A neurological disorder at its best, epilepsy is a serious seizure condition affecting the people who have neurological imbalance or issue. Doctors proclaim it as the fourth common neurological imbalance. There would one be a time when this very epilepsy has caused wreckage in families resulting in the death of young and old ones, the ones who were affected by this. The worst was in the early bygone eras when the seizures would be misled by a group of religious people as being possessed. The convulsions from the seizure, the frothing in the mouth all to the religious lot resembled a spirit’s possession of the body of the victim. As a result, often the treatment would be to catch the poor fellow when he’s not seizuring and segregate him by leaving him somewhere else far from human contact.

There were often days, for example, the 15th century when fits and seizure would be related to witch crafts and thus many a poor soul were burned to death due to their ill fate or incurring epilepsy. With the passing days, people and doctors started acknowledging seizure as a part of a medical condition. Why Julius Ceaser himself suffered from one. Even though then also the serious kinds of seizure’s were hardly treatable due to the people’s little knowledge of how the brain condition works.

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Epilepsy ends in seizure but the affecting on the brain for different people might be different. There are various ways in which an epileptic attack takes place. There are different regions in the brain complied with the age and gender and severity that determines the various types of causes for attacks also known as epileptic syndromes. The different syndromes are defined as temporal lobe syndrome where the portion of the brain just behind the frontal lobe gets affected. Seizure attacks vary in intensity where one might be nerve-wracking and deadening while for some it might not even be noticeable.  The frontal lobe, the lobe just in front of it might get affected by attacks too.

These seizures are usually reoccurring and maybe simple partial or complex partial in nature. There are other kinds too like the occipital lobe epilepsy where the back section of the brain gets affected. Just above the temporal lobe is the parietal lobe. These different lobes- each are capable of producing epilepsy seizures in different nature and intensity. Based and judging on the cause and source of it, the doctors commence their treatment. Epilepsy is more popular amongst the extremes, that is, either the children or the senior citizens, that is, the people above 60s or 65s. These two age gaps are the main two targets for epilepsy attacks. Also, epilepsy causes are usually different for men and women.

Symptoms And Causes Of Epilepsy:

This article gives brief details about what are the causes and symptoms of epilepsy.

Epilepsy Causes:

Even though this is not a home remedial disease, the causes for it are jotted down for better knowledge.

1. Alcohol or Drug Abuse:

Being a hotshot in your younger days now might come heavy on you. Often people for the sake of fun or for wrong necessities in their tender youth or strong middle age settles down for alcohol and drug abuse. When we speak of the drug, we cover the entire realm of it, that is, the snorting ones, the injections, the pills and the smoking ones. Alcohol abuse is running along the same line where an alcoholic in his younger days become a suspect of epilepsy in his olden.

2. Inherited Syndrome:

Much like any of the neurological disorders, genes here also plays an integral part in the collapse of a neurological system. Often epilepsy genes are passed on to you by your past family tree. The genetics combining you and your mother is therefore required for a quick glance. This type of epilepsy is termed as an idiopathic syndrome. These are however humble attacks in nature with mild seizures.

3. Symptomatic Syndrome:

Often there are some known events which are or may lead to epilepsy attacks. This knowledge of the fact that they know exactly what caused the seizure to arrive helps in the treatment and ailment of the condition. For example, a heavy head injury, accidents, brain tumours are some of the sure reasons where the attack is immediately followed by its own database.

4. Cryptogenic Syndrome:

The name itself speaks the disguise to this syndrome. Cryptic is used for something that is not easily transferable or one that cannot be easily deferred. This is why these syndromes cause seizures and fits over which we have no control what so ever.

5. Low Oxygen During Birth:

Want to know about the different epilepsy causes? This is one of the most important causes of epilepsy that one should keep in mind. Low oxygen during birth may hamper the physical condition of the child and for this he can suffer from the symptoms of epilepsy for the rest of his life.

6. Injuries During Birth:

Generally, most of the damages caused to the body that leads to epilepsy occur during birth. An injury in the head can be a reason behind epilepsy. There may be other injuries as well due to which a person may be exposed to the different symptoms of epilepsy. Epilepsy generally takes place during child birth as a child may be exposed to a certain amount of injuries while he is being extracted from the body.

7. Certain Infections:

There are some infections such as meningitis which may be blamed as the reason behind epilepsy. There are times when a person will be suffering from the symptoms of epilepsy which might have been caused due to some severe infection which might have been ignored and it has caused this disease. It is possible.

8. Stroke:

If a person goes through a brain stroke, then he or she will be suffering from the symptoms of epilepsy pretty soon. The brain is a delicate organ and if some kind of damage is caused to it, the results can be extremely harmful and severe.

9. Blood Sugar Problems:

If an individual is suffering from blood sugar issues, then there is a high chance that he or she might be suffering from epilepsy. According to researches, this is one of the most common and most possible causes of epilepsy.

10. Brain Damage:

If a human being passes through an incident where the brain might have been compromised, then that person might have a good chance to suffer from the different epilepsy symptoms. This is one of the most potential causes of epilepsy.

Epilepsy Symptoms:

Some of the Common and main Symptoms to Epilepsy can be Summed up as:

1. General Strange Feeling:

A general strange feeling is also pretty common during epilepsy. One will feel strange regarding any and every subject. This is one of the most seen epilepsy symptoms.

2. Stiffness In The Body:

One’s body will grow stiff if they are suffering from epilepsy. Aches and stiffness is one of the most common outcomes if they are suffering from epilepsy.

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3. Depression:

One of the common symptoms of epilepsy is the strong aura of depression that slowly prevails in the patient with the passing days. This is why it is almost important for an epilepsy patient to be in touch with their social circles instead of segregating and backing away. This way the depression doesn’t reach beyond the boundaries.

4. Deja Vu:

Epilepsy is never summed up after just a simple attack. It takes at least more than two to be termed epileptic. Often just before an attack, the person who has before felt the feelings occurring now feels the same kind of feeling. It may be a typical smell he smells or an anxiety or vibe of something wrong about to happen. This is when he should immediately take precaution.

5. Recurring Seizures:

Seizures are one of the most sighted symptoms of epilepsy. Such seizures may be pretty recurring which means they can happen again and again. There is a high possibility, that if a person has been exposed to seizures then he (or she) may be affected with seizures again.

6. Tummy Problems:

This is more of a mental problem than a physical problem. An individual will face a rising feeling in the tummy if that person is suffering from epilepsy. There is nothing much to fear about this as it is one of the most mild symptoms of epilepsy.

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7. Intense Feeling:

If you’re suffering from epilepsy, then intensity is one of the most growing and common issues these days. A person will be suffering from some metal intensity issues. This will rupture one’s metal state as well and this symptom links to delusions as well.

8. Insomnia:

Even though it seems like a simple word, insomnia for epilepsy patients can be very harmful since this alone can trigger a heavy seizure if the person does not properly get his adequate dosage of sleep. An epilepsy patient due to fear of an attack or at times due to the heavy medications might suffer insomnia at night which in the morning might trigger a bad epilepsy attack. Also insomnia causes fatigue and tiredness which is bad for an epilepsy patient as well.

9. Unusual Taste Or Smell:

It wouldn’t be fare if someone said that one will lose appetite during epilepsy. But a person will be facing some similar and much weird issues such as an unusual taste. An unusual smell is also common during epilepsy. There are times when an individual will be facing some serious taste issues. One might also lose the feeling as well (temporarily).

10. Tingling Sensation Towards Needles:

The nerves and the limbs will start functioning differently when you’re suffering from epilepsy. One will have a tingling sensation towards needles when they see such objects. Among all the epilepsy symptoms, very few people are aware of it.


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