25 Best Hairstyles for Round Faces with Pictures

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Round face is a very common face shape. Girls with a round face often struggle on how to minimize the horizontal breadth of their face. The best way to diminish the roundness of the face is by sporting some hairstyle that can make the face look oval. Banged hairstyles can be a nice choice and similarly beehive hairstyles are also good for girls with round face shapes. Take a look at our preferred choice of hair cut for round faces.

hairstyles for round faces

You can leave your hair loose too because long hair or long wavy hair gives the illusion of elongated face shape. Here we suggest you 25 best hairstyles for round faces. Starting from the different bun hairstyles and others, take a look at some of the beautiful hairstyles that will go well with round faces.

Different Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces with Images:

1. The Simple Back Bun Look:

The Simple Back Bun Look

The first choice is the simple hairstyle that of a back bun looks. This hairstyle suits people with round faces quite easily. A simple bun can be adorned with hair accessories to make it look more renounced. You can try out a simple back bun for your wedding party if you have a round face. Choose contrasting hair accessories to go place on the bun. Place the dupatta in on one side of the shoulder and clip it in with pins. We assure you will look classy!

2. The Braided Long Hairstyle:

The Braided Hairstyle

The ever-simple look is a beautiful braid! Braids look very beautiful on girls with round face. This one is also one of the most suggested best hair style for round face. If you are willing to sport a hairstyle which is long and goes fine with your round face shape, try a braided hairstyle. You can adorn braided hairstyles with a back beehive look. Additionally, use flower hair accessories for a complete bridal look. You can try out some necklace and other accessories to complete the look.

3. Bouffant Bun with Vintage Curls:

Different Hairstyles for Round Faces3

This is another suitable hairstyle for round face. A bouffant up-do or a beehive up-do makes the face shape look a bit elongated. This diminishes the roundness of the face shape. A back bun with some vintage curls can look quite elegant. Try this look for any party or even a night out.

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4. Side Parted hairstyle with down Swing Vintage Curls:

Different Hairstyles for Round Faces4

This is a slight variation from the bouffant bun. Here the chignon is set in a low hung pattern. The vintage curls are made to fall in such a way that they seem stuck at a vertical plane to the bun. Give this hairstyle a try for your next party. This is one of the best hairstyles for round face that will make you look gorgeous.

5. Full Head Braided Look:

Full Head Braided Look

This is a very trendy kind of latest hair style for round face that you can try out. If you have round face then this hairstyle could be your choice. The braids run from different portions of the hair, intertwined and running from one end to the other. You can try out braids with false hair too. False braids are also available in the market which can be quite useful if you have medium length hair. False braids however give a natural look, so you don’t really have to worry about its falsity.

6. Beehive Chignon Up-do:

Beehive Chignon Up-do

Chignons are very popular these days. So why not try them for a change? A beehive vintage style chignon can look really good when it comes to hairstyles for round faces. You can try a hairstyle like this one with a little teasing at the nape and crown. Sections of hair run from one side to the other like a headband. This will make the hive look even broader and distinct. Adorn the hairstyle with nice floral accessories and pearl end pins.

7. Loose Curls Hairstyle for Long Hair:

Loose Curls hairstyle

This is yet another hairstyle for your round face. In fact long loose hair help to make a round face look much less round than what it really is. You can get luscious curls with a curling iron at your home’s comfort. Try out nice soft curls and get a gorgeous look. You can try this for a bridal or a bridesmaid hairstyle too. Use some heavy hair accessories for the middle section. Match the hair style with some unique jewellery. Now that’s perfection!

8. Loose and Lustrous Hairstyle for Girls:

Loose and Lustrous Hairstyle

Sometimes the best hairstyle is the simplest hairstyle. If you believe in this fact then you will not find it difficult to sport a simple hairstyle and yet look your best. Keep it simple by just choosing to leave your free. Comb it up well and keep it neat. You can create light waves by using a big barrel curler. You will need some good gloss and shine spray to keep the waves looking shiny and healthy. Brush out hair completely shifting to one side to make the curls. Do not use any hair hold hairspray. Sounds simple?

9. Front Hive open Hair look:

Different Hairstyles for Round Faces with Pictures9

You can try out bee hives at the front too! If you have a parting at the front that you want to hide, then a teased beehive at the front is a very good choice to go with. In-fact a front top beehive will make your face look elongated and hence diminish its roundness. In this case use a sleek studded Maang tikka instead of a heavy one. Keep the rest of the hair loose and well brushed. Wear big chandelier earrings to make the look even more gorgeous.

This one is a sure best hairstyle for round face women!

If you want then you can give loose curls to the hairs at the back. This can be a nice party hairstyle especially where you are planning to wear Indian outfits like a salwar, lehenga and sarees. They also go well with simple attires.

10. Medium Layered Cut:

round face haircuts10

This is a very common one among all the easy hairstyles for round faces. This is mainly because it is an extremely low maintenance cut and secondly this makes your round face look a little thinner as the locks cover half the cheeks. Also, this can be done on people who have thin hair and you are sure to look good with this.

11. Short And Sweet Haircut:

round face haircuts11

This one is one the cute haircuts for round face and is again a no- maintenance cut because it is anyway so short. People who want to look smart and yet keep it fuss free can go for this look. You can make a neat side parting or maybe simply do a middle parting and clip up on both sides for a more girly look for yourself. This is one front hair cut for round face.

12. Feathered Cut:

round face haircuts12

The feathered cut hairstyle is now a cool haircut for round face! The picture above shows the ideal feathered cut, style with all the side bangs in the proper place and the hair length is minimal. The lower part of the hair has a razor look and that makes the whole thing even cooler. The bangs contract the face a little bit as well.

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