Pritikin Diet Plan

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If you are hell bent on losing some extra pounds this summer then Pritikin diet is ideal for you. This diet comprises of a healthy low fat diet. On comparing Pritikin diet with the other diets available, people will generally find this diet quiet easy and also attractive. Since this diet is made up of grains, fruits and vegetables, it is considerably one of the healthiest diets available in the market. If you analyze the efficacy of this diet then you will be able to comprehend that this diet technically aims at lowering the cholesterol intake by the body in order to promote the health of the individual.

pritikin diet

Pritikin diet has been used by the experts for several years to accomplish various purposes. As a matter of fact, Pritikin diet is a great option for those who are suffering from diabetes and is willing to stabilize their sugar control without the use of insulin. And if you are on the hunt for a diet that will help you to lose weight in a very healthy manner then Pritikin diet is the answer for you. And on the plus side, most of the dieticians also recommend this form of diet. This form of diet is easy to follow as it permits the consumers to adapt to it easily and also, allow them to consume fat at a reasonable rate without actually exempting themselves from it completely.

Pritikin Diet for Weight Loss:

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Calorie Count:

According to the advocates of the Pritikin diet, individuals who wish to be healthy and also stay healthy should select foods that contain fewer amounts of calories. For example, consumption of oatmeal is permitted as it allows the consumer to fulfill their hunger but at the same time prevent them from consuming too much calories. It is rightly said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. If you consume an apple every day then you will not only remain healthy but also consume fewer amounts of calories. For the best results, people have also opted for consuming broccoli which gives as much as one hundred and thirty calories only.

Foods That Should Preferably be Avoided:

Needless to say that Pritikin diet is not only about what food items to consume but also which food items are not to be consumed. Under this diet method, the individuals are encouraged to avoid foods that contain higher number of calories. For instance, consumption of chocolates or chip cookies is highly discouraged as they contain as much as two thousand one hundred and forty calories. Basically the Pritikin principle makes the people aware of the foods that they should consume and the foods that they should try to avoid and also, the amount of calorie content in foods.

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Permitted Foods Under This Diet:

In general, the Pritikin principle allows the individuals to be able to satisfy their hunger while helping them to lose some extra pounds. People are encouraged to consume foods that are high in carbohydrates content but are unprocessed. And by that it is referred to fruits such as bananas, apples and strawberries. And in terms of vegetables, the Pritikin diet encourages to consume beans, squash and potatoes. On the other hand, grains such as barley, oats and brown rice are among the healthiest options.

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If you are wondering if the Pritikin diet is suitable for you or not then you should know that this diet is good for most of the general people. But it is always a good decision to seek advices from a professional that is a dietician, physician or a nutritionist. So if you want to eat healthy, look younger, lose weight and also cleanse your body then the Pritikin diet is a great choice of diet.

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