Toothaches can cause a lot of pain. In minor pains you can do some home remedy to treat at home. Toothaches normally occur as the sensitive portion of your tooth, known as pulp, gets inflamed. There can be many reasons for this like cavities, broken tooth, or infection.

Symptoms of Tooth Pain:

  •  This can be very throbbing, sharp or constant.
  •  In some cases it happens just when you apply the pressure on tooth.
  •  Tooth area swelling
  •  Often Fever or even headache
  •  Foul smell from tooth

How to Get Relief From Tooth Pain:

1. Clove Oil:

Clove oil is an orthodox home remedy to cure tooth pain. This contains chemical known as eugenol that includes anesthetic and antibacteria properties. To lower tooth pain, you can soak clean cotton ball with 3 drops clove oil and ¼ tsp olive oil. Now place this cotton into your mouth just near tooth that pains by biting it down to maintain in the place. Avoid sleeping with this in the mouth.

2. Cough Drop:

Cough drops or even lozenges have few quantity of aesthetic that may provide some relieve from minor tooth pain. You can keep 1-2 in the mouth to suck. You can also apply some Vick’s VapoRub onto outside of the cheek at the place where the tooth hurt. After this keep paper towel onto the pillow and just lie down that side.

3. Flush:

Many a time’s toothache can be due to some food trapped in between the teeth. Thus, flossing and rinsing with some mouthwash is advisable in this case.

4. Hot Tea Bags:

You can also use kitchen staples as home remedies to get rid of toothaches. Some say to apply hot tea bag on the tooth directly. Tea has tannic acid that can minimize swelling.

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5. Alcohol:

You can soak cotton ball in brandy or directly keep cucumber slice on the tooth. Alcohol is known for its s numbing properties that can lower the tooth pain.

6. Milk of Magnesia:

Mix 1/2 hydrogen peroxide and ½ water and dip a cotton swab. You can then apply just a dab of Milk of Magnesia. Do this step for 4 times in a day. The other remedy is to mix equal parts of Milk of Magnesia with liquid Benadryl. Swish with this mixture gently all around the mouth for about 60 seconds and spit this out.

7. Eat Softer Foods:

Avoid eating big or overstuffed sandwiches. Consider eating soft-food diet till the pain gets reduced.

8. Anti-Inflammatory Medication:

Tooth pain can also be due to swelling. This is in the case when your soft tissues of the mouth swell. Do consult your doctor if you have Swelling or this could lead to harmful dental health problem. So till you reach your doctor you can take anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen.

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9. Broken Tooth:

Broken tooth can also cause tooth pain, so get this treated by your dentist. Avoid scrubbing your broken tooth with cleanser.

10. Cold Compress:

You can fill any storage bag with some ice. Cover with some thin cloth to apply this directly onto your tooth. You can even put on cheek area that is just outside tooth. This cold temperature is useful to lower pain. Never apply ice directly onto tooth, as it can maximize pain. This happens in the case if your teeth are inflamed by some pain.

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11. Sea Salt:

A toothache can also be reduced by rinsing with lukewarm water and some sea salt. Do this when salt dissolves completely to gargle with water in mouth. Do the splashes properly near affected area? You can repeat this many times a day till the pain is reduced.


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