What is appetite? Fulfilling the need of nourishment of your body with the desire to eat is often referred to as appetite. Depending upon the need of your body, medical condition, physical and mental health are some of the factors that affect the demand for you to eat. If you require how to increase appetite, then this article is all you need.

Several factors contribute to the loss of appetite, like not feeling hungry, emotional and physical duress, eating disorders, etc., which deprive your body of all the essential nutrients. Here in this article, we give you options about how to increase appetite naturally and healthily.

How To Increase Appetite Naturally:

Here is a list of the top ways to increase hunger, thereby providing you with all the nourishment you need.

1. Stay Hydrated:

Although water has no calories, if you are in a way to increase appetite slowly yet effectively, it works well. Keeping your body well, hydrated is necessary for a healthy body. Drinking water is a more natural way than preparing shakes and foods. Although there is no scientific proof, it is a handy option to bulk up.

2. Limit Intake Of Sugary & Iced Foods:

Many of you binge eat sugary and iced foods like chocolates, ice creams, etc. for an instant surge in your weight. To enhance your hunger naturally, it is better to reduce consuming such foods as they have empty calories that add to your weight but will not give you the required nourishment

3. Quit Snacking 1 hour Before Your Meal:

Snacking between meals is entirely typical, but if you consume snacks an hour before a meal, you will feel full, thereby leaving no place for the actual nutrients. This should be a thumb rule, especially if you want to increase hunger in children naturally.

4. Essential Oils:

There may be many reasons for loss of appetite in many of us, old age, illness, certain medications, anxiety being some of them. But worry no more, there are several essential oils available that stimulate your appetite naturally. Peppermint oil, oregano oil, ginger oil, tangerine oil are some of the essential oils you can incorporate into your daily life. (1)

5. Supplements:

Vitamin deficiency can be another reason for you to lose interest in food. There are a lot of supplements readily available in the market that help you increase your appetite. Fish oil (2), thiamine (3), Echinacea (4), Zinc (5), are some of the appetite boosting supplements you can add to your diet.

6. Eat Food You Like The Most:

Consuming food you like is one of the best ways to increase appetite naturally. Research shows that the amount of food automatically increases if you pick out the dish which you like the most. All you have to do is to plan and cook ahead of time so that you always have your favorite food at hand.

7. Don’t Skip Breakfast:

Breakfast is considered an essential meal of the day, especially if you want to gain weight. To enhance your appetite, have a substantial breakfast that will give you enough energy by burning calories, thereby increasing the need for you to consume food more! (6)

8. Maintain Proper Meal Timings:

The human body has an excellent way of giving us cues for hunger, sleep, etc. but some times you may not feel hungry when you are supposed to. You can solve this problem by scheduling your meals so that your body isn’t deprived of the nutrients. Set the alarm for yourself to improve your appetite.

9. Avoid Unnecessary Medications:

Some of the medications you use for several health issues like blood pressure, viral infections can result in loss of hunger. All you have to do is consult a physician before you stop using any medication so that you can have an increase in your appetite.

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10. Follow stress-relieving methods:

Mental anxiety can be a reason for the loss of appetite in many people. The production of cortisol causes a reduction in hunger by producing acid in your stomach. By getting enough sleep, meditation, eating in a schedule are some of the stress-relieving methods you can try to increase hunger naturally.

11. Eat Small but Frequent Meals:

The frequency in which you have a meal plays a prominent role in stimulating your hunger. Consuming large meals, along with being a turnoff, can negatively affect your health. Always make it a point to eat a small portion of meals within frequent intervals. Have 4 to 5 meals a day by building your appetite gradually.

12. Consume Nutrient-dense Foods:

Foods filled with nutrients are the best way to gain appetite fast, unlike eating things like candies, chips, etc. that give you empty calories. Try consuming foods that are dense with nourishment from healthy fats and protein. Fruits, vegetables, foods with healthy fats, whole grains are some of the foods you can opt for to fuel up your diet.

13. Cooking With Spices And Herbs:

The aroma and look of your food play an important role in how they appeal and increase your appetite. Herbs and spices being an integral part of Indian cooking if used appropriately, can increase hunger. Thyme, rosemary, oregano, basil, peppermint, and cinnamon are some of the spices that can trigger your taste buds. (7)

14. Avoid Beverages during Meal Time:

Don’t drink anything in between meals is what we heard our elders say! There is a good reason too. Consuming beverages make you feel stuffed, eliminating space for actual nutrients. Hence, avoid drinks like tea, coffee, aerated drinks if you want to increase your appetite.

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15. Create a Pleasant Eating Environment:

Abience is also very important, along with delicious food, to make a meal appealing enough to increase appetite in kids and elders alike. Light an aromatic candle, play some pleasant music, and catch up on your favorite show on TV can add to the need for you to consume food.

16. Avoid Eating Alone:

If you are a person who tends to avoid or skip meals when you are alone, then you need to change that habit! Eating even a simple meal in the company of your loved ones makes the food more appealing and enjoyable, thereby increasing your appetite. Joining a social food group is also an option that gives you constant company.

17. Exercise:

Many people have a wrong perception that exercise leads to weight loss, but it is not always the case. Moderate exercise helps induce appetite since it helps burn calories, thereby increasing the need to consume food. However, you need to avoid strenuous physical activity if you are underweight.

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With all the reasons that curb your appetite, by making small changes, you can effectively boost up your hunger in an all-natural way. A gradual increase in your food intake will make you enjoy food and thereby stimulating appetite, with tips on how to increase appetite in this article, kick-start a healthy way of living. Do let us know how this article has helped you in improving your appetite.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article are mere suggestions and not a replacement for medical advice. We are not responsible for the side effects any of the information causes. It is always better to consult a doctor before you start anything new.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the Reason for the Loss of Appetite?

Ans: Anxiety, thyroid deficiency, or inflammatory diseases can be some of the reasons for loss of appetite. But by making some changes in your lifestyle and the food you eat, an increase in appetite is possible. People lose interest in food with old age too. Consuming a lot of fruits can offer all the nutrients necessary to maintain a healthy body.

2. Can Experiment with Food Increase Appetite?

Ans: By using certain spices and herbs in your food, experimenting with them can spruce up your taste buds, thereby boosting your appetite. But remember not to venture too much, so that you may lose interest altogether. Include fat foods like cheese, butter, etc., and avoid beverages that curb hunger.

3. When is the Right Time to Visit a Doctor to Increase Your Appetite?

Ans: Being thin or lean cannot be termed unhealthy as long as you consume all the necessary nutrition to maintain a healthy body. If you are underweight, even after following the tips given in this article, you can visit the doctor to investigate further to find out the reason and make a plan to increase your hunger naturally.

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