There can be lot of factors which can be like negative energy in your life. Some people are really short tempered who get easily pestered or irritated by short and simple things in life. Like me, i am bothered by very minute small things. Things which other can very easily ignore but i am like super pissed with such things.

Be it a traffic jam, some minor disagreements or a small fight with a friend or be a very minor cut. Anything which attracts negative energy towards you, which takes way your positivity and you are left out with only negative feelings and frustrations in your life. So do you want get out of that situation, then practice daily Ksepana mudra or else any other mudras.

Mudras are just like a way of life. No, let me correct it. it is actually a healthy way of life. You practise some mudras which are suited to your daily lifestyle, and you gradually keep on practising them for longer period. This mudras help to eliminate negative energy from your body, and give you some positive thoughts and insights. This simple finger movements or gestures push you towards a positive life.

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Ksepana Mudra Meaning, Steps And Benefits:

Here we demonstrate about Ksepana mudra meaning, performing steps and benefits with image for you

Ksepana Mudra Meaning:

A positive life which is the source of positive thoughts and your personal health and well-being. Today’s life is surrounded by a lot of tensions and worries, people are very tensed and are taking load much more than their health and age permits. The result is severe health disorders and serious health issues. Some of them can be even life threatening.

But would you believe that if I suggest you some very simple mudras can impact your health and life in a very positive way. Will you trust my words if I say that some simple finger movements or gestures will take away all your negative thoughts and sorrows and you will be left with only positivity and happiness all around yourself. Yes, one such mudra is Ksepana Mudra.

Ksepana Mudra is known to flush away all the toxins and negative things from your body. You will get only positive things and thoughts in your personality, in your life. This mudra is known to take away all the unfair moments from your life.

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How To Perform Ksepana Mudra:

Ksepana Mudra is very easy to perform.

Here Are Some Of The Very Simple Ways To Perform Ksepana Mudra:

  1. Sit in a lotus or very easy half seated position. The first condition of any mudra exercise is comfort. You must be in a comfortable position to do this exercise. Next I suggest you to sit on mat or either on light carpet. This is because many fitness experts and dieticians have suggested that you should not sit on bare floor. Bare floor emits and brings out radiation which is not good and healthy while doing the mudra. You can keep your eyes open or closed as you wish. Closed yes definitely ensure more concentration.
  2. Place your index fingers against each other.
  3. Now, you need to also clasp the other fingers of both your hands.
  4. Let all the fingers rest on the pads behind your hands for some time.
  5. Now, gradually cross your thumbs and place them in the hollow of your other thumb.
  6. While you should be in a sitting position at present, make sure that your index fingers are pointing towards the ground.
  7. Now, you need to gently and very slowly lie down.
  8. While lying down, your index fingers should point towards your feet.
  9. Completely relax both your hands.

You should hold this position for 7-15 breaths with concentration also on exhalation. Then gently place your hands on your thighs with your palms facing upwards.

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Ksepana Mudra Benefits :

There are a lot of health benefits by regularly doing this mudra like other mudras.

  • This Ksepana mudra can flush away the toxins and waste from the body.
  • It removes the negative thoughts and emotions from your mind and charges the positivity, which helps to improve your personality.
  • It keeps you always with positive thoughts, which makes you feel proud.

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