Fruit Diet Plan For Weight Loss

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Dieting with fruits is an excellent method for weight loss. Fruits are the most effective detoxifying agents to the human body  You get weight related problems not only from over eating or from lack of exercise. Pollution and contaminated food also triggers obesity. The body produces fat in order to fight against the toxic substances. So, the more you intake contaminants, the more is the fat production in the body. Fruits help you to cleanse the body and eventually remove the fat accumulation.

The physicians and dieticians advise to consume fruit, whenever you feel hunger pangs. Slowly the craving reduces and you would feel completeness. However, along with the fruit diet, you would also need to consume at least 10 glasses of water every day. If you can follow the fruit diet, you would be able to reduce seven to ten pounds in a week.

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fruit diet

Fruit Diet:

This article will guide you about what are best fruits to add to your healthy fruit diet which can help to reduce weight loss quickly in safest way and it has side effects also.

How To Start The Fruit Diet:

You can start the fruit diet with a glass of lukewarm water in the morning. Add 3 teaspoons of newly pressed lemon and 2 teaspoons of honey into the water and blend well. Then you should drink it. This should be continued for the week. Almost every fruit contains some detoxifying ingredient, so you can try out various types. However, you should not consume high quantity of banana, as it contains carbohydrate and potassium. The best fruit is the grapefruit, as it has decreased sugar content and high amount of fiber.

The grapefruit effectively acts to cleanse the intestinal system. Along with fruits, you can also intake green tea to burn calories. After the glass of water, you can start the day with one or two apples (depending on the size), pomegranate, and grapes. Instead of pomegranate, you can also opt for oranges. You can prepare delicious fruit salad or fruit juice as well, to break the monotony in eating. You should try out different patterns, to produce a wide range. However, you should not plan this diet for a longer term. This diet should act as a motivator and help you carry on with the weight loss program.

Excellent Fruit Diet for Weight Loss:

Let’s see what type of fruit diet is best for weight loss fast without any side effects.

1. Apples:

Fruit Diet Plan for Weight Loss - Apples

When engaging in a fruit diet for weight loss, apple is one of the best to help you with it. High on fiber, it is also deemed as a super fruit because it has a bout full of the rightful vitamins and minerals. Being low on calories, it is just the ideal fruit to help slim down your waist size in no time. After all, the most famous of medical proverbs on the apple wasn’t invented for nothing!

2. Bananas:

Fruit Diet Plan for Weight Loss - Bananas

Bananas are not only as portable as it gets, but also easy to eat. They taste great and are rich in fiber as well as potassium, thus being healthy overall. Bananas aid in weight loss and are one of the few fruits that serve as a high source of Vitamin B6, known to improve immunity.

3. Blueberries:

Fruit Diet Plan for Weight Loss - Blueberries

Blueberries have made their way into this fruit diet plan owing to their high antioxidant levels. The blueberries you have will also help fight the signs of metabolic syndrome, thus working on the insulin resistance along with managing the cholesterol levels, thus controlling obesity and hypertension. It is indeed hard to believe that a fruit so small can yield astounding benefits like these to name a few.

4. Strawberries:

Fruit Diet Plan for Weight Loss - Strawberries

When it comes to preparing fruit diet charts, never forget to add strawberries to the list. Why you wonder? Strawberries contain a high dose of anti-inflammatory enzymes, which of course go a long way in fixing internal injures and healing tissues that have undergone damage. Besides this, they also produce Adiponectin and Leptin, which are both hormones that help burn fat and enhance metabolism. This in turn makes you lose weight quicker. Do keep exercising through your fruit diet chart to lose weight evenly from your body.

5. Coconut:

Fruit Diet Plan for Weight Loss - Coconut

Coconuts not only keep you hydrated, but are also a great snack to satisfy your cravings for a sweet. Of course when you are under the influence of the fruit diet plan to reduce weight, bring home these brown delights. Consume the coconut water for refreshment and the coconut milk to stop going hungry at odd hours. Although rich in saturated fat, it is the good kind of fat and not the ones that you usually avoid. Coconuts have triglycerides, which help in increasing the metabolism of your liver to about 30 %, which is quite the amount when you are trying to lose weight.

6. Pomegranate:

Fruit Diet Plan for Weight Loss - Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a must in your fruit diet chart, since rich in oxidants; it gives your body just the right boost of metabolism needed to help you lose weight. Besides, it also helps in reducing or entirely stopping the build up of arterial liquid, thus lowering your appetite. It also increases blood flow and flushes out the toxins that result in bloating.

7. Oranges:

Fruit Diet Plan for Weight Loss - Oranges

It is now latest news that oranges are high in Vitamin C and folate. Do not however substitute an orange for its juice as the nutritional values differ by a lot. Real oranges are known for being low on calorie and give you the dosage of dietary fiber and its benefits, which are missing in the juice that you usually buy from the market. Stick to real oranges and you will certainly benefit from the fruit diet. Dont be get late to add this to your fruit diet for weight loss.

8. Mangoes:

Fruit Diet Plan for Weight Loss - Mangos

Despite being rich in sugar more than the other fruits that have made it to the list, mangoes are great for your health when it is regulated and eaten in moderation. Containing around 130 calories, vitamin A and calcium, mangoes if incorporated in the fruit diet chart will yield good results in your weight loss.

9. Papayas:

Fruit Diet Plan for Weight Loss - Papayas

This fruit has its own perks and will go a great way and making you look slimmer in no time. It has natural enzymes and antioxidants that help regulate the weight flow of your body. Another benefit of the fruit is that it can be eaten both raw and cooked. Papaya is one of the most excellent fruits for weight loss. Go and add this to your fruit diet chart list and get the desirable results regards to reducing weight.

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Beverage You Can Add In The Fruit Diet List:

As the aim of the fruit diet is to detoxify your body and reduce a few pounds, you should not consume beverages that come with high calories. The best choice of beverage is water. However, you should not give fuel to the body with high amount of fluids, specifically as electrolyte imbalance in the body can lead to life-threatening issues. The human body requires 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day, where some water already comes from the moisture content in the fruits. You should also avoid alcoholic or caffeinated drinks in this period as it will trigger withdrawal symptoms, headaches, and such other problems.

You should consult a healthcare professional before starting the fruit diet. If you are a pregnant woman or a nursing mother, then this fruit diet is not recommended for you. If you are suffering from any pre-existing condition, then also you need to consult the physician before starting the Fruit diet.

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