Top 9 Braided Hairstyles For Girls 2017

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Braids are one of the easiest and comfortable solutions for styling hair. They can be simple and sophisticated at the same time. Braided hairstyles also protect your hair from external damages. Good quality thick hair is always a plus point for styling braid hair. Choosing the right hairstyles for yourself is definitely a tedious process. Thus we have cut down the harsh procedure and brought you the best braided hairstyles suitable for girls.

How To Do Braided Hairstyles for Girls Step By Step:

Let’s find here with mentioned step by step procedure to girls braided hairstyles.

1. Marley Twists:

Braided Hairstyles for Girls - Marley Twists

It is the best braided hairstyle for young girls. If you have thick and long hair you can style your hair in this way. It comes with long strands which extend beyond shoulder length. This effortless look can be worn anywhere. Women with almost all face shapes can avail this hairstyle.

2. Crow Braid:

braids for girls - Crow Braid

Girls with long hair will rock this look. There are a few steps for styling the hair in this way. Firstly you should comb the hair for avoiding tangles and straighten it properly. Then you should pull the hair back or part it, according to your preference. Make a thick braid with the pulled up portion of the hair and set is loose or shift it to the side. By now you hair will look pretty much like a French Braided hair and there will be small parts of hair which will come out from the top and make the upper portion of your hair look like a crown.

3. Jumbo French Braid:

braided hairstyles for girls - Jumbo French Braid

This braided hairstyle for girls is a masterpiece. Here the hair is styled like a casual French Braid hair but there are some minute variations. The volume of the hair makes all the difference. If you have dense and voluminous hair then you will be most benefited from this look. The lengthy part of the hair will make the braid a look thicker and wider.

4. Braids With Open Hair:

hair braids for girls - Braids With Open Hair

For attaining this look, you will have the part the hair in middle equally. Then you will have to create natural braids (with fingers) and take hair sides and do a braid. The braids should not be heavy. Use an elastic band and tie the hair at the back and keep the rest of the hair open.

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