Increasing your appetite can be as tricky as losing weight is for obese people. If you are underweight then boosting your appetite to increase weight can be very frustrating, particularly if the mere sight of food is unappealing for you. If you are looking to find an answer to how to increase appetite, this post will exactly tell you how.

Your diet is extremely important and it shapes your overall health. When you don’t feel hungry, your body missed out on essential nutrients and ultimately turns out to be the causes of various illness and ailments. Loss of appetite can be attributed to several factors like hormonal imbalance, eating disorders, depression, emotional distress and many more. But do not worry, read on to learn some easy to increase appetite naturally.

Eat Small but Frequent Meals:

If you desire to get an increase in appetite, try eating smaller portion of meals at frequent intervals. When you are suffering from loss of appetite, the sight of large meal portions can turn out to be a bigger turn off. So to build your appetite gradually you must eat small 4-5 meals through the day. Also you must never skip your breakfast as it is the most significant meal of your day.

Opt for Nutrient-dense Foods:

When you are suffering from loss of appetite, you tend to eat very little. So in order to get maximum health benefits from the little food that you eat, opt for more nutrient-dense foods. Fuel up your diet with lots of proteins, whole grains, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables. Eating more to increase appetite does not mean gorging on chips, candies, fries and sweetened beverages as they are zero on nutrients and provide only empty calories.

Use Spices and Herbs in Cooking:

The simplest way to make your food more appealing is use of herbs and spices. A fragrant smell from your food might just tickle your taste buds and you might feel the urge to experiment the new taste. Generously add herbs and spices to your cooked food to bring out wonderful aroma and trigger your appetite naturally. Some of the herbs and spices used are thyme, rosemary, basil, oregano, cinnamon and peppermint.

Avoid Beverages during Meal Time:

Drinking beverages in between your meals can make you feel stuffed very quickly. If you want to increase appetite, focus first on your food and keep the teas, coffees and aerated drinks for later use.

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Create a Pleasant Eating Environment:

When you don’t enjoy your food, creating a pleasant eating experience can help you to put an extra effort to eat more. While you are eating play some soft music, light aromatic candles or you can even catch up your favourite show on television.

Avoid Eating Alone:

You tend to avoid eating more or completely skip your meals, if you are eating alone. If you want to boost your appetite, plan your meals with friends and families. Eating with others will make the experience more enjoyable and the encouragement from your closed ones will make you eat more. If organising family get-togethers is not an option, join any foodie’s social group and you will always have company.


Exercising is also a natural means for increasing appetite. Doing light exercises like walking or jogging will help to stimulate your appetite. However when you are underweight and desire to gain weight by increasing appetite, you must avoid strenuous physical activity completely.

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These helpful ways to increase appetite will help you to gradually eat more and you will also begin to start enjoying your food. Share these incredible tips for increased appetite with others and help them to kick-start a healthy appetite.