Did you know Bhairava mudra is a powerful hand gesture? Yes! Bhairava mudra offers protection, fearlessness, and transformation by invoking the energy of Lord Bhairava. It also produces a balanced energy flow during meditation because it is considered a symbolic gesture of the hands used in spiritual yoga. Bhairava is a ferocious manifestation of Shiva, the destroyer, a Hindu deity associated with destruction in Hindu mythology.

The Mudra represents the activation of powerful energy within ourselves. You can aim to tap into the qualities of strength, transformation, and fearlessness by practicing the Bhairava Mudra. It also symbolizes one’s ability to embrace change with courage and grace, transcend limitations and overcome obstacles. Many believe Bhairava Mudra connects the practitioner to the inner power and divine essence by awakening dormant potential. In Sanskrit, Bhairava means Lord Shive, a Hindu deity, and Mudra means a gesture. Read on!

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How to do Bhairava Mudra:

Here are the simple steps to perform Bhairava Mudra efficiently and reap its benefits:

  1. Place a mat on the floor and sit in a comfortable position or asanas like Padmasana, Vajrasana, or Sukhasana.
  2. Keep your spine and posture straight throughout the process.
  3. Close your eyes, relax, and relieve yourself from surrounding anxiety and stress.
  4. Focus on your breathing, and you can chant om to keep your concentration.
  5. Place your hands on respective thighs where the palms face upwards.
  6. Let your left hand’s cup hold the right hand where the hands’ fingers are in the opposite directions.
  7. Remain in this posture for about 15 to 45 minutes, either in one go or thrice in a 15-minute interval. This is Bhairava Mudra, and you can remain in this pose depending on your convenience.
  8. You can make the Bhairava mudra into the Bhairavi mudra when you place the left hand over the right hand. You can alternate between the Bhairavi and Bhairava Mudra, which activates manifestation and consciousness.
  9. Slowly open your eyes after the stipulated time of practice.
  10. Slowly bring your hands to the resting position by separating your hands.

The two hands used in this Mudra are ida and pingala nadis, the masculine and feminine energy channels. The mudra practice unifies both energies uniting the individual with supreme consciousness.

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Time and Duration to Perform Bhairava Mudra:

When it comes to the time and duration of performing Bhairava Mudra, it is best done early in the morning. The recommended duration is 35 to 45 minutes at a stretch or thrice a day for 15 minutes each time. Practicing this Mudra on an empty stomach is ideal. However, if you plan to do it after eating, it is advisable to wait at least one hour after your meal.

Bhairava Mudra Benefits:

We have listed some of the widespread Bhairava mudra benefits you can reap with regular practice.

  • Bhairava mudras create a balance between Brain’s right and left hemispheres.
  • It minimizes the occurrence of opposing forces in the mind and body.
  • It enables you to balance yourself to instill stability.
  • Practicing Bhairava mudra can relieve mood swings, stress, and anxiety.
  • It sublimates sexual energy by awakening kundalini energy when done in combination with Siddhasana.
  • Bhairava Mudra is said to help people suffering from premature ejaculation.
  • This Mudra helps you realize yourself as a whole, aiding you neef the inner stillness and silence.
  • It increases relaxation and calms down your breath.
  • This Mudra nourishes and activates your body’s systems, doshas, pranas, chakras, and all five elements.

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Bhairava Mudra Precautions:

Here are the simple precautions you need to take while practicing Bhairava Mudra regularly to have a beneficial and safe experience:

  • Preparing the muscles and joints with some gentle stretching before you practice Bhairava Mudra is advised.
  • It is ideal to start with shorter durations initially and then increase the practice time gradually, especially if you are new to mudras.
  • Avoid excessive strain and apply gentle and comfortable pressure with fingers during Mudra.
  • Throughout the practice of this Mudra, maintain relaxed and natural breathing practice. Avoid holding your breath to avoid unnecessary tension in your body.
  • Avoid practicing this Mudra if you feel any discomfort or pain.

In conclusion, Bhairava Mudra is a powerful hand gesture that helps you tap into Lord Bhairava’s transformative energy. This Mudra symbolizes one’s ability to embrace change, overcome obstacles, strength, and fearlessness. By practicing this Mudra regularly, you can experience a sense of empowerment and transformation by awakening your inner power. However, remember that it is advised to take necessary precautions while honoring any contraindications and your body’s awareness while you practice this Mudra. If you found this article helpful, please let us know!

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1. What are the variations in Bhairava mudra?

Some common variations of Bhairava Mudra include Lotus Mudra, Close-up Namaskar Mudra, and Kali Mudra.

2. What are the other names for Bhairava Mudra?

Other names for Bhairava Mudra include Fierce Pose Mudra, Fearless Hand Seal, Transformative Gesture, Shiva’s Power Mudra, Divine Transformation Mudra, and Bhairava Hand Gesture.

3. What are the contraindications of Bhairava Mudra?

Precautions and contraindications for practicing Bhairava Mudra include avoiding it if you have wrist or hand injuries, consulting a doctor if you have uncontrolled high blood pressure, and seeking guidance from a qualified prenatal yoga instructor if needed.


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