Top 15 Spiky Hairstyles for Men and Women

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Spiky hairstyles have been around a long time and have never gone out of fashion. A type of hairstyle meant for both men and women, there are multitudes of ways you can manage this hairstyle to better suit your needs. A spiky hairstyle can look great when you are going out on the town or even visiting a formal event. Well of course a special preparation for the formal event is required. Spikes are the new talk of these oncoming seasons where men and women both have accepted this as a fun look.

spiky hairstyle

A spiky hairstyle is a great way to go if you do not want any sort of unnecessary harassment when dealing with your hair so that you can divert your attention and interests to other more dire problems. Spiky hair can be easily styled with the help of hair friendly gel or any other product of your choice. There are a great variety of spiky hair that all look great and are easy to manage and make.

Beautiful Spiky Hairstyles for Men and Women:

Given below are a few great spiky hairstyles that can be easily made and maintained:-

1. Faux Hawk Hairstyle:

Spiky hairstyles - Faux hawk

The faux hawk is a customized version of the Mohawk hairstyle. The only difference in regards to this hairstyle and the original Mohawk is that the faux hawk has more hair on the sides than the original Mohawk, the later usually coming with no hair or shaven sides.  The faux hawk is perfect for both men and women and at the end of the day its perfect for both formal and social events.

2. Short Spiky:

spiky hairstyles2

If you are looking for a more mature spiky hairstyle to maintain for formal events then this is the hairstyle to go for. The short spiky hair is very easy to manage and can be styled in less than a minute. It is truly a very masculine hairstyle to use. Short spiky hair is of great use due to its ability to easily cope with a large number of attires as well as face types which is the standing point of most short hairstyles.

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3. The Goth Look:

spiky hairstyles3

The Goth look is a more feminine spiky hairstyle that can be easily accessorized with a hair color of your choice. The Goth look can be imitated as a male hairstyle as well but looks especially great on a woman. The Goth look can go longer or stay short as per your choice and can be a great hairstyle for any part event. The Goth look can be accessorized further because of the amount of Goth hairstyles which are available at your fingertips. If you are not confident in making the hairstyle yourself you have the choice of visiting a professional to help you.

4. The Side Line Spikes:

spiky hairstyles4

Another great feminine spiky hairstyle the side line spikes are inclusive off more low lying spikes that appear to be dipping sideways. Accessorize with a great hair color and make sure your hair is long enough to maintain this hairstyle to its maximum capacity.

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5. Classic Spikes:

spiky hairstyles5

This is one hairstyle that will never go out of fashion because of its ability to be a highly versatility hairstyle. A very masculine effect that looks great with any form of formal and social wear the classic spikes are a stunning testament of the long lying popularity of this great hairstyle type. The classic spikes have been around for years ever since he golden 80’s which was the benchmark for the creation of a multitude of great hairstyles of which this one was one of the greatest.

6. Front Fringe Spikes:

spiky hairstyles6

The front fringe spikes are quite the vogue when it comes to feminine spiky hairstyles. This great hairstyle is short in nature but looks great with average shoulder length hair. The front fringe must remain short and covering your forehead and the top of your hair should remain short enough to fully support the spikes. This hairstyle is very versatile and supports all hair and face types. The front fringe is a perfect feminine hairstyle which is a stunning testament of great female spiky hairstyles.

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7. The Classic Mohawk:

spiky hairstyles7

Unlike the customized modern day Mohawk the classic Mohawk has hair on the two sides of the head. The Mohawk is normal covering the middle of your head with a rooster like hairstyle and can be used for a variety of different events while matching it with several social and formal attires. The classic Mohawk is a great hairstyle overall providing excellent means of accessorizing yourself for a multitude of events.

8. The Front Spikes:

spiky hairstyles8

Yet again a very masculine hairstyle the front spikes are a very retro hairstyle. The front is the only part of your hair which is a little longer and can be easily spiked with a little bit of product. The front spikes are a perfect formal hairstyle but can be easily used when going out to party on the town. The front spikes are perfect for daily use. Due to its retro nature you can see that this hairstyle has actually been around for quite a long time.

9. Messy Spikes:

The messy spikes are yet again a very versatile hairstyle and the best part about this hairstyle is that it can be used by both men and women, the messy spikes look great when matched with a casual shirt and jeans and will most definitely bring out a great amount of masculinity in you if you are a man and femininity if you are a lady.

10. Beckham’s Mohawk:

spiky hairstyles10

As mentioned earlier there are a great number of spiky hairstyles and in the sub category the Mohawk has a wide variety of styles as well. This hairstyle was primarily brought in by the great soccer star David Beckham who originally was the introducer of the original Mohawk hairstyle as well. The Mohawk is a very desirable hairstyle that will still remain fashionable for many years to come.

11. Formal Spikes:

spiky hairstyles11

The formal spikes is a longer version of any spiky hairstyle and looks great when maintained as a wavy hairstyle. The longer the waves the more masculine the hairstyle is which are what every man tries to imitate. To completely imitate this hairstyle you require a moderate amount of product and a professional pair of hands if necessary. Maybe the only exclusive formal hairstyle that supports spikes the formal spikes hairstyle will continue to bring about great looks for a wide period of time.

12. Short Dreads:

spiky hairstyles12

A very radical hairstyle the short dread only support a certain kind of hair type which is tougher than any other hair type. You can make short dread to look like this but to exactly copy this hairstyle a lot of hard work is required but at the end of the day it will truly be worth it. Short dreads are an easy to way to get maintenance free manageable hair to suit all your eventful needs. Short dreads a re very fashionable and will take some time to make and will surely be fit enough to suit both men and women making it a very versatile hairstyle.

13. Elegant Spikes:

spiky hairstyles13

As seen above the elegant spikes look great even for middle aged women and the best part is that with this hairstyle you will be able to pull off a look of such elegance that no other spiky hairstyle can achieve effectively. The elegant spikes are a stunning testament to the fact that spiky hairstyles do not only include punkish hairstyles for children and teenagers. Even older men and women can use these hairstyles to achieve a higher means of fashion which not even long and natural hairstyles can achieve with ease.

14. The Elaborate Goth:

spiky hairstyles14

The elaborate Goth look is a customized version of the original Goth and can be accessorized by a variety of colors. Opt for this look if you have a few weeks off and want to party. The look is exclusive to social events and is a head turner at any party that you wish to be a party off. Set the mood to any party with this beautiful and party friendly hairstyle. Keep i long and make it short the choice is all yours though at the end of the day keeping the spikes a little longer is much more suitable than keeping it short.

15. The Afro Mohawk:

spiky hairstyles15

The afro Mohawk is a better representation of the dreadlocks spiky hairstyle because of its ability to look more formal and well finished. The Mohawk is easy to make and requires a little it of product which you can add directly to your hair to help keep it up to achieve the best effects. The afro Mohawk can be easily modified and because of that this hairstyle is highly versatile to fit all your social and formal needs. It looks great with both a tux and a casual shirt which not many dreadlock spikes can achieve easily.

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