20 Best Indian Bridal Hairstyles Perfect For Your Wedding

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6. Beehive Floral Chignon Hair Style Look With Medium Hair:

Beehive Floral Chignon bridal Look hairstyle

A beehive look gives the style and elegance of vintage era. You can try out this type of a hairstyle with very little effort. Do not forget to keep some floral accessories for hair. Try teasing at the crown. Tuck the bangs at the sides of the ear and clip in with duck bill hair pins. This is the good looking hairstyle for bride indian wedding.

7. Wispy Banged Christian Bridal Hairstyle With Back Beehive:

Different Indian Bridal Hairstyles6

If you are a Christian bride, then it is more or less obvious that you would like to wear a veil on your head. If you want to go with the modern era then may be some other hair accessories will also be added to the hairstyle. You can definitely try this type of a hairstyle without much difficulty. Beehive up-dos are very in right now and you cannot go wrong while sporting one.

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8. Braided Chignon Hair With Vintage Curls For Wedding Reception:

If you are a bride or if you are a guest, trying out a clean and decent vintage bun will can never be a wrong choice. If you like sporting buns then this can be a new type of bun that you may like to try. Normal chignons have undergone a tremendous change. This rage has been mostly created by celebs sporting chignons and vintage style hairstyles at the red carpet and award shows. So we suggest if you have a wedding function to attend to next, try a braided bun with tight curls.

9. The Perfect South Indian Wedding Hairstyle With Flowers:

South Indian Floral Wedding Hairstyle9

A perfect South Indian Wedding hairstyle can never be complete without some flowers to adorn the hair. It’s almost an incomplete wedding get up if you are dressing up for a South Indian Wedding with no flowers to enhance your hairstyle. The basic South Indian Wedding hairstyle will require sporting a long braid intertwined in fresh garlands. Let’s not forget a big beautiful Maangtika. If you lack the length and volume to sport a long thick braid, then try using false hair extensions. Hair extensions are very much in these days. This is the bridal hairstyles indian for women.

10. The Crown Puffed Hair Style For Bride With Veil:

Indian Bridal Hairstyles- Crown puffed

For a gorgeous young bride with voluminous hair, there can be no Indian bridal hairstyles better than this one. It is even better if you are a Christian bride in that white, flowing gown and a bunch of flowers in hand. This pretty hairstyle is not very difficult to make also. You just need to leave some hair in the front and then divide from the crown and make a puff before you just roll and pin it at the back. Now let the hair be loose and to make it look even better just try curling the lower portion of all your hair. For a Christian maiden, you can take a side veil in a pattern and it on one side and for others take a small garland of flowers and hang from one side or maybe some chained accessory if you can.

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