There are a lot of fitness programs available in the market that promises to give you the desired look on the use of their products. Likewise there is a new fitness program available in the market that exactly what it says – the P9OX. It says that you will get ripped in 90 days and if you strictly follow the program then you definitely will.

The P9OX is built based on muscle confusion. It is not necessary for you to be fit for this fitness program but you will surely be required to be mentally prepared. The fitness program consists of 12 DVDs containing various exercises. When you are exercising regularly then your body slowly gets accustomed to it and builds a resistance against that exercise. But the P9OX working schedule keeps the body guessing thus it never knows what is coming next. P9OX involves kickboxing, cardiovascular workout, ply metrics, resistance training, stretching, etc. This forces the heart, lungs and muscles to always work at a maximum pace to complete each movement. The P9OX also contains a calendar to track your results, a fitness guide, a nutrition plan and 12 DVDs.

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Since the launch of this product, the reviews and the ratings received from the customers have only been positive. Before commencing to this fitness regime, it is good if you find out everything possible about this fitness program as this fitness program demands commitment thus you will need to invest a lot of your energy and time to achieve your goal. For a better understanding, you can also check out the videos and stories of P9OX online in order to get a wider perspective about this new fitness program.

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Those opting to use P9OX as a means of weight loss and toning your body are up for a challenge. In the beginning, the user might feel exhausted and also feel pain of the shoulders, back, arms, core muscles, gluts and chest. In this workout the muscles that are specified are used as stabilizers for the next muscle so the muscles experience complete exhaustion at the end of the workout.

It is also important to note that P9OX requires a big space for the workout to take place. The P9OX system needs a yoga mat, a pull up bar, hand bands or weights. However, the deluxe P9OX system does come with a 30 day supply or the P9OX muscle recovery bands, muscle recovery drinks and a pull-up bar. It does not matter which version of the P9OX system you order because it is a great option for in-home exercise. It is also very helpful for the busy bees as the length of most of the DVDs are below one hour.

There are Three Phases in the P9OX System and They are:

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1. The Fat Shredder Phase.

This phase is designed to cut down the body fat. As the body fat decreases so is your energy. Therefore, phase 1 should only be extended if you need to lose a lot of fat otherwise the duration of this phase can be lessened.

2. The Energy Booster Phase.

This is a better rounded, sensible eating and long term plan and the problems faced in this phase are comparatively less. This phase can be continued as long you like if you are feeling great and have a lot of energy.

3. The Endurance Maximizer Phase.

This phase should be earned. Only if you want an athletics body should you go forth with this step. It is so because this phase pushes your body to the limit so if you don’t want an athletic body, you can skip this phase.

The P9OX system is an amazing and challenging way to shape and tone your body. So if you are up for the challenge then go ahead with this plan.


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