Printed Fabrics were in vogue since times immemorial. The art of decorating textiles with vivid prints dates back to 12th Century. The Europeans developed the art of Printed fabrics and introduced them to the rest of the world. India was introduced to this art form from the French invaders in the 17th Century and the initial known prints were made with blue and white dyes. India has its own indigenous printing forms like the famous Block prints, tie-and-dye techniques that create stunningly beautiful patterns. Printed sarees have been embraced by women of all sections, with the innumerable varieties of options available. From the wooden block prints to the abstract digital prints, latest printed sarees have come a long way in the last few decades. Let’s explore more about the printed sarees and some of the latest varieties in this segment.

Importance Of Printed Sarees:

Imagine your wardrobe without printed sarees? Printed sarees are a refreshing change from boring, plain sarees. They display a vibrant show of colors and patterns to give a lease of new life to a fabric. Freshly bloomed flowers, mighty elephants, graceful milkmaids, colourful fruits and bright green leaves can inspire us to start our day on a fresh note. Only sky is the limit when it comes to printed sarees. That’s not all! The hand printed versions can bring in a perfect Desi Diva look with their intricate and detailed patterns.

Features Of Printed Sarees:

Here are some interesting features of Printed sarees:

  • Printed sarees come in all possible color combinations to match the ideas of a designer.
  • Digital, machine prints last long and don’t run colors unlike the hand-printed versions.
  • Hand prints involve creating wooden stencils and dipping them in dyes to create a print on the fabrics.
  • There are many types of printing sarees like – Kalamkari Prints, Bandhani prints, Batik, Dabu, Patola, Foil Prints and the easily available computer printed sarees.
  • Common patterns used in the Printed sarees are Flowers, nature, geometric patterns, abstract prints, sceneries and even photographs.
  • 3D printed sarees are known for the life-like images and the realism they bring in.

Types Of Fabric Used in Printed Sarees:

Hand-prints are usually done on natural fabrics like silk and cotton, while digital prints come in a range of fabrics. Some of the most widely opted materials are Georgette, Chiffon, Crepe, Art Silk, Tussar silk, Satin, Net, Organza, Linen cotton and Lycra. In short, almost every fabric supports digital prints for the advanced technology used in them.

Top 15 Creative Printed Saree Designs For You:

Take a look through our top 15 beautiful printed sarees below along with catalog photos.

1. Printed Silk Saree:

This lovely Pink art silk saree comes with a contemporary print all over the palla and the border. The saree is perfect for those who wish to combine the traditional beauty of a silk saree with the modern designs. This drape is perfect for those who wish to go for a sober look and classy at the same time.

  • Saree Design: Pink Art Silk Saree With Contemporary Print
  • Material: Art Silk
  • Preferred Occasions: Get Togethers and Occasional wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Body Types

2. Cotton Printed Saree:

This floral printed cotton saree looks like a garden embossed on a fabric. The saree is perfect for the humid weathers of India, as it offers style with comfort. The white body of the saree is perfectly contrasted with the green and blue floral prints. The border is kept subtle with a simple hand painted design.

  • Saree Design: White and Green Floral Printed Cotton Saree
  • Material: Cotton
  • Preferred Occasions: Work and Ethnic Wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Body Types

3. Block Print Saree:

This authentic Bagru printed saree is one of the classiest designs. The infallible combination of Indigo and white makes it stand out in the segment of ethnic wear. The saree is carefully printed with Block designs featuring various nature inspired motifs. Pair it with a white color saree for the perfect Desi look!

  • Saree Design: White and Blue Block Print Saree
  • Material: Cotton
  • Preferred Occasions: Work and Ethnic Wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Body Types

4. Digital Print Saree:

This Bahubali inspired saree is for true movie buffs! The entire body of the saree is kept in subtle prints, while the highlight is the Palla. The regal looking Devasena is digitally printed on the palla, which can make anyone give you a second glance. We are pretty sure this saree is going to get some major followership.

  • Saree Design: Maroon Color Bahubali Printed Saree
  • Material: Georgette
  • Preferred Occasions: Casual and Special Events
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For Slim Body Types

5. Fancy Printed Saree:

This chic looking printed saree can make you look like a bombshell with its sheer fabric and bold prints. The saree gives the illusion of a slim and well-toned look. You can now effortlessly beautiful with this colourful saree. Wear a halter-neck blouse to sweep your man off his feet!

  • Saree Design: Black and Multi-Colored Printed Chiffon Saree
  • Material: Chiffon
  • Preferred Occasions: Date Nights
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For Slim Body Types

6. Multi-Colored Printed Saree:

If you want add a pop of color to your wardrobe, this is can be an ideal choice. The bright, yet tasteful combination of cream, pink and blue can make you look angelic. This saree looks like a pure work of art with its creative print and quality silk fabric. The bright pink Tassels at the end of the Palla adds a touch of drama!

  • Saree Design: Multi-Colored Printed Art Silk Saree
  • Material: Art Silk
  • Preferred Occasions: Day Events and Small Get Togethers
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Body Types

7. White And Yellow Reversible Printed Saree:

Be stylish and fashionable in the colors of the season. This yellow and off-white saree with printed black roses all over is bang on trend right now. Contrasting against the monochrome is the coral color where the pleats are formed and the bright yellow border. These bold colors totally highlight the saree. A unique and exclusive piece, you can turn the saree around and wear the coral part as the pallu.

  • Saree Design: White and Red Half and Half Saree With Printed Palla
  • Material: Georgette
  • Preferred Occasions: Day Parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For Slim Body Types

8. Peacock Feather Digital Design Printed Saree:

Digitally printed fabric is a current favorite amongst fashionistas. Sport this stunning digitally printed saree and celebrate the undying and sacred love of Radha Krishna. With peacock feathers printed on the entire nine yards of the length of this saree, the image of the divine couple is highlighted on the pallu. The vibrant colors of this piece with the traditional element make this saree beautiful and unique.

  • Saree Design: Black Georgette Saree With Peacock print Palla
  • Material: Georgette
  • Preferred Occasions: Evening Parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For Slim Body Types

9. Multi Colored Warli Border Printed Saree:

Look gorgeous and graceful in this latest silk saree. The coffee colored base is outlined with a beautiful striped, rainbow border and pallu. The eyes are drawn to the contrast of the black and white warli print. Tasteful and modern, this is ideal wear for business or pleasure.

  • Saree Design: Coffee Brown Tussar Saree With Warli Print Border
  • Material: Tussar Silk
  • Preferred Occasions: Ethnic Wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Body Types

10. Vintage Floral Printed Saree:

The subtle grey base of this georgette saree acts as the perfect canvas for the pink and yellow floral print giving this the vintage character that is so popular at the moment. Wear this classic design with finesse and look graceful at any time of the day for any occasion.

  • Saree Design: Grey Chiffon Saree With Floral Print
  • Material: Chiffon
  • Preferred Occasions: Brunches, Kitty Parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For Slim Body Types

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11. Rust Saree With Black And White Geometric Print:

Trend and elegance combined. Look dazzling in this designer number. The black and white geometric print crosses the body and onto the pallu and is a beautiful contrast against the deep rust color of the saree. Be prepared to hypnotist the crowd as you step into the limelight in this gorgeous piece.

  • Saree Design: Grey and Maroon Designer Printed Saree
  • Material: Georgette
  • Preferred Occasions: Ethnic Wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For Slim Body Types

12. Black And White Striped Printed Saree:

Black and white stripes are in vogue right now and what better way to express your sense of style then in this crepe number. The fresh, crisp black and white print set next to the turquoise blue of the palla gives this saree an almost nautical allure. Look modern and stylish as you step out for a day out with the girls.

  • Saree Design: Zebra Printed Saree With Blue Palla
  • Material: Crepe
  • Preferred Occasions: Date nights, evening parties
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For Slim Body Types

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13. Multi Colored Designer Printed Saree:

Drape yourself in rainbow hues. Look striking in this beautiful multi colored saree. The vibrant colors on this designer piece will stand you out from the crowd and draw eyes in your direction. Make a statement with this exclusive saree and step out with confidence.

  • Saree Design: Rainbow color printed Satin Saree
  • Material: Satin
  • Preferred Occasions: Casual wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For Slim Body Types

14. Black And White Animal Printed Saree:

Go wild in this stylish, black chiffon saree. The black and white animal print on half of the saree including the pallu adds glamour and sheen to the black backdrop of the lower half which is studded with small butties. A modern twist to the classic saree.

  • Saree Design: Animal Printed Black Georgette Saree
  • Material: Georgette
  • Preferred Occasions: Casual wear
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For Slim Body Types

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15. Mint And Cream Floral Printed Saree:

With the calm mint and subtle pink colors, this saree has a soothing aura. The yellow floral print on the lower half of the saree evokes a memory of warm sunny days. Wear this beautiful georgette saree and feel the relaxation wash over you. Ideal to wear on an outing with loved ones.

  • Saree Design: Mint Green and Floral Printed Georgette Saree
  • Material: Georgette
  • Preferred Occasions: Kitty Parties and Day Events
  • Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For Slim Body Types

Suitable Blouses For Printed Sarees:

It’s a common rule that printed sarees are to be paired with plain, solid color blouses only. However, this stereotype is broken by many designers, who have shown us the art of pairing prints on prints. One can opt for a variety of blouses with printed sarees like:

  • Floral prints
  • Mirror Work Blouses
  • Net blouses
  • Brocades
  • Silk
  • Cotton Silk
  • Denim Cotton
  • Shimmer
  • Stripes and Checks
  • Embroidered Blouses.

How To Style a Printed Saree?

Printed sarees are quite versatile when it comes to styling them. These simple tips can give the best photogenic look you always desired for:

  • For summer brunches, pick pastel floral prints in light fabrics like chiffons and pair them with high heels and sleek hair.
  • If you want an ethnic look, choose hand-printed varieties and match them with beaded jewellery with an elegant bun.
  • Digital and abstract prints are best worn without much accessories. You can go in for a cute blouse and side swept hair for a retro look.
  • For an elite look, try wearing a designer leather belt on your waist and get ready to steal the show!
  • High heels are your best friend’s when it comes to printed sarees. They make your gait elegant and graceful.

Looking for more options? Well, we can safely say that only sky is the limit for printed sarees. With the modern technology, one can get the design of your dreams printed on the saree in less than a few hours. The colors and inks used for printing these sarees last long and some of them never fade. They are most practical for everyday use with a number of options to flaunt! So ladies, what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite design and make a style statement with these amazing printed sarees!

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