Constipation is one of the common problems that a lot of people complain about. In simple terms, it is the inability of the body to excrete the bowels and this leads to painful cramps in the abdomen along with a lot of discomfort. Though constipation is not a serious problem but prolonged issues of this condition can hamper the daily routine and lifestyle. However, rather than treating constipation it is always a better option to avoid it through certain tips and suggestions for a healthy life. This guide is a perfect one to know the best ways to avoid the crisis of constipation and keep it at bay. Check them out and follow regularly for the outcomes.

Have Fibre Rich Foods:

Fibre is one of the best ways to clear the stomach of the waste as well as regulate the bowel movements to avoid issues of constipation. By including some of the top notch fibre foods in the diet, this goal can be easily achieved. Prunes, pears, carrots, broccoli, beans, peaches, figs and whole grains are some of the ideal foods in this regard. A combination of 2-3 foods from here will help you in the right manner.

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Include Flaxseeds in the Diet:

Flaxseeds are one of the best ways to avoid constipation. You can powder this seed and store. Sprinkle them on top of the dishes and salads each day. Not only does it help in regulating the bowel but also ensures that there is a good quantity of omega fatty 3 acids supplied to the body.

Have Plenty of Water and Healthy Fluids:

Another effective way to prevent constipation is to have good amounts of water each day. About 10 glasses of plain and filtered water is preferable. Along with this, you can always include healthy liquids like fresh fruit juices and herbal tea. This will ensure that the body is well hydrated and there are proper movements in the intestine. It will add bulk to the stool and ensure it becomes softer for easy pass away.

Exercising is Significant:

Exercising helps in maintaining the body functions and also keeps the digestive system in proper shape. By using about 30 minutes of exercising each day, you can actually keep constipation at bay along with a lot of other benefits. Something as simple as walking will also work wonders. Try it out yourself to see the advantage! What more? It will also help you maintain the body weight.

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Have Good Toilet Habits:

The first thing is to spend some good time in the toilet and be patient for the stools to pass. Give the body sometime to excrete. Also, you should never ignore Nature’s call. Ignoring the urges of stool passing will only end up making you constipated. The best times when you can pass the stools is about 30 minutes after the meal or early in the morning.

Avoid Caffeine:

Caffeinated drinks will only make it all the more difficult to pass the stool. This includes both tea and coffee. Apart from that, you should stay away from fizzy and aerated drinks as well that aggravates the condition of constipation. Alcohol is another drink that one should stay away from if they do not want to experience a constipated feel.

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Avoid Medications:

There are certain medications especially antibiotics that lead to constipation as a side effect. In a case, where you want to totally avoid the feelings, it is best to stop such medicines and look for substitutes. This is one of the best ways to achieve goals of constipation avoidance. Make sure you consult the doctor before doing so.

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