25 Cute Hairstyles For Round Faces With Pictures

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Round face is a very common face shape. Girls with a round face often struggle on how to minimize the horizontal breadth of their face. The best way to diminish the roundness of the face is by sporting some hairstyle that can make the face look oval or a bit elongated. Banged hairstyles can be a nice choice and similarly beehive hairstyles are also good for girls with round face shapes.

Different Hairstyles for Round Faces with Pictures

You can keep your hair loose and flowing too because long hair or long wavy hair gives the illusion of elongated face shape. Today we will put forward 25 best hairstyles for round faces. These hairstyles are inclusive of bun hairstyles and others, all of which you can sport quite easily and look good if you have a round face shape.

Different Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces With Images:

We have enlisted here, some of the best round face hairstyles for women with pictures.

1. The Simple Back Bun Look:

The Simple Back Bun Look

We will start with the simple hairstyle look which is the back bun look. This hairstyle suits people with round faces quite easily. A simple bun can be adorned with hair accessories to make it look more renounced. You can try out a simple back bun for your wedding party if you have a round face. Additionally adorn it with studded Maangtika and other hair accessories. Place the dupatta in a nice position and clip it in with pins.

2. The Braided Long Hairstyle:

The Braided Hairstyle

Braids look very beautiful on girls with round face. If you are willing to sport a hairstyle which is long and goes fine with your round face shape then try a braided hairstyle. You can adorn braided hairstyles with a back beehive look. Additionally use flower hair accessories for a complete bridal look. You can try out a hairstyle like the one Aishwarya is sporting for any of your festive occasions. Some kundan necklaces can be used like in the picture to make the look distinct.

3. Bouffant Bun With Vintage Curls:

Different Hairstyles for Round Faces3

This is another hairstyle which can go great with round face shapes. A bouffant up-do or a beehive up-do makes the face shape look a bit elongated. This diminishes the roundness of the face shape. A back bun with some vintage curls can look quite elegant. Try this look for any party or even a night out.

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4. Side Parted Hairstyle With Down Swing Vintage Curls:

Different Hairstyles for Round Faces4

This is a variation of the above previous look. Here the chignon is set in a low hung pattern. The vintage curls are made to fall in such a way that they seem stuck at a vertical plane to the bun. Give this hairstyle a try for your next party. This is one of the best hairstyles for round face that makes you look very enthralling.

5. Full Head Braided Look:

Full Head Braided Look

This is a very new form of hairstyle that you can try out. If you have round face then this hairstyle will suit you very nicely. Try the braids from different sides of the head intertwined and running from one end to the other. You can try out braids with false hair too. False braids are also available n the market which can be quite useful if you have medium length hair. Rather than going into a mess of making braids, false braids will sit on top of the head making it look natural and in style.

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