Kelloggs Diet Plan

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Do you want to look slim like the television commercial girl? Does a box of cereals look appealing to you? If you seriously want to shed some pounds, then opting for the Kelloggs diet would be the best. The Kellogg’s cereal diet is one of the simplest diet in the world today. However, this diet does not guarantee that you will lose several pounds within weeks. But, it will definitely help you reduce a few inches and try out dresses at least 1 size smaller.

The diet is very simple. All you need to do is have a bowl of Kellogg’s special K cornflakes during breakfast and repeat the same for any meal replacement. If you can carry on this diet for two weeks, you will be able to lose three to six pounds.

While you are on the diet, it also allows you to go on with the same snacks and drinks as before. But, to get the best results, you should maintain a proper balanced meal consumption every day. Your meal should have more quantities of vegetables and fruits.

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Does the Kellogg’s diet really work?

The Kellogg’s special diet helps you to lose weight. The women, who on an average consumed 2200 calories in a day, consumed only 1560 calories on the special cereals diet. So, this reduces the calorie consumption in a day and after two weeks of diet helps to reduced a few pounds. However, this diet should not be repeated frequently. If you are a pregnant woman or a nursing mother, then you need to consult the physician before starting on the diet.

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How special is the Kellogg’s diet?

The special cereals diet helps you to lose some pounds. However, it is not a diet in true sense. Also, as it does not contain any balanced meal, you could remain unsatisfied and hungry for the day. The diet simply lowers the calorie intake in a day. A cup of skimmed milk with a cup of Kellogg’s special K cereals have around 170 calories.

If you want to add fruits like apples, you will get around 250 calories. So, if you can calculate and continue taking 250 calories in breakfast and lunch or dinner, even after the completion of two weeks, then you can get better results.

However, you need to take healthy snacks along with the diet. If you eat healthy snacks and one normal meal along with the cereal diet, the calorie intake would keep you healthy. Make sure your third meal (normal meal) is not loaded with food items that are high in calorie. Then, you will not find any weight loss at the end of two weeks.

When you are opting for the Kellogg’s diet, then continue with a well-balanced meal plan. You should consult a healthcare professional to prepare a diet chart for you. You will surely lose four to six pounds in this two weeks. However, you should not stop at this. Rather, this two-week diet plan should act as a motivator in keep you going.

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