Pineapple Diet Plan for Weight Loss

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What is the biggest trend followed in today’s world? The run for the zero figure. And who is running after it? Not only our youngsters but the entire generation and some beyond who has been inspired by us. But in this world of globalization and intense hard-works, who has got the time to actually dedicate themselves under the slavery of the gym god? No one. Everyone is busy either with their work or their personal font, but how to still manage everything and yet look good? Go on a pineapple diet.

We all are aware of what a pineapple is and how it tastes. Simply yummy! But are we all aware of the benefits we reap every time we pop one of these in our mouth? Before starting on with the diet lets do a breeze through across some of its benefits.

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Pineapple Diet How does do it?

Pineapple is rich in vitamin c and thus is the control room for various disorders as in it can control them. Some of this disorders include indigestion, stomach disorders, arthritis, sinuses and many more.

If your down on bed with a runny nose and a tissue ask your mom to immediately cut you a piece of that fruit since it helps clear the mucous out of the throat giving us a constant relief.

Being acidic in nature, it helps prevent bad oral conditions in the mouth. Also the morning sickness often felt by a pregnant mother can be easily reduced by consuming pineapple.

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But How Does it Help us in Dieting you Ask?

Pineapple can actually help you shed some weight and underneath the hush hush many a lime light stars opt for this Hollywood weight shedding process. Pineapple is known to be high on enzymes and potassium which along with helping us burn our fat also reduces the extra water content of our body.

There are two fast pineapple weight shedding diets:

The 2 Kilo 2 Day Diet:

Yes this is a form of extreme diet where only pineapple and nothing but the pineapples are used. The entire two day three course meal on three different times consists of pineapple and its sugar-free, fat-free juice. The breakfast, lunch and dinner should be pineapple centric. During this time a lot of water intake is necessary and no other food should be incorporated. After two days you will feel 2 kilo lighter.

pineapple diet

The 3 Day Diet:

The most common pineapple diet is the three day pineapple diet also known as the pineapple tuna diet. This includes a series of canned tuna fish for added supplement protein.  The first day the only consumption shall be pineapple and lots of water. The second day two cans of tuna fish can be added to the diet evenly. Again on the third day, the first day routine is followed.

The 5 Day Diet:

This is a much sober form of diet and can be mixed along with other food materials. However the restrictions still imply as we cannot always have foods like yoghurt, butter, cheese or fat filled food. This makes the point of diet moot. So apart from this certain obvious restrictions, it is easy for anyone to follow this diet. If you’re a pineapple lover it is an added boon to you. After every meal or along with one pineapple needs to be consumed. The water rule still stays the same.

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The Good and The Evil:

There is always two sides to a coin and so is to this diet.

While the pineapple is a very favored and liked food this form of diet includes only pineapples and water which is a monotonous diet and can be boring to start with. Although this method of weight loss is a stable and proven method to shed some definite weight, it strips the body of water and dehydrates the body. It may act as a detox diet but it increases the risk of heart failures, kidney and liver diseases.