The world is a busy place these days. From the early morning to the time we call in at night, we all are dependent living in an interdependent tangled web. The ecosystem we inhabitate is therefore a place full of coaxed relationships. A father is dependent on his entire family for his smooth day and so is the daughter.

This goes the same and amongst all this a predominant factor that works rapidly and occurs and reoccurs at intervals, anger; a natural emotion of the psychological manner that is evoked or eked out  in  pressure situation where agreement is not reached due to unpleasantness of the situation.

Anger is evoked when there is annoyance or disagreement regarding a matter where the person who is angry is not satisfied with the current decision or situation. Annoyance or displeasure or irritation when reaches an extreme level causes anger. There are usually two types of people that have been seen.

There are the ones who repress these feelings for a long time so people know they usually don’t show anger. Then one day when this repressed feelings find no storage place, they burst out in anger form. Then there are the ones who get angry at short intervals but their anger is usually based on superficial matters and does not last long.

However anger may be an escape of emotions or feelings but at certain points this may turn irrelevant matters into a matter of heated situation. a person who gets angry at short intervals are likely to offend more people due to their unpleasant behavior and while most of them know the best not to take in issues talked about in an angry mind, for the best interest of people a bad case of anger might ruin relationships at the best.

This is why a solution to this hysteric episode of anger needs to be formulated. There is a technique called the anger management where just like the name suggests, where through certain procedures under a professional help, anger controlling is taught and inspired and encouraged amongst the victims.

This is like a therapy for anger where a positive outlook other than a tantrum is encouraged amongst the people. For people who are still not being able to control their anger, instead of regrets and sorrows it is better to enroll yourself into one. This article today deals with certain anger controlling issues. here we deal with techniques and tips to control anger.


Even though this may not sound all that exciting, meditation is definitely a great technique to calm your inner self thereby controlling those sudden angry outbursts. Meditation always does not require you to sit in a place and keep peeping at the watch waiting for the time your trainer will say it’s over. Find a peaceful place and sit upright.

If that is not a comfortable position use a back rest. Slowly close your eyes and try to forget about all the troubles that have been bothering you. For the time being, move into your happy place where you know you would be happy. Imagine a certain situation or a place or an event that will make you happy.

Take Breaks:

Anger can be heavily levied on you in case of excessive stress and pressure. Everyone has to make a living and we admit it is not always a smooth sail down the river. Turbulences are a natural part of life and therefore stress and pressure is unavoidable at times. Often in a Saturday take some time out from your house work or office work and maybe go on a long drive alone or with friends. Take some time out for yourself. Break the monotony anyhow by escaping to your world for one day.

Connect with your Inner Self:

There is a person living inside of you who always tells you how to act. After a strong situation it is you and that inner person who understands you better than anyone else. This inner self of yours is your elixir pool and it is with him that you need to connect whenever you feel the ground shifting underneath you. No one can stop you from cooling down better than him. So initiate a positive talk within yourself. Close your eyes, breathe and talk to yourself, calm yourself down before you slip.


Anger is something that releases the tension you have been feeling all this while but who will take care of the reason why you got angry in the first place.  It is as simple as a solution that you need. A solution satisfactory will calm you down so whenever you feel the anger building just sit and forget the problem by indulging your thoughts into a solution building process. Busy yourself and see the result for yourself.

Don’t Hesitate:

With anger comes denial and therefore displeasure. Do not deny the fact that you have anger issues. Do not hesitate to ask for help. If the solution you are formulating requires assistance of a certain person , please do reach out cause we are all humans trying to fit in with the help of one another.

Retail Therapy:

This is especially for the short term anger people who can easily get over their anger issues by splurging a bit on themselves. However do not make this a habit.

Deep Breathing:

This is an anger management technique which you can use to reach deep within and release the tension form your muscles. The counting method helps a lot as proven. Whenever you feel the anger building in, stop immediately, close your eyes, inhale deep and breathe out with a gasp. Repeat and then start slowly counting the numbers mentally.

Humor Yourself:

Instead of letting others laugh at you, why not laugh at yourself. Once you calm down a little bit, try to find a humor why you were behaving like that. Think of all the words you said and think how you could have changed the situation by acting in a different way.

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