Mudra is actually a Sanskrit word which refers to your current attitude. Mudra is actually a symbolic gesture and most precisely it is like a hand or finger movement gesture. Many mudras are associated with yoga poses or physical exercises. This yoga pose or a physical exercise is known to benefit and impact your entire body or overall system. What is contrary to these yoga poses or physical exercises is that they have long term benefits for our body.

I have heard a number of success case stories where numerous people have said that they have benefited immensely out of this exercises. Thus, practising mudra or yoga exercises is like a long term venture. It benefits and heals your body in long run. Their energetic effects have a quite positive impact and effect on our body, mind as well as attitude. Some mudras have made a significant impact on our body, mind and soul.

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Bhairava Mudra:

One of such mudra is bhairavi mudra. This is also known as shiva or Shakti mudra. Bhairav is actually a form of shiva which is formidable and fearsome. It actually demonstrates the power of shiva. This is like the demonstration of why lord shiva is worshipped or why his strength is adored. After all lord shiva is famous because of his immense power of strength. So, this Bhairavi Mudra brings those strength and power to the forefront. Here we bring the Bhairava Mudra meaning, performing steps and benefits for your health.

Bhairavi Mudra Steps And Benefits:

Meaning Of Bhairava Mudra:

It is like a secret mantra for hundreds of people who worship lord shiva as well as his Shakti. These people are termed as “Bhairavi” in common terms. And so, this mudra form or physical exercise is designed for them only. Now, the major question arises as how to do this form Bhairav Mudra of physical exercise.

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How To Do Bhairava Mudra:

To begin any exercise you need to sit down in a comfortable position. You can sit in padmasana or lotus pose by folding both your legs and sitting on the floor. Make sure that you have taken a light mat or carpet before sitting. Many fitness experts have advised not to sit on the floor directly as the radiation from the floor can have a negative impact on your entire physical system.

Keeping your posture straight is another precondition of any yoga form or mudra exercise. You need to relax and relieve yourself from the anxiety and stress surrounding you. You can close or open your eyes depending on how you feel comfortable. But what I personally feel is that a closed eye makes concentration and meditation much more easier. But it is completely your choice.

Now, you simply need to bring both your hands out and place your right hand on the top of your left hand. Now, there are two major variations of this exercise. When you place your right hand on top it is known as Bhairava Mudra and when you place your left hand on top it is called Bhairavi Mudra.

Bhairava Mudra Benefits:

Now, coming to the benefits of Bhairavi Mudra.

  • The major and scientifically proven benefit of this mudra is that it is known to bring harmony or balance to both the parts or hemisphere of your brain.
  • It maintains equilibrium between your left brain and the right portion of your brain.
  • Another major benefit of this mudra form is that it is known to alleviate or minimize the opposing forces to a very great extent.

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Long practising or doing this Bhairavi exercise brings stability and a sort of mediation to your entire body and inner self. People who suffer from regular anxieties and mood swings must do this. Thus, I find this mudra pose very handy at times when I am completely in stress.

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