Sleep is one thing that decides how our day would be! Surprised? Well, I mean to say that a good sleep can make our day pleasant and a bad sleep can totally ruin our day. Therefore it is very important to get a good night sleep for our overall benefit. For many of them sleep is an issue.

There are people who suffer from constant sleep disorder. The either do not get good sleep or the sleep is very disturbing. So how do you tackle the issue? A healthy lifestyle is definitely a good way to promote good sleep, but there are different types of sleep patterns which can help you get a good night sleep too.

Sleep Pattern and its Effects:

Does sleep pattern affect the quality of sleep? Well, the answer is yes! Sleep pattern has a lot to do with inducing good sleep in a person.  There are many sleeping positions that you got to know before coming to a conclusion of which is the best position for you.

The Basic Sleep Postures are as Follows:

  1. Sleeping on your back with arms placed on the sides.
  2. Sleeping on your back with arms up
  3. Sleeping on your stomach with face down
  4. Sleeping in Fetal position
  5. Sleeping on side with arms at sides
  6. Sleeping on sides with arms out

Following are the Best Sleeping Positions:

1. Back Position:

Sleeping on your back helps to rest your head, neck and your back as it is in the best possible position with a complete support. The body is resting in a neutral position without causing any kind of discomfort to any other parts of the body. In this position the head is in the elevated position, above the esophagus and stomach lies below which aids in the right movement of food. Sleeping on your back also helps in preventing wrinkles as the body in such position prevents anything pushing against the face.

2. Side Position:

Side position is the next best position to be sleeping in. This position benefits overall health in general. It decreases snoring and also helps to maintain the elongated position of your spine. This position is best to avoid an acid reflux too. This position is the best recommended position for pregnant women.  Sleeping on your right side is considered better as it will benefit the spinal cord as it helps in relaxing in its natural position. Sleeping on the left side however is not as good as it constricts the internal organs especially the lungs and the liver.

When you sleep on your side make sure you place a pillow between your legs as it helps in relieving the pressure from your knees.

A bad sleep posture can also ruin your day completely. So let’s look at certain sleep positions that helps in beating certain medical conditions too:

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3. Heart Burn:

If you are suffering from heartburn then you should lie on your left side. This position will help from reducing the pressure from the lower esophageal sphincter. For best results lie on your left side with hands resting in front of you. Then curl your legs up a little towards your upper body and lie in semi-fetal position. In worst cases of heartburn you can also try lying on your back and use pillows to raise your head and chest.

4. Back Pain:

If you are suffering from back pain then it is better to sleep on your side with legs supported. Sleep on your side by slightly bending your knees and stacking your hips straight. Place a pillow in between your knees for better support.

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5. Sinus:

Lie on your side with extra pillows supporting your head, this will help you clear out the sinus blockage.

6. Shoulder Pain:

Sleep on your side with a hug pose. Lie on your side which is not paining and slightly bend your legs. Then with both your arms hug pillow to your chest.  If both shoulders are in pain then it is better to lie on your back with both arms resting on the floor.

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7. Sleep on Stomach With Arms Raised Up:

Sleeping on your stomach with your arms raised up is a good sleeping position especially if you have a stiff back from all the office hours you’ve spent behind the computer. Often the longing hours in your office often forces you to cave your back, making your marrow stiff. This is why you should lie on your stomach and allow your arms, or maybe one of them to rest above your head as you give your body a much needed natural massage.

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8. Sleep on your Back with your Lower Body Folded:

Yet another best sleeping position is sleeping on the back, your arms resting either on your sides or above you, only this time you can twist or fold your lower body to any one of the sides. This is especially fruitful for those long hours of walking or standing during work hours that creates stiffness or catch near the hamstrings or thigh muscles. You can either fold your legs using a bolster as a support on either side or simply twist your waist to one side, keeping the front straight. Even though this is helpful make sure to alternate between the sides to avoid cramping.

9. Left Sleepers for to be Mothers:

Here’s a valuable question answered for all the ladies stepping into the new world of motherhood. Being a mother, carrying a life within you is never an easy affair and it gets tougher with the days passing and the main day nearing. Housing your little one inside you the whole day goes by happy but during the nights there is a certain unmentioned left hand rule that a mother to be should follow. During pregnancy always sleep on your left. This is the best position to sleep because the nutrition and blood rush reaches your baby better and at a speedier rate. You may aid the position by bending your knees and using a pillow as a cushion.

10. The Bed Warrior:

Usually these are the kind of people who wake up to painful muscle cramps and frozen elbow joints. The bed warriors are usually wayward when it comes to sleeping positions as they tassel and hustle in bed changing into bizarre positions. Instead of tossing and turning throughout the night use the bed warrior position that allows you to freely place your body, legs bend separated one in front of the other while your arms do the same allowing your body to experience flexibility. The best sleeping positions come with the best knowledge.


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