Vitamin deficiency is quite a common scenario for women of many age groups. From calcium to minerals and vitamins; women often miss out on these dosages for good health. Be it due to body sickness and illnesses, or dietary restrictions and special diets, or stress and busy life schedules given one’s career pressures, lack of vitamins affects women’s overall health quite often. That is why one should know the importance of multivitamins for women!

Several studies and researches have proven that vitamins, nutrients and minerals are essential for women’s overall well-being (1). So, here is the guide for you to understand what vitamins women should take, how to get them from the right sources, and more.

Why Are Vitamins Needed, and What are the Essential Vitamins And Minerals Women Need?:

Vitamins and minerals are quite essential and vital for overall well-being. There are a total of 13 essential vitamins, which are crucial for good health and energy in our body. These vitamins and minerals together help in reducing probabilities of sickness, keeping us healthy, reduce infections, protect against blood clots and loss, and increase immunity (2). Given that several pieces of research showed that women are more prone to vitamin deficiency when compared to men (3), here is why they are vital for a healthy life. Here is the list of essential nutrients which are required for women:

  • Good vision and skin – Vitamin A.
  • Generating energy – Vitamin B1 (also known as Thiamin).
  • Protecting the body from radicals – Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin).
  • Protecting and aiding from heart risks – Vitamin B3 (Niacin).
  • Increasing immunity power – Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid).
  • Produce myelin and protect cells – Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine).
  • Better metabolism and skin health – Vitamin B7 (Biotin).
  • Better nervous system – Vitamin B9 (Folate).
  • Proper red blood cells – Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin).
  • Growth of body tissues – Vitamin C.
  • Calcium and stronger bones – Vitamin D.
  • Immunity power – Vitamin E.
  • Better heart and bone health – Vitamin K.
  • Thyroid health and good pregnancy – Iodine.
  • Aiding biochemical functions of the body – Magnesium.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids for brain health.
  • Calcium for bone health and preventing diabetes.
  • Iron for preventing anaemia.
  • Choline for liver functions.

Food Sources For Essential Vitamins:

Here are top and accessible food sources that can help women get hold of most of these crucial vitamins on a daily basis. The easiest way to get these vitamins into the body is to have a balanced healthy, clean diet. This involves good fruits, more vegetables, whole grains, dairy products and low-fat proteins. The primary foods which can be a great source of these nutrients are (4),

10 Best and Healthy Multivitamins for Women in 2023:

Despite these foods, there are conditions which may demand the usage of multivitamins for better well-being. Here are the top ten essential multivitamin products and tablets for women which are highly regarded in the market today.

1. Inlife Multivitamins and Minerals Formula Supplements for Women:

This 60-capsule box of Inlife multivitamins and minerals supplements for women is among the most popular in the market. It has 24 essential vitamins and other natural formulae such as grapeseed, cranberry and ginseng helping to increase immunity, support, and aid bone and heart health immensely. The overall nutrient balance is taken care of with these capsules.

2. One A Day Women’s 50+ Multivitamin:

The One A Day Company is quite a popular capsule in the West, especially in the United States and now has entered even the Indian market and other countries. These good vitamins for women capsules are specifically helpful for those above 50 years old and have the goodness of all the Vitamins and Minerals within. These capsules are further free from artificial sweeteners and preservatives or syrups, making them the most sought-after supplements in the market for women in overall health.

3. OZiva Protein and Herbs Multivitamins for Women:

The multivitamins by Oziva contain not just the goodness of Multivitamins but also natural herbs such as ginger, tulsi, and Shatavari within them. For all those who are regular and active in sports and workout life, these capsules are perfect given their help in providing large protein and improving metabolism.

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4. Nature Made Multi for Her with Iron and Calcium:

These capsule by Nature Made is a dietary supplement that has 23 nutrients within them for daily overall nutritional support. This is a popular women’s multivitamin tablet with iron and calcium loaded within it and does not include any artificial flavours. Besides the natural nutrients, it also has other goodness of minerals such as gelatin, glycol, sodium and cellulose.

5. Rainbow Light Women’s One Multivitamin Tablet:

The Rainbow Light’s women’s one multivitamins contain not only goodness of multivitamins and nutrients but also natural fruits, vegetables and probiotics which help in supporting overall heart and bone health. They are gluten-free and are best to boost immunity system power and support a healthy bone system.

6. Garden of Life Vitamin Code for Women:

The Vitamin Code capsules by Garden of Life are vegetarian capsules specifically made for improving heart health, better reproductive system, and well-being for women. Besides the natural nutrients and minerals, the product has organic fruits and vegetables such as beetroot, broccoli, apple, spinach, tomato, strawberry, blackberry, cucumbers, celery and other green vegetables. It helps provide antioxidants to the body and supports the overall immune system.

7. Centrum Silver Adults 50+ Multivitamins for Women:

The Centrum Silver capsule is another popular and best multivitamin for women over 50. The capsules contain all the vitamins and minerals, along with antioxidants to help improve overall health and wellbeing, increase energy levels and provide immunity support to heart and bone health.

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8. Kirkland Daily Multivitamin Tablets:

The Kirkland daily multivitamin and mineral capsules are popular for providing overall nutrients and antioxidants required by the body. They are popular even as dietary supplements and help give a balanced diet, with energy and immunity levels. These capsules help women gain good bone and heart health, with greater energy levels in day-to-day life.

9. True Basics Multivitamin for Women:

The True Basics multivitamins and capsules for women help aid in a better and more active lifestyle, increasing energy levels and providing support to overall well-being and health. Besides all the vitamins and minerals, the True Basics capsules also have grape seed extract, pomegranate and other antioxidants to boost immunity levels and power. They also help in better hair and skin health through ingredients such as green tea and soy them.

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10. Health Kart Multivitamin for Women:

This women-specific multivitamin capsule by Health Kart potentially has several minerals and nutrients, alongside the natural ingredients such as ginseng, soy, lycopene and Ginkgo Biloba. These natural nutrients alongside healthy vitamins and minerals help boost energy levels, increase the immunity system, aid blood circulation and promote healthy being. They are the best multivitamins for women over 40.

Besides these capsules, other popular and noted ones include Rainbow Light Women’s One, Alive Women’s Energy Capsules, vita fusion women’s gummy Vitamins, Swisse Women’s ultivite, olly women’s multivitamin, and Nature’s Bounty Women’s Multivitamin capsules.

When Is A Multivitamin Required?

There may be several instances when multivitamin capsules like these can be required to aid the body. Some of the factors which may demand a requirement of these multivitamins are,

  • Body sickness and concerns such as anemia, vitamin deficiency.
  • Underweight.
  • Specific diet system.
  • Age above 60 years.
  • Pregnancy and reproduction stage.

However, it is vital to consult a doctor and physician before you take a call on considering these vitamin capsules by yourself.

One must note that while taking this multivitamin for women capsules, one should always make a point to have a balanced and healthy diet for overall well-being. These are just supplements that can aid and boost energy levels and increase the immunity system but cannot be a long-term alternative. So, we would always advise following a healthy and clean lifestyle for better health.

Disclaimer: Always make a point to consult your health care provider before you decide on taking any of these multivitamins and mineral tablets. Depending on your bodily condition and specific health concerns, the doctor may advise on alternatives or better options as required.


1. What Can Be The Benefits Of Taking Multivitamin Regularly?

There are several benefits of taking multivitamins regularly, such as increasing overall health and immunity levels, increasing energy levels, reducing tiredness and fatigue, aiding in sleep, and helping in the reproductive system.

2. How Long Does It Take For These Best Multivitamin For Women’s Health To Work?

Generally, one would require at least two to four weeks for multivitamin capsules to work and start showing you the results.

3. When Is The Right Time To Take Multivitamin In The Day?

Never take multivitamins in an empty stomach. You can always consider taking these capsules to post the daily meal.


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