Stress is hard for all of us in life. Here are some tips how to manage stress.


To deal with stress; you should perform “deep breathing” or diaphragmatic exercises. To deal with stress, you should lie with your face down on the floor. Then, you should begin to breathe deeply and slowly. Your hands should rest under your face. You should do this for when stressed five minutes.

To deal with stress, you should sit in a chair that reclines. Then, put a hand on your abdomen and the other hand on your chest. Then breather, and when you breathe, you must make sure the hand on the abdomen is going up and down as opposed to the one on your chest.

If you see that the hand on your abdomen is moving then you are breathing deeply and slowly. To deal with stress, you should try “deep muscle” relaxation or progressive muscle relaxation. To do this, you have to sequentially relax and tense each muscle group in the human body. You will need to learn the difference between muscle tension and muscle relaxation. To deal with stress, you should take up yoga or exercise regularly.

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To deal with stress, you should meditate as often as you can. For this, use guided imagery or visualization in order to help you learn to be at peace with your thoughts. You need to sit quietly with your eyes closed. Then, begin imagining the sights, , touch sounds or smells of your favourite retreat, such as a beach or mountain destination.

Bio feedback:

To deal with stress, you should consult a psychologist in order to know about the use of biofeedback.

Identify stressors:

To deal with stress, you should make time for hobbies like music, art or sports that will help to relax and distract you. To deal with stress, you should learn to identify, turn off and monitor stressors. You need to come up with an original and organized plan for handling such stressful situations. You need to be careful to not to over generalize the negative reactions that you may have to things. To deal with stress, you should keep and diary. In the diary, you should make a list of all the important things that you need to take care of each day. You should try to stick to the list so that you feel organized and that you are taking care of things. You need to put together a management plan that is sequential step by step in order to have a greater sense of mastery. To deal with stress, you should keep an eye on things that might tell you that you need to try harder and are not coping well. For example, you could be smoking or eating or drinking more, or sleeping fitfully or less.To deal with stress, you should keep a list that includes all the little and large hassles that you take care of every day as opposed to the major stressful events that you have had in your life. This will help you to focus on the fact that you are now keeping count of and looking after those as well as you can.

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To deal with stress, you should set aside a particular time of the day every day in order to work on relaxation.


To deal with stress, you should avoid the excessive use of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, junk food, marijuana, binge eating and other drugs you may be using to help you cope with the daily stress in your life. Although they may be helpful once in an occasion, if you are using them regularly as your only, usual or preferred method of stress control, then this will result in severe long term problems, which include weight problems, alcoholism or even cancer from excessive smoking.


To deal with stress, you should learn to stand up for yourself and say, “No” to people occasionally. This would not hurt the feelings of other people as much as you gauge. Besides, this is simply a technique that you need to perfect in order to be more assertive in your daily life. This will better help you in meeting your own needs.

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To deal with stress, you should get the right amount of sleep. You need at least eight to ten hours of sleep every day. Sleep deprivation aggravates stress.


To deal with stress, you should cultivate and grow a sense of humour. Laughter helps to release stress.


To deal with stress, you should spend time with your family and friends as it has been proven by research to alleviate stress and give you a happier perspective of things in your own life.

To deal with stress better, you should confront your problems. Running from them and even repressing those makes them so much more worse than if you deal with them on your own. You should ask for guidance and assistance from your family and friends. They might come of help to you.

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