using such stuff, keep the hair hydrated and moisturized.

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7. Tying The Hair:

At summers, your hair becomes frizzy naturally. Don’t let the hair get dry and frizzy. Tie it up properly and adopt styles such as braids, ponytails, etc.


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